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just talkin' about personal spaceage..

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Hey guys!!
So,I've been waiting for AGES to update my diary blog thing-y.
Today's topic:Personal Space.

Ok,so we all need a bit of personal space (especially us girlies,if ya know what I mean)
And I HATE with all my guts,when people invade my privacy!

So,I'mma tell ya a story!!

So,today I was in my front room with my headphones in,laptop on.
I was blasting My Chem (as I do..) and I'm not okay came on.
I started mouthing the words,looking totally awesome.
You shoulda seen me..
Anyway,since I was by the window,people could most likely see me.
(Even though we got blinds,they can still looking in.The nosey bastards.)
Someone walked by the window in the middle of my brilliant lip-syncing.
And,I think they looked in!

Hello person-walking-past-my-window-during-my-awesome-lip-syncing!

Yeah,sorry about that little rant.
Someone calm me down!


me:Thank You!

(sipping mah coffee)

So,R&R if it's not too much effort!
I'll see ya crazy bunch SOON!!

xoxo Sadie and Revenge-Gerard,my imaginary boyfriend xx

(Gee,how da fuck did you get in my good-bye's?

Revenge-Gee:I just wanted to say bye!

fine then)
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