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I'll leave my window open for you.

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FRERARD ONE SHOT! Every single night Gerard leaves his window open, waiting for his Frankie to slip inside again

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This was the next one I decided to edit and I hope you enjoy it. Also can I say thank you! The last oneshot I edited 'Freaks' went green, after all the shit I've been dealing with lately, it meant so much to me. I actually cried. If you enjoy this, you know what to do.

Anyway, enjoy xoxo

Tonight I leave my window open like I've done a thousand times before. I keep waiting, like I promised I would, for you to come back to me and slide in through my window just like you used to do.

Your parents sent you away to that catholic school in Italy because you needed guidance. Boys aren't supposed to love boys but we didn't care, we were in love and they couldn't do anything to change that...Or so we thought until you were sent away. You swore you'd come home to me though and I swore I would leave my window open every night for my Frankie to come through.

I climb into bed and close my eyes, breathing in your scent that still lingers like a ghost on my pillow. I remember our first time in my bed, it should have been perfect. We were so nervous and we took things real slow, our hands trembling as we touched each other. That was the day they told you, that was the day they decided they were taking you away from me and even now I still can't forgive them. I won't forgive them.

My eyes flicker back to the window for a moment before closing into a broken slumber. I don't sleep at night real good anymore as thoughts of you swim around my mind, I wake crying every night. I miss you so much, your childish giggle, your mischievous smirk, the way you used to dance your fingertips up and down my spine and twirl them in my hair. Most of all I miss the way you made me feel, the way you could make me laugh with just one look and how you made me feel like I mattered. I miss you, I miss every single thing that makes you, you.

"Gerard..." I can hear your voice now as I think of the way your lips would brush gently over the shell of my ear "Gerard, baby..."

"I miss you Frankie..." I whisper into the empty room

"Open your eyes, I'm right here..." I must be dreaming. Slowly I open my eyes to be met with a pair of sparkling olive ones, I close my own again tight, reopening them cautiously. I pray it's not just my mind, the tricks it has played on me so many times before. He's still here, he's actually here!

"Frankie..." I can't stop the tears pouring as I wrap my arms around his neck, sobbing into his jacket as he held me tightly "I missed you so much, don't ever leave me again..."

"I can't promise that baby..."

"I don't understand..I..."

"Shh, that doesn't matter, I'm here now let's just be together for tonight..."

Franks lips meet mine, a collision of pure bliss as he pushes me back down onto the bed. He shrugs off his jacket and pulls off his shirt, his body is cold but my head is swimming in such happiness that I barely even care. He runs his cold fingers down my side, as I unbutton his jeans, and wraps his fingers around my length. I have never been so glad to sleep in the nude as his icy fingers stroke my member slowly, causing me to bite back a moan. Frank pulls away momentarily to remove his pants before attacking my mouth once again, his hand returning to stroking up and down my length, the cool chill of his skin causing my body to erupt into shivers. I needed him, I needed him to stay with me, even if it was just for tonight.

I gasp as he pulls my hips up to meet his, the hardened flesh of his erection positioned at my entrance "I won't hurt you, I promise..." He slowly pushes inside of me and I feel no pain, just an icy sensation flooding through me and pleasure like I've never felt before. It rippled through me, every inch of my body feeling charged like it had electricity running through it. His arms wrapped around my back and his lips on my Adam's apple giving me a rush that made my heart pound harder against my ribcage, as if it wanted to jump out at him itself.

I groaned and arched my back as he began thrusting harder into me, my eyes closed and my fingernails digging into the soft flesh of his neck. Suddenly he hit my sweet spot causing me to groan loudly and grip onto his hair "Right there Frankie...oh fuck..." Frank panted and moaned as he continued to thrust, moving his right calloused hand to pump my cock at the same time. The overwhelming feeling of every nerve in my body being touched caused me to cry out his name "Frankie...fuck Frankie.."

"So fucking beautiful beautiful.."

I feel his lips suckling the side of my neck as I swallow roughly, my lungs are begging for air and my heart is beating harder and harder. Frankie is practically screaming my name as I dig my nails harder into his tender white flesh. I look up into his heavy lidded eyes and realize there is something missing but I'm so caught up I barely even care, the familiar tightening in my stomach making me call out "Frankie...I'm so..."

"Me too"

He thrust into me one last time and I screamed out his name, cumming hard over our stomachs and his hand, and within moments he was screaming mine. We lay still for a minute or two, just staring at each other and taking in shaky breaths, Frank stroking a gentle hand through my hair as we smiled weakly at each other. Slowly he pulled out of me and I shuddered a sudden empty feeling washing over me, watching as Frankie picked up his shirt and wiped me down, and suddenly I began to cry. I didn't understand why but an enormous wave of sadness became too much for me to bear and it just came out

"Gerard...don't cry, baby please don't cry..." I looked up into his eyes and sniffed "I need you to listen to me Gee...You need to get some clothes on, your mom is gonna call you upstairs..."

"How? But..."

"Please just do it for me..."

"Okay..." I pulled on my underwear and slipped on Frankie's jacket, It was the one he wore the day he went away. A black leather jacket he had covered in safety pins and painted the word 'IERO' on the back of in white paint. I turned back to him and smiled, he stood and moved to press his lips to mine again and I parted them a little to give his tongue access. I missed how he tasted, I missed his smell, I missed everything about him, but now my Frankie was back in arms where he belonged.

"Gerard, honey can you come upstairs a minute, there's someone here to see you..." I pulled away and looked into Franks eyes

"Go Gee...Go..." I nodded in confusion and walked toward the door. Just as I turned the handle Frank spun me around and kissed me again "I will always love you Gerard..."

"I love you too Frankie, forever and always..." He kissed me softly one more time and I left ,closing the door behind me.

Fear coursed through my veins as I reach the top of the stairs, my mother waiting for me with a pitiful look in her eyes. This just scares me even more "Come through to the front room sweetie..." I follow my mom to see a quivering figure on the sofa, I place myself in the chair opposite and the person looks up. It's Linda, Frankie's mom, and she had been crying hard

"What's going on?"

"Gerard, honey, Mrs Iero has something to tell you..." I pulled my gaze back around to the quivering woman before me...

"I'm so sorry Gerard honey, It's all my fault, if I hadn't of let his father send him away...if...if I..." She burst into tears and I jump up, quickly wrapping an arm around her

"What's wrong?"

"Some boys found out about Frankie being in love with a boy, with you and...and they..." She started crying again harder this time. My mother stepped forward

"Baby, Frank was killed..."

I start laughing. This is a joke, this has to be a joke right? Linda looks at me like I'm insane and then the jacket I'm wearing "Where did you get that?"

"Frankie just gave it to me..."

"No sweetie, Frank is dead..."

"No we...I " suddenly it all made sense. The coldness of his touch and his kisses, his eyes. That's what was missing, the light behind his eyes. I ran toward my room with the two women close behind me, throwing open my bedroom door and seeing nobody there. The window was closed and I stepped toward it, written in the dirt on my window was a message

I had to come through your window one last time, I love you Gerard Way xoFrnk

A tear rolls down my cheek as I look at the message, I close my eyes and lean my head into his invisible touch brushing the tear away. He was still here

"I love you too Frankie, forever and always"


A quick little one shot that just popped into my head. It would be super cool if you could read and review because it will help me improve. Thanks for reading xoxo
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