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Another short something I wrote a while back. Just found it. Slightly depressing. Not really an MCR thing again, just thought you guys would get it. x

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So this is something I wrote a couple months back, to try and see my feelings from another perspective. As with going nowhere it's very personal and not really to do with MCR but I thought you guys would get it, and I guess I could say it was written by one of the guys, but I didn't. Oh well! So yeh here ya go! Criticisms welcomed :)

Rates and reviews much appreciated, in regards to writing style etc.

Love to you all



I'm done.

It's too much. Waking up, living, smiling.

The worst thing is, it makes no sense. I don't have any reason to want to stop. I should be happy, shouldn't I?

She's been gone for almost a year, and I don't miss her too much, and I find myself blaming the feeling on her being gone, but its all bullshit. I know its not about her, but the real question is; If not that then what is it?

Life's great. I'm happy at school, I enjoy my classes. If I have all the elements for happiness then why am I not happy? What's wrong with me?

I need help, but I'm too strong for that. I'm the one who helps my mum through her depression, I can't give up on her now. I can't be the weak one. I have to help my brother through the bullying and the hospital visits. My dad can't do it alone.

So that's it isn't it? I have no option.

But to keep on going, until they no longer need me, however long that may be.
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