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I'm sad.

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Ugh. These have just been the worst few hours ever! :'(

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These past few hours have been full of shit and I'm just typing this with tears in my eyes! First of all, Chris Kendall is leaving YouTube. That's not the reason why I'm crying though, but it's still really sad. He's awesome, and he thinks everyone hates him, and he's just not making anymore videos. He might be posting a "goodbye" video, but yeah. He's leaving. :'(

The thing that I'm crying about though, is Frank. More specifically, Frank and Jamia. It's probably the most common cause of crying among stereotypical teenage white girls in movies, but I just love Frank so much and it's killing me inside. There's a woman on tumblr, and she used to work in Skeleton Crew, and she posts stories about Frank, and sometimes pictures, and right now she's answering asks, and it's making me sad and jealous. I'm being ridiculous. I asked her about 3 already on anon because I hate not being anon. I'm always too nervous, but I just asked her if she knows how they met and if she answers it I swear I will die inside because it's obviously going to be a happy story and for fuck sake they're married!

She answered all of my questions so far. Turns out Frank and Jamia were planning to have kids, and for some reason that makes me more sad than if it was a surprise. I don't know why. Anyway, I'll wait a bit to see if she posts an answer. Why am I torturing myself further? Literally, all I want is Frank and I to be happy together, but that's not going to happen, and I'm just sad. :'( Also, I just did a test, and it turns out that even after I calmed down, looking at a picture of Frank will make me cry again. Anyway. It's been a while, and she still hasn't answered. I'll wait a while more... okay... I did and turns out she hasn't answered... yet... anyway, it's 3:04 in the fucking morning here, so maybe that's contributing to my feelings? I don't know. What I do know is that I really need to get my life in check. Sorry for not posting any chapters today you guys! I hope I will tomorrow, and I also I hope I get my answer. As you can tell this has been probably the most depressing day of 2013 for me so far. I just... ugh... I really love him, but I hate being in love with him because of all the pain it causes. :'( Anyway, sleep tight guys! :') xx

Edit: So, I was asleep for pretty much the whole day, and I just saw all the things you guys said, so thank you so much for those! I'll reply to each of them individually, but I just checked, and the woman said that she doesn't know how they met, but they're the best couple she's ever seen and that's worse. At least I could've imagined Frank being pissed off with her occasionally but no. They're perfect. :'( I don't know why I'm so upset over it. I should be happy Frank's happy but I'm not, because I want him to be happy with me. All I want is for Frank to storm into my room right now, kiss me, and we'll run off into the sunset together, but seeing as I'm typing this, and it's probably up by now, it didn't happen. Besides, it's dark out, so there wouldn't be a sunset. I'm just really depressed right now because of his existence. He's amazing, and obviously Jamia must be perfect to get something that more perfect, but I just can't help feeling angry. Normally in these situations I would go on the sims, make Jamia look really slutty and Frank being in a bad relationship with her, then she'd be caught in a fire, and Frank would be happy 'cause he could finally be with me, but that would probably make me even more depressed. Anyway, I'm going to try and right some more things today. Haha. I hope I feel better too. :') xx
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