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daddy's little girl

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Gerard, lynz and bandit. Lynz dies tragically , and gerard has to raise bandit (who has problems) on his own.

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Hey ficwadians ! This is my my new fic (duh!) . Hope you like it ! I love writing , it just takes me away from all the shit of the real world , and it would make me very happy if someone could R+R plz \(^-^)/ any way , enjoy !

Chapter one

"Come on B, let's go home," I picked bandit up and carried her away from the church , a few people giving their condolences on the way to my car.

I strapped her in , pulling her special bright red belt over her and plugging it in . I kissed her forehead and shut the door , walking around to the driver seat .

"Hey ! Gerard, wait,"

I turned around to see frank, my best friend and band mate coming towards me . He pulls me into a tight hug and I almost immediately break down into tears ,crying on his shoulder .

"Hey , gerard , its okay ... I'm here for you," he reassures me," and Bandit. I promise"

I suddenly remember about B sitting in the car waiting for me . I pull away from frankie and thank him . I wipe my face and climb into the drivers seat and do my belt, then pull out of the space , waving at frank and his twin daughters , cherry and lily. It takes about 2 hours to get back to my home, and bandit has fell asleep by then so I unstrap her and carry her into the house , up the stairs and through to her purple bedroom, with butterfly's on the walls and a canopy draped over her bed , which I layed her in , gently taking off her shoes and cardi and draping a lilac comforter over her small frame.

"Night , Night little bumblebee," I whispered before switching the light off and closing the door.

I pushed the door open to another room and looked around. Sitting on the edge of the bed , put my head in my hands and began to sob hysterically . Lynz ...I missed her so much .


5 days earlier

So long to all to all my friends
Everyone of them met tragic ends
With every passing day
I'd be lying if I didn't say
that I miss them all tonight
And if they only knew what I would say ...
If I could be with you tonight
I would sing you to sleep
Never let them take the light behind your eyes
One day I'll loose this fight
As we fade in the dark
Just remember you will always burn as bright...

"I love having you singing me to sleep gerard ..." Lynz said to me.

"I love being able to sing to you lynny"
I replied,"and I love you"

"I love you too gerard," she said , sleep beginning to take over her

I smiled , I loved seeing her sleeping , she was so adorable . She snored softly , her hand rested on my chest , cuddled into me. Just as I was beginning to fall asleep too , I heard a noise. Thinking it was just bandit at first , I closed my eyes and thinking nothing of it , ignored it . But I heard it again , and this time I knew it wasn't Bandit.

Raised voices . Mens . Fuck . I shook lynz . "Babe, wake up , there's someone in the house..."

She swatted at me sleepily, "its probably mikey or one of them ..."

"At 3 in the morning lynz ? Even mikey isn't that retarded"

Another bang from downstairs . This time , she heard it .

"Fuck" she whispered, sitting up straight

"right , I'll get B , and you call the cops" I told her , and walked over to the door . It was open slightly , and I edged it open as silently as I could . Breathing slowly and watching my footing , I crossed the hall to Bandits bedroom . I pushed the door open , and scooped her up out of her bed

"Daddy ?" She rubbed her eyes,"why are you taking me out of bed? Its still night time , its dark."

"Shhhhh, bumblebee"

"Daddy..."I could sense the panic in her voice" what's is uncle mikey here?"

"No , why honey?"I turned around into the and looked at where she was looking . There wads a shadow of someone there . SHIT.

As quietly and as quickly as I could , hid behind bandits bedroom door , clutching her in my arms ... I looked through the crack in the door , seeing a mans silhouette walking up the hall , and glinting object being carried in his hand . A knife . I breathed in sharply , and a surge of panic circulated through my body as I saw him push mine and lynz's door open .

Please be hiding, please be hiding . Dear god , lynz , please be hiding

I heard a her voice ...."Gerard ...wait who are you ?"

The man spoke ,"Where's the fucking money , whore ?"

"What money ?"

"Don't play the dumb bitch with me , I know who your husband is , and I know that he makes money. I also know what YOU do for a living . Now , get ME that money , and I won't kill you today"

"I .... Don't have my money . I have $500 in my wallet , that's it "

I heard the door slam suddenly .shit. I looked at bandit ," honey , you have to do a big girl thing for me"

"Okay daddy"

"You have to go in your wardrobe , shut the door tightly and call the police for daddy,"I pressed my cell phone into her hand,"tell them that there's some men in our house with knives and that they need to come and help us... Can you do that ?"

She nodded

"Do you remember the number sweetie?"


"Good girl B"

She opened her sliding wardrobe and hid inside , closing the door with a small click. I breathed a sigh of relief . At least bandit would be safe. But my relief was short lived .

Lynz was screaming . I ran out of B's room , and slammed into the door, busting the lock . The man had lynz up against a wall , a sharp and dangerous looking knife to her throat.
"Hey , asshole!" He whipped round , looking at me through to badly cute holes in a hat pulled down over his face,"hands off my fucking wife!"

He put the knife back to her throat , a low, menacing laugh coming from low in his throat ,"say good bye to your precious lynz ... GERARD"

"Nooooooooo!" I ran over to them , grabbing the guys by the throat , but he was too strong. He pushed me down, stabbing arm with the knife. I hissed in pain , my arm pumping blood on our red carpet . Sirens .I could hear sirens . Bandit . I love that girl so much.


The guy swept out of the room , grabbing a few possessions as he went . I didn't even care, I just needed to get to lynz. She was slumped near the bed , facing away from me. Thinking she had just been knocked out , I shuffled over to her , shaking her . When I brought my hand back , I realised . It was covered in blood .

"What ..." I tuned her over gently, and what I saw was the worst sight I had ever seen, she had been stabbed in her stomach and her arm was at an odd angle .

Her eyes opened slightly,"G... Gerard ?"

I fell down to my knee's and stroked hair, like I always did," I'm here baby, I'm here"

"I'm sorry I didn't help... Gee ... I ... I love you"

N! No lynz ! This isn't goodbye !you're gonna be okay .... Gonna be okay," I sobbed , cradling her,"you need to be ... Lynz ... God , me and bandit need you!"

"Gerard .... Sing to me ?"

I gulped back tears and began to sing

Be strong and hold my hand
Time comes for us
you'll understand
We'll say goodbye today
And I'm sorry how it ends this way
If you promise not to cry
Then I'll tell you just what I would say
If I could be with you tonight
I would sing you to sleep ,
Never let them take the light behind your eyes
I'll fail and loose this fight
Never fade in the dark ,
Just remember you will always burn as bright
The light behind your eyes ...

She reached up and wiped away my tears " promise not to cry gee"

I held her close to me , kissing her lips one last time

"G... g ... gerard?"

"Yes baby?"

"I love ... you, Tell .... Tell bumblebee that I love her"
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