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The Only Hope

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EDITED! Highschool Frerard oneshot. Gerard is confused about expressing his feelings and ends up hurting Frank's. Please R&R

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Whaddup homies!

I wrote this oneshot like ages ago but it needed some edits and I finally got around to it! I actually really like this one, I dunno why, and it would mean the world if you could R&R...obviously you don't have to, I'll love you anyway :)

I hope you enjoy this edited version
Peace out!

Vikki xoxo

Gerard stood glaring out of his kitchen window with a scornful, how dare the sun shine so beautifully, casting a happy glow across the sky when he was feeling so dark? He raised his left hand to his raven hair and ran his fingers through it before grabbing a handful and muttering "Shit" to himself. He needed to figure out what was going on in his head before he got to school. Before he saw him again.

"Mikey, grab your shit and lets go!"

"Gerard we still have half an hour before we gotta leave..."

"I need to clear my head so move your fucking ass..." Mikey began descending the stairs with his bag slung over his shoulder toward his anxious and incredibly irritable older brother "Well someone rolled out of the wrong side of his coffin today..."

"Fuck you Mikes"

"I'd rather not thanks..."

The two brothers began their slow walk to school, scuffing their shoes on the sun parched pavement. Mikey was nursing the purple bruise forming on his forehead where his aggitated brother had thrown his converse at him.

"So what has you in such a delightful mood today oh brother of mine..."

"I have a lot on my mind is all..."

"You have a lot of Frank on your mind..."

"Do you want me to throw another shoe off your head?"

"It's true though isn't it?" Gerard groaned loudly in frustration and grabbed a fistful of his own hair

"I don't know what to do Mikes! I can't stop thinking about him, I fucking dreamt about him and you know that art piece I had to do for the class presentation? I fucking drew Frankie! And if it gets picked everybody at school will see it! What the fuck am I going to do? I don't know if I can face him..."

"Well you got about 30 seconds to figure it out..."

"Huh?..." Gerard turned his head to face in front of him and saw his best friend standing waving at him "Oh fuck..."

As the boys approached their small friend he jumped between them and slung an arm over each of their shoulders "Hey nerd, hey Gee..."

"Hey mighty mouse..."

"Fuck you Mikey, what's up with him?..." He nodded his head toward Gerard who was yet to acknowledge his presence

"He's got a lot on his mind..." Frank turned to his best friend and sighed

"My poor little Gee Gee" Frank placed a kiss on his friends cheek and ruffled his hair. Gerard didn't look up but he silently thanked God that it was hot today because he was blushing for sure.

Once the trio had arrived at the school gates Gerard made a beeline for the main entrance, clutching his art folder in his sweaty palm. He couldn't bear being around Frank right now, not when he was harbouring feelings for him. Gerard didn't even care that he ran the risk of being caught alone by the meatheads, he just needed to get away.

With his head bowed and sticking close to the shadows he quickly made his way to the art corridor. Mr Alexander was sat at his desk going over the work that had already been handed in as Gerard scuttled inside the room

" favourite student, how's it going Way? What delights have you brought me?" Shaking slightly Gerard slid the large portrait he had drawn out of his folder "Wow Gerard, this is...incredible! Isn't this that boy your friends with umm Iero?" Gerard quickly hid behind his hair to hide the blush creeping across the pale skin of his cheekbones "Are you..." The teachers eyes widened "Oh...he's your boyfriend!"

"What? No! I mean...I'm so confused sir! I don't know what to do..." Gerard slouched down onto a desk and buried his face in his palms. He felt comfortable around Mr Alexanders and could always talk to him so maybe it wouldn't be so bad taking his advice

"Talk to him Gerard, it's the only way to sort this out..." Or maybe not

"Uh thanks sir, I gotta go..."

Gerard ran from the room and toward his form class. Today was going to be torture for sure.

Gerard sighed with relief as he made it to another class unscathed. Scanning the room, his eyes fell upon his second best friend Ray 'The Fro' Toro. He shuffled past the first four rows of desks, ignoring the giggles and comments made by the cheerleader sluts and sat next to him

"Hey Gerard..."

"Hey dude..."

"What's wrong?"


"About Frank?"

"I'm gonna stab Mikey..."

"Yeah, he said your like in love with him man..."

"What do I do Ray? This is so fucked up..."

"Here's what you do

step 1 grow some balls

step 2 grow some hair on said balls

Step 3 Untuck that mangina of yours and tell the dude already! Fucking hell Gerard, quit being a lil bitch"

"Thanks Ray, you're a real friend..."

"No problemo vampiro"

Gerard had never been so glad to hear the bell ring and turned to the front "Ok class before I take registration I just want to remind you to be in the assembly hall after lunch for the art departments exhibits. I can promise you will not be disappointed as I myself have just been to view the final pieces chosen..." Gerard slumped in his chair and prayed he was not one of those selected. His mind wandered to his art piece and the words he had written onto the picture. If Frank ever saw that he'd be screwed.

The first two lessons went by in a blur Gerard had said he was gonna skip with his brother and friends but couldn't bear being around Frank so had just gone to his stupid lessons which also included gym and Gerard loathed gym. He hated getting sweaty, he hated the sports and the stupid gym clothes but most of all he hated the showers where people would steal his towel and once even took a picture of him. He despised gym.

Frank lay on the grass with Mikey, Toro and Bryar picking his fingernails and watching his best friend attempt to run around the sports field with the jocks

"Hey guys, what's up with Gee? I thought he hated gym class..."

His friends all looked at each other then down at their hands, much to Franks frustration. Nobody would give him answers and although it had only been a few hours he missed his best friend. It hurt not having him around.

During break Frank sat contemplating what to do? He didn't understand, usually at break he and Gerard spent their time out on the grass. Frank would have his head on Gerard lap and Gerard would lean back onto his hands and stare up at the endless summer sky, they would talk about everything together and Frank would have butterflies dancing in his stomach but right now Gerard was sitting on the concrete drawing and Frank was alone on the grass with a feeling of being kicked in his stomach and chest.

Gerard could feel the object of his affection staring at him and it hurt, it tore through his chest like Freddy Krueger's glove and he had no idea how to stop it. He just wanted to spend break together again, but Gerard couldn't even say hello to him let alone have his head that close to his crotch. The older boy couldn't take anymore and quickly stuffed his sketch book back into his bag, storming his way back inside the building. He didn't realise how much he was hurting Frank who had picked up his stuff and made a run for the gate to head home, tears running down his face.

"You're an asshole Gerard! A big, hairy, shitty, smelly asshole!" Bryar was glaring at him from across the chemistry table "If you weren't my friend I'd seriously injure you I swear to God!"

"What did I do?..."

"Frank left crying because you won't get off your sorry ass and man up!" Bob slapped him upside the head

"OUCH! I'm sorry...wait...he was crying?" Bob once again slapped him upside the head

"Yes, you dumbshit! You better sort this or I will break that pretty little face of yours.." Gerard's eyes widened in fear, after all Bob is a pretty huge dude

"Bob you're scaring me now..."

"It's only because I love you..." During this conversation Gerard had found himself realising that Bryar is 100%, certifiably insane and also found himself utterly confused, why would Frank be crying?

Gerard pulled out his phone and began typing an apology to his best friend but before he even got the chance to send it his battery died "SHIT!"

"Gerard Way, out now!"

Gerard slouched dejectedly from the classroom and sat on the floor of the corridor, sighing heavily. If his stupid phone hadn't have died he could have set things right by now "YOU!..."

Gerard turned his head to see his brother marching toward him with a face set to kill "You Dick! Now you ruined every chance of having him you total fucking idiot, what's wrong with you?..."

"I tried to text him Mikes but my phone died!"

Mikey pulled out his cell and threw it at his older brother "Call him..."


"Now Gerard!"

"Ok, Ok jeez..." Gerard punched in Franks number and hit the call button. What was he even gonna say? He didn't have the guts to straight out tell him how he felt!

As if on cue a sudden flash of genius shot through his mind. He wouldn't have to tell him. His picture would do it for him! He heard Frank talking on the end of the phone

"Mikey? hello?..."

"Hey sorry, it's Gerard..."

"Oh...what do you want asshole?"

"To say sorry and to ask you to come back to school?..."

"No, scthool sucks and I'm too pissed at you right now. Why were you being a total fucking jerk today?"

"Just come back for the art show, you'll understand then..."

"Fine but only because I wanna see Rays sculpture..."

"Ok...wait what sculpture?"

"Something to do with his fro, nobody has seen it yet..."

"Oh well I'll see you soon...uh Frank?"


"I'm sorry I hurt you..."

"It's fine. I'll see ya soon"

Gerard pressed end call and gave the phone back to Mikey "I gotta go see Mr Alexanders..."

"Uh...ok...can I come?"

"Whatever lets go..." Gerard bolted toward the art corridor, he knew what he had to to.

The hall was loud with the sound of students talking about each art project and teachers commenting on how "Incredibly talented" each student was. Gerard stood chewing his nail anxiously waiting for Frank to arrive, he had just about given up hope when he saw his small friend saunter up to him

"Hey ball bag!"

"Still mad at me?"

"Yes. Right now you are like a cum stain on my favourite hoodie, a wank splat on my guitar. I'm so pissed at you right now..."

"Well at least you came..." Gerard smiled sheepishly

Frank was determined to make Gerard feel as shitty as he did. He was really hurt and it would take something pretty spectacular to make Frank forgive Gerard. He headed toward the crowd of people around Ray with Gerard trailing behind. Frank couldn't stop the loud honking laughter that escaped him as he looked at the sculpture.

Ray had modelled a huge penis and a set of balls out of clay and stuck pieces of his fro to it as pubic hair. He laughed even harder when the principle screamed as she saw it. Frank felt a hand on his arm and turned to see Gerard on his knees, his face red from laughing too hard

"Frank..I..I..can't...breathe..." Frank pulled his friend up to his feet and away from the obscene art piece

"So where's yours?" Gerard went pale and pointed over to a corner where a large group of people were taking photos and chattering about how amazing the picture was. Frank began walking toward it and the group of people gathered parted as they saw him. Frank was confused, what was the big deal. His eyes met with the portrait in front of him and his heart stopped.

Gerard felt suffocated, panic rising in his chest as Frank stopped in front of the picture, so he did all he could do. He ran. His lungs burned and his legs were in agony but he had to get out. When he eventually stopped he found himself standing where he and Frank sat everyday. He dropped down and stuffed his headphones in his ears, he couldn't bear being alone with his thoughts right now.

Frank eyed the picture in awe. Every detail was perfect, Gerard had made him more beautiful than he ever imagined he could be. His eyes stopped on the beautifully floral yet ragged writing that danced across the bottom of the page. He slowly reached out his fingers and traced the letters as he read them

'The Only Hope For Me Is You'

Frank spun around and looked for Gerard but couldn't see him. He felt a tapping on his shoulder and turned to see Mr Alexanders smiling at him "He ran outside Iero.."

Frank sprinted from the building and began across the concrete yard when he suddenly spotted his friend sitting in their spot, he began to approach him and smiled as he saw his head tilted back and his eyes closed. Gerard didn't notice Frank sit down so he lay his head in his lap and gazed up at him.

Gerard pulled out his earphones and looked down into Franks eyes



"I'm sorry I ran..."

"Did you mean it? What you wrote on the picture..."

"Every word..." Frank sat up and positioned himself on Gerard legs so he was straddling him "Gerard..."


"Kiss me..."

Without hesitation Gerard clamped his mouth onto Franks, relishing in the softness of his lips and tangling his fingers in his hair. This is what he had wanted, needed all along and it was better than he could have ever imagined. Frank did something magical with his tongue and suddenly it was brushing against Gerard's. Both boys felt a wave of relief wash over them, they could finally admit their feelings.

When the boys parted they stared into each others eyes smiling, Frank reached out and brushed the stray hair from Gerard's face. Gerard pressed his forehead to Franks


"Yes Gee?..."

"Can I be the only hope for you because you're the only hope for me?..." Frank pecked his lips lightly and smiled

"Gerard baby, you already are..."

The End
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