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Paul's Rude Awakening

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John wakes up before Paul, gets bored and decides to wake him up, in a way only John would. Paul seems to have something on his mind that he doesn't seem to be able to tell John

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John's POV

I sat on the bed staring out of the bedroom window, it was raining again “all it ever seems to do hear is bloody rain,” I grumbled and got up and wandered into the kitchen looking for Paul. It was just me and Paul this morning. Ringo and George had gone out, not quite sure where they seemed rather secretive about it. Brian was coming over later to talk about a couple of new songs me and Paul had written.

Still half asleep and grumbling about the atrocious weather I decided to make coffee since Paul was obviously too lazy to get his arse out of bed before 11.30, and hadn’t made any.

I thought I would be nice and take Paul his coffee, I knew waking him up on our day off was a bad idea unless I had coffee or breakfast and I was bored of being alone in the house with nothing but the bloody rain for company. I knocked on the door so I made sure I didnt walk in on him changing because I know how defensive he gets if I do that, but there was no reply. I poked my head round the door, he was still fast asleep. A mischievous grin spread across my face as I put the mug down on the dresser. “wakey wakey princess Paulie” I yelled as I jumped on the bed. “ah John gerrof ye git, I was sleeping!” he mumbled still dazed by my rude awakening looked over to the clock on the dresser “what is so important this time that you thought you would wake me up at 7am?” he scowled at me as I flopped down onto the bed next to him “I made you coffee, oh and it’s raining...again” I grinned at him, hopefully he wouldn’t be too annoyed at the time, I hadn’t actually realised it was only 7 “is that what the important news was that ye couldn’t wait to tell me, that it’s raining. John, its England it always rains hear it’s not a bloody miracle when it does y’know!” oops I seem to have hit a raw nerve there. My smile dropped into my ‘but I'm completely innocent’ look “but I made you coffee” Paul tried to keep a straight face and look pissed off with me but I could tell that he was about to start giggling, he always does when I do that look. “Thanks for the coffee John” he looked as if he was going to say something else as he got up and walked over to the dresser but instead picked up his mug and drunk the coffee, he kept glancing over at me sat on the bed as he drunk, I think he half expected me to throw a pillow at him because of the look he kept giving me. “I'm not going to throw anything at you if that’s what ye thinking” he seemed somewhat startled when I spoke “hm what? Oh yeah right... pillows, John...” he looked up from the now empty coffee mug, he was fiddling with the handle, he seemed to be thinking of what to say next “come on out with it” I said smiling at him “I... urm... right... yeah, oh it doesn’t matter it can wait ‘till later” thinking no more of it I crawled to the edge of the bed and jumped off the end and made for the door as Paul wandered into the bathroom.
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