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This Is the Way Skywise Never Raised Yun, Or Maybe He Did

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Skywise has never known his daughter, but her mother has decided it's too dangerous in the mountains for a little wolf- cub. Sap ensues.

Category: Elfquest - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Skywise, Yun - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Published: 2005-06-08 - Updated: 2005-06-08 - 510 words

Fire In The Sky

Yun is going away tonight.

She whispers this to the fires that dance above her. They are the only ones who will miss her, because Firesong is going with her, and no other cubs will care.

Yun is going to her Father.

Yun doesn't know her father. He isn't Vok, or Chet, or Dari. He isn't Frik or Sol, either. Yun's Father isn't anyone in the Tribe.

Firesong doesn't have a father, either. She doesn't have a mother, really, because her mother brought her to Yun. Firesong is her only friend. She isn't the same as everyone else, either, but instead of watching stars and the nightfires, she has furry paws and a tail. Firesong sings to the night and the moons like Yun does, and her tongue is rough, but nice.

Yun's Father has a friend like Firesong, too. Mother told her this, when she told her that she was going to take her to him.

Yun is going tonight, before the dawn can come and chase away her stars.

Yun is leaving the pale, cool blue of the mountains. Yun is leaving the fires that dance at night. Yun is going to a green place, a place where her furs will be too hot for her, and the trees change colour.

Yun is afraid. She is only four turns of the seasons old.


Yun turns. It's Jirda and Aki. Jirda is hiding something behind her back. Aki looks very proud.

"We made you something."

Jirda takes her hands out, and holds them up. She's made a necklace, and it isn't a bit clumsy, so Yun knows Aki helped, because Aki's two more winters than Jirda and Yun.

The necklace has beads made out of bone on it. It's a weaving of beads, and while Yun stands still, Aki, who already knows how to tie, puts it on her. She touches it, feeling the beads under her hands. Jirda and Aki hug her, and for a moment, she's safe. Held between these two, she's warm, and she's Yun.

"No matter where I go," And she can feel the tears under her eyes. "I'll miss you."

"We'll miss you, too." Jirda is in tears, and so is Aki. "We'll miss you so much."


Mother's voice is strong and loud, full of life. She doesn't know, Yun thinks, how much it hurts that she can still be so strong, even when she is sending Yun away.

Yun's mother wears a head band and she's tall and lovely and she picks Yun up in one hand and Firesong up in the other. The deer is waiting. Firesong has a basket on one side of the deer, and Yun has one on the other. It seems very high up, but the snow will be soft to fall on.

As they ride, she waves to Jirda and Aki, to the Lodge, to the Mountains and to the fires in the sky, until first the dark, and then the dawn, swallow them whole.

Yun is going to her Father.
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