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I'm back!! Auditions

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First post in a while!!! And auditions. Please read?

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Hey! It's been quite a long time since I've been online here and the first thing I do? Ask for auditions of course! So basically the story is about a group people who fight crime. Some people do it to escape their everyday lives, others to do some good in the world and finally get justice. If you wish to be a part of this, please fill out the form below and hope for the best! ;) kidding. All entries will be accepted. Should you wish to... 'Turn evil' during the course of this book (I would!! :) ) let me know in the 'anything I've forgotten part'.

I'm doing this coz I'm on holidays right now and have nothing better to do with my time. So please, tell your friends and fill out the form thingo below. I'll post up the official results once I think I have enough people and let you know. The fic should be up soon!! Thanks

Name (middle name required please):

Age (the story will be set during 'university years' - basically late teens early to mid twenties):

Crime fighting name (I thought of using killjoy names but if you have something else in mind, go for it):


Superpower (just see that little note on the bottom if you have trouble with this one):

Type of weapon that you use (if you wish to use one):



Birth Place (which therefore provides an accent):

Musical preferences:




Ethnicity/ Race:

Style (what you wear daily to school or shopping):

Appearance (I'll make it easier for both of us):
Hair colour and style
Eye colour
Tattoos and piercings
Height and skin tone

Costume (planning on having a uniform for all, all suggestions welcome):

Anything that I’m forgetting:

All right on the superpowers part: I’m gonna accept basically anything for a superpower. Vampires, shape shifters etc. will be accepted. Only one of each power will be accepted though, so please read the previous reviews to see what is and isn't taken. Please no zombies. I can't write zombies

But here’s a list of powers if you are unsure of what to use: not definite and you can add anything you like - watch x men! ;)

Telekinesis/ distorting or moving an object

I don’t know exactly what to call it but has anyone read the Umbrella Academy? If so, do you know The Rumor’s ability? Basically she says something like “I’ve heard a rumor that you want to give me five bucks” and the person wants to give her five bucks.

Flying or levitation

Controling the weather

Necromancy (controlling the dead/ being able to communicate and or manipulate the dead)

Powers of the Gods (for example: Poseidon: control the sea or anytype of water or Zeus: control lightning/ weather and the skies)

Xo Jay
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