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Rose Petals

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This is my first story ever i wrote it a while ago, its not great but i hope you like it. Basically its a really sad story about forbidden love.

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A rose. A guitar string. A broken vase.
With us it felt so easy, when it was actually hard.
A petal. A message? A drumstick.
Two broken hearts. We had it all.
But 'all' includes the bad as well.
'All' seemed worth it when I looked in your eyes.
When I giggled as you pressed your full lips upon my forehead.
It seemed I wasn’t strong enough, but we are.
You make me strong.
I know what they talk about in the movies now.
We live it, only better because for us it’s real.
Not just bad acting. It’s much much more.
For us no distance no heart break can sever this.
Not even the distance of death.
A rose upon your tomb stone. A guitar string around your neck. A broken vase from your struggle.
Your struggle out of his hands.
The hands of he who took you away from me.
Because our love is deemed wrong.
There was nothing wrong with our love.
It was right in every way, shape and form. With a love like ours why would gender matter?
It didn’t seem to matter when you took my hand and helped me jump in the ocean for the first time.
It didn’t matter when we laughed at each other’s sunburns.
It didn’t matter when that day I looked in your eyes and knew you were the girl I would marry.
If it didn’t matter to us why would it matter to him?
A petal, a petal in the wind flew in my hand. A message?
From you my rose petal, eternal love.
A drumstick, your drumstick, the drumstick of a musician, a beauty, a warm heart.
A broken heart, two broken hearts,
my own and his visible in his eyes behind the bullet proof glass, as we picked up the phone just to hear each other’s silence.
That day he apologized for taking you away, his own daughter, for taking a talented musician from the world, for taking you from me, stopping our love that he thought was wrong, while he was the one that was wrong. That's when I stopped him, he didn't stop our love, it's eternal... A forgiving soul. An eternal love. A rose upon your tombstone.
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