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Parker's Sister

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This my own fan fiction for the tv show leverage and The Matrix. It obvious that I do not own either of them. The Matrix in this story is not like the movies. I changed it and if you do not like it...

Category: Matrix - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Horror - Characters: Morpheus,Neo,Trinity - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2013-01-08 - Updated: 2013-01-08 - 914 words

Who would have thought that Neo could be a bad guy. He has kept a ten year old Parker and a four year old Riley locked up in the basement of the orphanage because they would steal food when they got hungry and Parker always stole her rabbit back. Parker always looked out for Riley because Riley was not able to defend herself. This is when Parker gained the skill of breaking out. She would let Neo think he was winning. Neo finally let Riley out to play with the other children, but they did not want to play with her. She sat in her room and cried everyday until she had no emotions left. Neo went to check on Parker but she was gone. "Riley get your ass over here!" Riley stood in front of the raging Neo. "Tell me where the fuck Parker is or you get punished" Riley just stared at him showing no emotion. "So you won't speak, I guess I give you your punishment now" He grabbed Riley's arm and took her to a sound proof room with a cell and locked her up and tortured her.

Sixteen years later

Parker is working with leverage. She has not seen Riley in sixteen years but she has not forgotten about her. She wanted to find her. Non of the leverage crew knows about Riley. "Nate some girl is here to see you" Sophie sat next to Nate when the the girl came over. " Whats your name?" the girl took a minute then answered. "Riley." The girl looked emotionless. "do you have a last name?" Nate never showed any emotion either. "Uh no. It's just Riley" Nate figured she grew up in an orphanage like Parker. "So what can we do for you?" The girl seemed to zone out for a minute. "Uh there is this guy who works at the Foster home his name is Neo and he would keep every kid from leaving the place even after they turn eighteen. He sells the females bodies after they turn eighteen. I was hoping you could try getting everyone out of there because he is very dangerous and is a part of the Matrix organization. I can not go to the police since they have a file on me and would arrest me as soon as I step into the building." Nate just looks at this girl. "what did you do if I may ask?" Riley still looked emotionless. "I stole food I was never the best at being a thief but i was hungry. It frustrated my friend because she tried helping me and I always ended up getting both of us caught. When she would do it alone she never got caught" Nate was trying to figure out what was going on through Riley's head since she never even smiled. "How did you get out?" Riley was really hating all of the questions. " When he sold my body to some young guy, the young guy let me go and told me to come see you." Riley was beginning to get nervous. " Okay I will see what I can do".

Five hours later

Hardison, Sophie, Parker and Eliot were waiting for Nate to come. " I baked cookies for everyone" Parker sounded excited as she passed out cookies. Eliot would not take the cookie and grumbled every time she handed it back to him. "Alright guys our client Riley from the Foster home claims that Neo has females over the age of eighteen's bodies and getting to him is near impossible. He is with an organization called the Matrix. So he has to be using the Foster home as a cover up" Nate looked around for a minute. "So why did she not go to the police" Eliot was never the one would show any emotion. "She is a thief like Parker but not as good. Wait Parker was here just a minute ago. Where is she?" Hardison pointed out. "Alright me and Sophie are going to adopt, Hardison you hack their system and Eliot find Parker" With a growl from Eliot the team was off to the foster home. Parker crawled through the vents until she was taken by Trinity. "I like your skills. you can be one of us or you die and that goes for your team also." with that said trinity locked Parker in a room without windows or vents and the door has the palm print scanner lock. Parker had no way of getting out of there. Hardison hacked their computers and found that they did not have anything that they could use against them. But Hardison did find that Parker was in that foster home. "Uh guys I think I might know where Parker is? She grew up in the same foster home the same time that Riley was there." The team all stood outside of the Foster home. "Damn it Parker" "Eliot you are going to take the guards and keep looking for Parker. It is time." Nate and Sophie walked in. "How nice of you to come visit me Nate and Sophie. I hope you know Eliot will not be able to take down my friends and Hardison will not be able to find anything on us" Nate and Sophie looked at each other As they are alway prepared to............................

(Sorry it is kind of short but I am just making it up as I go I did not write this on paper.)
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