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Finks Sweet Escape Into The Past

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My first story ever... Its about Fink and The Rev... Slash

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This is my first fanfiction... I appreciate anything you can say to help in anyway..please be honest in telling me what you think.. If you like it I will try to write more

Fink had been thinking about last night for the past two hours. He thought about the lips against his flesh. He moaned softly at the memory. Fink closed his eyes, hoping to remember it all vividly for the memory was better than the present. As he closed his eyes the memories stared to come back. He smiled to himself and let himself fall asleep.

There was a knock at the door that made Fink look up from his song lyrics. "Fink, its me, Twitch. Let me in" Fink stood up and went to open the door. "Alright, I'm coming" He said. Fink opened the door and stared at Twitch for a minute, his hair was wet for it was raining. Twitch smirked and stepped inside. "Like what you see Finky?" Fink grinned and replied, "Yes,very much" He then kissed Twitch deeply. Twitch kissed him back and pulled him close, biting his lip softly. Fink moaned and kissed him harder, sliding his hands under Twitch's shirt. He slowly pulled the fabric up and over his head and then just tossed it to the ground. "Lets get you out of these wet clothes." Fink said, smirking. Twitch grinned and nodded. "Alright... as long as you take your dry ones off" Fink winked at him and pulled his own shirt off. "Happy?" He said. Twitch shook his head so Fink unbuttoned his pants and pulled his pants off. "How about now?" Twitch shook his head again. "Almost.." Fink grinned. "Fine" He pulled his boxers down a little and then stopped. "Hey... Im not getting undressed until your undressed." He pouted. Twitch laughed, shrugged and said. "Okay" Twitch undressed himself and then pulled Finks boxers off, kissing him as he slid them down.
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