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Family Remains

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Mikey and Amy think moving to the countryside will fix all their marraige problems. Little do they know that someone already lives in the house. And she doesn't like strangers.

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[A/N] - I have a feeling this story will be short too :(

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Amy asked her husband Mikey quietly so that her three kids Taylor, Veronica and Quinton couldn't hear her "Randomly packing up and moving all the way to the country. What are we thinking?"

"First of all, it wasn't exactly my idea. It was the marraige counsellors idea." Mikey pointed out "And secondly, I do think this is a good idea. What could possibly go wrong out here in the country?"

"Mommy, are Gerard and Vikki and everyone coming to the new house tonight?" Taylor, the youngest, asked.

"Yeah, they're all following us in their cars and Frank, Mia and Penina are driving the moving van, remember?" Amy reminded her.

"Oh yeah." Taylor smiled "So we can have a party!"

"Who am I gonna hang out with?" Quinton moaned "It's all gonna be girls! Mia, Vikki, Taylor, I'll basically be alone..."

"No you won't, you can hang around with me." Mikey replied, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Oh, okay." Quinton said, turning around in his seat to look at his black and white dog Buster "You okay boy?"

"Quinton, turn around." Amy said briskly.

Quinton sighed and turned back round in his seat "I just wanted to play with Buster."

"I know and you can play with him the moment we get there, okay?" Amy sighed and looked at Mikey "But the countryside... It's just so random. I don't even know why our marraige counsellor suggested it."

"Mom, not right now." Vikki sighed, looking at her younger brother and sister. She classed herself as an adult so didn't mind her parents going on at each other as much as Taylor and Quinton did.

"Sorry, sorry, you're right." Amy nodded, running her fingers through her hair.

"And here we are." Mikey smiled, pulling up outside of the house.

It was a pretty large white and red house in the middle of no where. Quinton jumped out the car, got Buster out of the boot and threw a red ball way across the field "Fetch!"

The rest of the family got out the car. The others weren't here yet "Did no one think to check if there was any phone signal out here?" Vikki asked moodily when she couldn't send or receive messages "Are you guys delibrately trying to ruin my life?"

"Yes Vikki, every desicision we make is to ruin your life." Mikey smiled, ruffling her hair.

"Don't be mean." Amy told him.

"I'm not being mean." He said, giving Amy a hug.

Vikki grabbed her hand bag and looked up at the house. Her eyes widened as she saw a pale white girl with dark brown really messy, tangled hair standing on the second floor looking out of a window at her. Vikki didn't know who she was and started to feel pretty scared "You okay Vikki?" Amy asked, putting her hand on her shoulder.

Vikki turned around then looked back up at the window. The girl was gone "Yeah..." Vikki said shakily "I just... Thought I saw something..."
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