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someone wrote this for me.

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“It was nice seeing you, Amber!” “It was nice seeing you, too!” You yelled back to Ashley’s parents while he was practically dragging you up the stairs. “Hey, hey, easy boy! That popping noise is my shoulder!” Ashley chuckled while quickly pulling you into his room, closing the door shut, and kissing you while taking off his shirt. “I’m sorry, it’s just, I don’t know what it is you do to me.” He ran his hands up and down the sides of your body, now and then putting his hands inside your shirt, placing them on the small of your back. His cold fingers sent shivers up your spine. “Babe, we can’t do anything. Your parents are downstairs!” He finally pulled your shirt off and threw it to the floor. “And then? We can be quiet. Well, I can, I don’t know about you.” He gave you a wink as you smiled and rolled your eyes. “Someone’s pretty confident they’ll make me scream.” He picked you up bridal style and walked towards the bed. “You are always,” He put a lot of emphasis on the always, “screaming my name. I’m sure people down the entire block know my name now.” He threw you onto the bed where you let out small squeak. “See? You’re already making cute little noises.” You laid on your side and motioned him to come lay with you with your index finger. He did as told. You laid on your back as he hovered over you. “Is your door at least locked? I don’t want your parents walking in and then forever hating me because I slept with their innocent,” You air quoted innocent, “son.” He laughed heartily. “Oh that’s a good one. It’s not my fault; you made me this way.” He let his body rest on you and the weight of his body on yours made your body tingly. He began kissing your neck, sucking every now and then. He whispered into your ear, “Just admit you want me inside you, right now.” You tried to keep your composure. “Nah, I can control myself.” Ashley bit down on your shoulder causing you to let a small whimper escape through your lips. “Admit it.” “No.” He grabbed the back of your thighs, imprying between your legs. He inserted his hands into your jeans, playing with the top line of your underwear. “I’m going to have to work for it, huh?” He pulled back to stare into your eyes. You smiled mockingly. “Yupp!” Ashley bit his lip. “Challenge accepted.” In no time, Ashley managed to pull of your jeans, pulling your underwear down at the same time. He threw that clothing to the floor. He sat up and pulled you up towards unhooking your bra and throwing it to the floor. You were overwhelmed and breathing pretty fast. “Well, that was quick.” He responded by inserting a finger inside you. The sudden contact made you slightly arch your back and let out a small moan. “Moaning already? What happened to ‘I can control it’?” He planted a kiss just below your earlobe. “I can control it.” You said in between breaths. With his other hand, he was removing his pants and boxers. He pulled out his finger and licked it clean. That turned you on beyond belief. He grabbed your hand and pulled you off the bed. He got behind you and led you to the dresser in front of the mirror. He bent you over slightly and placed his hands on your hips. You gripped the edge of the dresser. Without warning, he slammed into you and began thrusting. The motions you both were making, caused the dresser to bump against the walls making noise. Your moans were still louder than the dresser hitting the wall. Ashley put a hand over your mouth to cover your screams. With his other hand, he pulled your hair back making you arch your back. You looked into the mirror to see him biting his lips, eyes closer, with his head back. You moved his hand to cover your own mouth and he gripped your hips hard with one hand, the other reaching around you to rub your clit. You moaned even louder into your mouth. Your stomach tightened and you felt your legs begin to shake. You felt your release all over his lengths while he continued going deep inside you. Feeling exhausted, you let yourself rest on the dresser. Before you knew it, Ashley pulled out of you and grabbed you throwing you onto the bed. He remained standing while you laid on your back, legs dangling over the edge of the bed. He grabbed your ankles and placed your legs over his shoulders. He penetrated you once again, this time, letting you bite down on his shoulder to hide your screams. He grabbed your legs once again, spreading them far apart as he could, forcing his length deep inside you and released himself. After a few more thrusts, he pulled out and laid next to you. Both of you breathing heavily, Ashley spoke up first and you already knew he would gloat. “So… that was controlling yourself?” You gave him a small punch on the arm as he laughed. “Shhh stop talki-“ A knock on the door interrupted you. “Ashley, is everything okay in there?” It was Ashley’s mom. “Oh shit!” He got up and started putting on the clothes he had on. “Babe, hide your clothes and get under the covers!” You did as you were told and hid your clothes under the bed then went under the covers, pulling the blankets up to your neck. Ashley put on clothes pretty fast and answered the door. He was breathing extremely fast and you were worried he’d blow your cover. “Hey, mom! What’s up?” She looked at Ashley strangely. “I heard a lot of noise, did something fall?” He laughed nervously. “What? Haha, no! I mean, yeah! Something fell, hence the noise.” He nodded his head and smiled. She scrunched her eyebrows together. She looked over at you, “Amber I’m so sorry you’re dating my weird son.” You laughed, “Oh, thank you! I’m sorry too, sometimes.” Ashley shot a dirty look your way. “Not nice!” You winked. Ashley’s mom chuckled, “Well, just be careful. Don’t want you breaking anything!” Just as she turned to walk away, she yelled back. “Amber don’t forget your clothes and Ashley, make sure you wear a condom! Love you!” Your face turned bright red and felt hot. Ashley buried his face into his hands. “Wow, thanks mom…”
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