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stupid french teacher..

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My french class (including the teacher) pissed me off...

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Hi guys!
You good?
My french class pissed me off!

In class,we was doing music.
We wrote down (in french) our fave group,male singer and female singer.
I wrote down:

My fave group:MCR
My fave male singer:Gerard Way
My fave female singer:Demi Lovato

(Demi isn't my fave,I just like her)

So,I had to read out what I wrote

Me:My fave group is My Chemical Romance
(class are in stunned silence)
Teacher:Oh my god,they're awful!
Kid:Chemical Romance?

I even said that MCR made a song mocking Twilight,to see if it'll change anything.
It didn't.
My french class has the WORST music taste.

Here's the convo for 'fave male singer'

Me:My fave male singer is Gerard Way.He did a song with Deadmau5,Professional Griefers.

Teacher:Who did?

Me:Gerard Way.

Teacher:Never heard of him..

Can I just hit my teacher,please?

I also bumped into a popular kid today.
Well,it was her fault,she was standing in the middle of the corridor!

So,I'm kinda pissed off!

Gee:I'll calm you down...

He always knows how to cheer me up..

xoxo Sadie..
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