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Fifty Shades of Weird

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The Zombie Apocalypse, Supernatural Season 5 + 2, the fifty shades of grey game... I have some weird friends! :ONESHOT: :)

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[A/N] - I have an interview for college tomorrow so please wish me luck 3: This is an awful one-shot to try and help me get over my writer's block and it's based on me and my friends hanging out on Sunday :)

It's twelve o' clock. It was my fault for deciding to show up twenty-five minutes early but I wanted to do a bit of shopping before they showed up. Maybe buy Modern Family Series 3 or Supernatural Season 5 but of course neither of those DVD's were in HMV. I got some chocolate but that was it. They weren't even selling Uglies, the book that Jennifer had been recommending to me for ages. I really wanted to read it because when Jennifer told me I was going to love a book, she was never wrong.

Two minutes past twelve. I can officially get mad at my friends for being late. I'm supposed to be meeting Gerard, Jennifer, Penina, Raven, Frank and Ray but of course none of them have arrived yet. Normally Jennifer will be here at the same time as me so we can laugh about how our friends are always late. Penina's always the last one to show up even though she's the one that organises these events. I mean, she was late for ice-skating and that was supposed to be her birthday party! Raven normally shows up with Ray and has a reasonable excuse for why she's a couple of minutes late. Gerard and Frank show up and just shrug their shoulders when we ask why they're late.

Five minutes past twelve. I really need to pee but I know that the moment I get up and leave will be the moment that one of my friends arrives and then they'll just say that I was the late one and will never believe I showed up first.

Seven minutes past twelve. I can't stand it anymore. I need to pee.

When I get back, four of my friends are there. Of course they are. And it's only eighteen minutes past. I rolled my eyes and walked over to them "Hey guys." I smiled.

"Well you're late, we've been here ages." Raven grinned.

"Doubt that since I was here until like ten past until I gave into my bladder." I told her with a small smile "So we're just waiting for Jennifer and Penina now?"

"Jennifer's always late." Frank said, sighing heavily.

"I can't remember one time where Jennifer has ever been late." Ray said, raising his eye-brows "You're totally making stuff up now."

"Oh yeah that reminds me that I need to give Penina her Christmas present when she shows up." Raven said, snapping her fingers "Someone remind me or I'll be carrying it round all day."

"I'll try and remind you but I'll probably forget." I said truthfully, smiling and shrugging my shoulders "Oh look, here's Penina now. So I won't forget! RAVEN! GIVE PENINA HER CHRISTMAS PRESENT!"

Raven laughed and handed Penina her wrapped present. Penina opened it and found a large bar of Galaxy chocolate and a The Midnight Beast necklace (which she broke before even getting it out the paper but it was okay because she had a plain chain round her neck that she could slip the interesting part onto). Then Jennifer arrived and we walked around awkwardly, not sure what to do "What do you guys wanna do?" Penina asked.

"You're the one who organised this Penina, you should know!" I cried.

"I kinda wanna buy Supernatural Season 2." Jennifer said thoughtfully.

"Yes, then you can catch up with me and then the two of us can catch up with Penina!" I grinned.

"What season are you on?" Raven asked me. She didn't watch Supernatural, she was more obsessed with The Walking Dead.

"Season four."

"Mine ended on a cliffhanger!" Raven suddenly cried. She told me what happened at the end of Season 2 of her TV show.

"Oh yeah? Well mine ended with Sam and Dean opening the gates to hell." I told her, raising my eye-brows.

"Oh. Right." Raven laughed.

We went into HMV and Jennifer stood blankly in front of the S section "Jen, they're right there." I told her, pointing towards the small section of DVDs.

"Oh right." Jennifer started laughing and walked forwards to look at them.

"Yeah, I was gonna say, there are some up there too." Gerard pointed.

I looked up "I hadn't noticed them- HOLY SHIT THEY'RE SELLING SEASON 5! SHOULD I BUY IT!?"

"Yes, then we can talk about it!" Penina cried.

"Alright, I'm gonna spend all of my money on this and spend fourteen hours in my room crying." I said, picking it up from the shelf. Me and Jennifer paid for our DVDs and then found our friends who were looking at posters. It happened to be open to a picture of a naked lady when we found them.

A little while later we'd done things like going into a random sweet shop and buying a bunch of pick and mix sweets (mine and Jennifer's bag were way more full than Ray's but somehow we ended up paying less than him), went shopping for books in WHSmith (Gerard and Penina had an arguement over a book which in the end I said Gerard should have because otherwise Penina would ruin the book) and had gotten something for lunch. And then Ray spotted something in Waterstones "There's a fifty shades of grey game!" He said pretty loudly making a few people give us odd looks.

"We should go and look at it!" Gerard said, dragging Ray into the store "And then we should buy it!"

We all went inside and read the back of the game and found it was an 18+ full of questions about sex "We could make up our version." Frank suggested "Let's go to the town park. Penina, google the game!"

"But what if someone looks at my iPod history? It's already pretty dodgy as it is." Penina said, getting her iPod out of her pocket "With stuff like 'how to survive an atomic bomb' and 'can headlice kill you?'"

"Whatever, google it anyway."

We made it to a random place where there three stone benches. Me, Jennifer and Gerard sat on one while Ray, Raven, Penina and Frank sat on the other. We hadn't been able to find the questions from the game so we decided to make them up ourselves. Jennifer was getting really into the game and came up with heaps of questions as if she'd been practicing for months. Her questions included 'Who is most likely to fart during sex?', 'Who's most likely to still be having sex when they're old?' and 'Who's most likely to have anal?' Raven rated me high for the old person question, saying I'd probably be a frisky old lady. I was also rated highest for 'Who's most likely to turn gay or lesbian?'

Then two chavs walked past and we all went silent. As they came closer, Jennifer kept whispering "Brap brap." under her breath and bursting into laughter. I nudged her, silently begging her to shut up. They walked past and one wolf-whistled. Jennifer could no longer hold back her laughter and let rip. One of the boys turned around and went "Fuck off." causing Frank to mimick him. One of them made a gross noise before spitting at the ground.

"The only time spitting is appriopriate is if you're spitting up blood." Gerard said, looking disgusted "That's gross."

"Shut up, they might come back with knives!" I giggled, leaning against Jennifer who was laughing as much as me even though nothing funny had happened.

"We should go into the park." Raven suggested.

All of us stood up and then bent over like old people because we'd been sat there for over an hour and now our butts were freezing cold "This is how we'll walk after having anal." Gerard commented and we all burst out laughing before running towards the park.

We went into the little kids park and made our way towards a cool wooden pirate ship when suddenly Jennifer stopped and yelled something. I don't know what she yelled but suddenly there was a coke can on the floor next to me. The chavs had found friends and they'd thrown a pretty much full coke can at us. We sighed heavily before climbing into the pirate ship.

Raven stood up and looked around "This looks like the start of a zombie apocalypse. You know where everything seems so innocent but then suddenly the zombies show up out of no where."

"Shut up Raven!" I cried because it was already pretty dark.

A woman walked past and we all screamed because we thought it was a zombie. We sat down and Raven produced her plan for the zombie apocalypse on her mobile phone that I'd listened to her and Penina planning in Maths way too many times. Then we heard a noise and all of us went 'Oh shit! Fuck!' but it was just a baby whining. We all caught our breath and starting laughing. Then we decided this was a bit too creepy for us and left the park then made our way back to the town centre.

It was a random day. But at least I know I'll be safe if there ever is a zombie apocalypse.

[A/N] - This is short and probably awful but I just needed to take my mind off things because of tomorrow and some stuff I talked to Penina about so I hope you liked my awful one-shot? :3
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