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Chapter 4

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After we talked, the three of us turned to see Sonny walking from Axl's room yawning (fully dressed, unlike me). "Well good morning Sonny, enjoyed all that fucking?" I asked and soon laughed. "Oh shut up." She said jokingly. "You guys were fucking loud." Izzy added. " 'Oh Axl! UGH.' " I imitated while the guys burst out laughing. Sonny glared at me and I smirked at her. Axl soon walked into the room with a questioned look on his face. "What's all this commotion about?" Axl asked curiously. "Taylor and Izzy said that we were so fucking loud last night." Sonny replied. Axl laughed and put his arm around her. "Hey, I can't help it if I'm that good." He bragged. Izzy rolled his eyes and snorted. "You probably fucked Taylor anyway." Axl added. "Psh, he did not. We just drank and shit." I said. "Oh really? Why are you just in your underwear?" Sonny asked. I just rolled my eyes and leaned back on the couch since I figured that they won't change their mind. "Guys, when are Steven and Slash coming?" Duff asked. "No fucking idea. But they're probably pissed that I got to go home with Sonny." Axl said while grabbing her ass, which made her jump a little. "Oh god, get a fucking room." I said. "You know, maybe we should go back to my room and take care of some 'business.' " Axl said seductively. They walked back into his room and closed the door. "Seriously? Again? Don't they EVER get tired?" I said as I stared at the door in amazement. "Hey, you can never have enough sex." Duff said, cocking his eyebrows and smirking at the same time. God, did he look hot. I started staring at him, which I guessed was a long time because he started looking at me funny. Crap! I quickly looked away, trying not to blush. Thankfully, we heard knocking on the door. Oh thank god, this saved the awkward moment that we were gonna have. I quickly ran to the door and opened it, then saw Slash and Steven. "Oh hey guys." I said casually. Steven stared at me and shouted, "Somebody got laid last night!" Slash and Steven started laughing, but I stood there unamused. "Come on, who was it? It was Izzy wasn't it? I can tell since you're wearing his shirt!" Steven said. I glared at him and Izzy yelled from across the room, "We didn't fuck alright! Geez!" "Thank you!" I shouted. I walked back to the couch then sat in the middle of Duff and Izzy while Steven and Slash walked inside the apartment. "I'll go change." I announced to everyone. As I walked into Izzy's room, I heard someone yell, "Hey baby don't change! We like the view!" then hear laughing from the guys. I mentally rolled my eyes and facepalmed. After I changed, I walked back into the living room and saw that Sonny and Axl were back. "So you guys finally got tired?" I asked. Sonny gave me the middle finger and I chuckled. "Fuck, you guys took all the seats!" I exclaimed. "Looks like you'll have to just sit on someone's lap." Steven said sexually, winking.
I rolled my eyes at him, but actually did decide to sit on someone. "Taylor what the hell?" Izzy said as I sat down on his lap. "What? You did this to me yesterday! Anyways, you're heavier than me." I replied. "He just doesn't want to make it obvious that he has a boner." Slash joked while everyone started laughing, including Izzy. While everyone laughed, Duff walked out of the room. Izzy stared at him and asked, "What's up with him?" I shrugged, and didn't think much of this. "Well, we should go to practice now." Axl announced as he got up. "You two wanna come?" He added. We nodded excitedly and went to get our purses, then headed out to an old warehouse.
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