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They complete each other but it's never been enough for Gerard.

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"Gee?" Frank called out into an almost empty house. Shutting the door behind him, he switched on the closest light switch and then squinted, his eyes adjusting to the brightness. The living room door was slightly open and, from where Frank stood, it looked like an abyss. He pushed it open a little more, seeing the muted television flashing images of brightness into the dark room. There was a human form on the couch, slumped and sleeping silently, peacefully almost. But Frank knew better. He wouldn't wake the sleeping Gerard. He didn't want to bring his boyfriend back into the torture the raven haired man hated so much. Not yet, anyway.

Leaving the room, the shorter man went into th kitchen and browsed the cupboards for some food. Finding nothing of any interest, he decided to order pizza, but only after Gerard had woken up. He made himself a coffeee, and absent mindedly made one for Gerard as well.
"He can reheat it when he wakes up..." Frank mumbled to himself, taking a sip of his hot beverage. A sudden scream ran through the house, and the mug lay on the floor, smashed into thousands of pieces, entwining itself with the remaining coffee. Frank raced out of the room, avoiding the mess that was scattered across the kitchen floor and cautiously entered the living room. He watched Gerard from the doorway as the raven haired man sobbed hysterically. Frank frowned. It hurt him so much to see Gerard in so much pain, pain that the shorter man could not take away. It hurt. And that alone was terrifying.

"Gerard..." Frank whispered softly to Gerard, who turned to look at him.
"I can't do it anymore, Frankie. I can't! I can't!" Gerard spoke desperately. Framk smiled weakly. These breakdowns were almost daily and they terrified him.
"Do it for you. And if you can't do that, do it for me. You'll get through this, hon. We'll get though it," Frank spoke, approaching his quivering mess of a boyfriend. He knelt in front of Gerard, who was now sat upright on the couch. Frank reached for Gerard's hand and rubbed soothing circles with his thumb.
"It's going to be okay," he said again, unsure of who he was trying to convince. They wouldn't be fooled that easily. But, they needed each other. It was worse before they met, both wanting nothing more than to pull out the plug and give up. But quitting was no longer an option. Not any more. Frank looked up into his boyfried's bloodshot eyes, depserately needing the reassurance he was trying to give Gerard and yet still spoke strongly, hopefully.
"Just smile," the corners of Gerard's twitched slightly.
"Smile?" the taller man whispered. Frank smiled, and Gerard did the same. Using his other hand, Frank reached up and brushed Gerard's hair from his face before wiping away his tears.
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