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wittle friends

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Frank is spending the night with Gerard. Cute little frerard.

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Frank is 12. Gerard is 13
Gerard was in his room, like any other day, doodleing and thinking about how much fun him and his best Frank were gonna have. Gerard wouldn't tell anyone but he had a big crush on Frank. The only person that knew was him and his brother Mikey. Gerard was just thinking about Frank when he heard the door bell ring. Gerard ran down the stairs and opened the door to see the most beautiful boy he had ever seen.
"Gee-bear!" Frank said and hugged Gerard tightly. Gerard could already feel the butterflies in his stomach when Frank hugged him. Of corse he hugged back and inhaled Frank's scent.
"Hey Frankie." Gerard sighed, closing his eyes to take more of Frank in. Frank pulled away and looked around the house.
"Where are your parents, Gee?" Frank asked looking around the house.
"They're gone 'till Monday." Frank looked at Gerard and smiled.
"Screamathon!" Frank ran into Gerard's room with Gerard's hand in his. Gerard felt tingles in his belly and pushed them away. Don't think about it. Don't think about it.
"Hey Gee? I wanna talk to you for a moment." Gerard looked at Frank with worry in his eyes.
"Sure Frankie, what about?" Frank and Gerard sat down on his bed and Frank bit his lip.
"Okay, so you know how we've been friends for like, ever?" Gerard nodded.
"Well, I kinda have a secret." Gerard looked at him and smiled.
"What? What is it?" Frank took a deep breath.
"Promise you won't hate me?" Gerard looked hurt.
"Frankie, I could never hate you. I promise." Frank nodded.
"I-.... I'm gay.... and I have a crush on this guy." Gerard smiled and hugged Frankie.
"Now Frankie, why in the hell would I hate you for being gay?" Gerard could hear Frank start to cry.
"Frankie?" Gerard pulled away. "Frankie, what's wrong? I don't like to see you cry Frankie, it breaks my heart." Frank looked at Gerard.
"I.... I love you, Gerard." Gerard looked at Frank in shock. Gerard couldn't believe what he had just said.
"W-what?" Frank cried again.
"See? This is exactly why I didn't want to tell you because I knew I would be taking up your time. I'm sorry Gerard." Frank looked at the door and was thinking to run out but before he could Gerard spoke up.
"I love you too, Frankie." Gerard said smiling. Frank wipped his head around and looked at Gerard with hope in his eyes.
"R-really?" Gerard didn't say anything, he just tilted Frank's chin up and brushed his lips softly against Frank's. Frank put his hand on Gerard's chick and started to lean back. Gerard was now lying on top of him and kissing him. Frank put his hands in Gerard's hair and started massaging his scalp. Gerard smiled into the kiss and slipped his tongue out and licked Frank's bottom lip asking for entrence. Frank let him in and felt Gerard's tongue explore every part of his mouth. Frank moaned into the kiss and Gerard smirked. They finaly stopped and were now hugging eachother.
"I'm glad I'm with such an amazing guy like you Gerard. I love you, Gee-bear." Frank sighed with happiness.
"And I'm lucky to have an amazing boyfriend, I love you, too, Frankie." After a few moments of silence Frank spoke up.
"You do relise we have the whole weekend to ourselves right?" Frank asked seductively.
"Yeah." Gerard giggled.
"Oh what to do?" Gerard looked up at Frank.
"I have an idea."
So Frank and Gerard spent their weekend kissing and cuddling while watching movies under the cover fort they built. And nothing could make them happier.

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