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Frikey Oneshot

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I dreamt this up..

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A/N: I dreamt this up last night,it was a full length story,but i thought a oneshot wold be better.Read it,Rate it,Review it.
This is my first Frikey,and I couldn't think of a name or summary at this time so I apologise for that.
Where was I? Oh yeah,the story!

Frank's POV:

I pulled up to Gerard's art meuseum.
Today,he was having an art show,since he's draw yet another masterpeice.
I got out my rusty Trans-Am and shut the door behind me.
I then walked into the museum,to see Gerard and Mikey conversing over the certain peice they were looking at.
"Hey,guys!"I greet with a smile as I walk up to them,waving.
"Frankie,you made it!"Gerard smiled.
"Wouldn't miss this for the world,Gee!"I smile back.
I look at the artwork in front of us.
It was good.
It was the concept art from our third album,The Black Parade.
It was the cover of the CD.
"Gee,this is --"
Mikey then starts coughing and wheezing.

Mikey's POV:
I start to violently cough and wheeze.
Great,an asthma attack.
I've had tons before,the doctor had given me meds,but they clearly didn't work.
"Mikey,Mikey!Right,umm,sit down!Where's your inhaler"Gerard started to panic.
"Wait!I think I got a spare in the car!"Frank says before darting out of the building.
Gerard gets me a drink of water,and I tried to swallow it but I cough it back up.
"Here it is!"Frank yells,throwing the inhaler across the room to Gerard.
I take the inhaler from his hands and put the tip in my mouth.
I then press the button down three times,compressed air entering my system.
I take the inhaler out of my mouth and put my head back against the wall,sighing.

Frank's POV:
I squat down next to Mikey,resting my hand on his shoulder for support.
"You ok,Mikes?"I ask,looking into his eyes.
His round,beautiful,chocolate brown eyes.
That feeling came back again.
I've always loved Mikey,but never in that way.
Until now.
Mikey turns to me,and kisses me softly.
It felt wonderful,yet passionate.
He pulls away and stares at me,eyes glinting with happyness.
"I'm fine.."He whispers.
I then lean forward and kiss him,longer.
He then wraps his hands in mine and stands up,pulling me up too.
"So,your place,or mine?"He whispers with a smile spreading over his lips.

--------(later that day)--------

We lay in my rusty old bed in my shit looking home.
My head was rested on Mikey's pale chest,where his heart was.
I could hear his heart beating faster than it usually did.
I smiled.
"Frankie?"He asked and our eyes met.
"Yeah,Mikey?"I respond.
"I love you.."He says.
I lift myself up and kiss him softly.
"I love you too.."I whisper and kiss him again.


You likey?
R&R,I love you all!
kissy + huggys
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