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Womb Mates

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Frank's best friend is pregnant after a one night stand with him. How will he take it?

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Being best friends with the rhythm guitarist of a very famous band leads you to be called a lot of things. Fame whore, slut, bitch, and the most popular one, Frank’s disgusting rebound. But, there is one thing I never expected to be called. Not in these circumstances anyway.

‘Pregnant?’ Frank asked. I slapped my arms to my sides and shrugged.

‘I don’t know what else to tell you.’ I said. ‘And before you ask, yes, it’s yours.’

‘But, we used protection. So much protection that it was barely sex, more like dry humping.’ He argued.

‘Just because it was a thick condom, doesn’t make it a fucking force field for your cum.’ I told him.

‘Penina, I’m going to be on tour for ages. I’m barely going to be there for the pregnancy, let alone the birth.’ He said.

‘Look, it’s not your fault I’m pregnant. I mean, you are the dad, but you didn’t rape me. It was both of our doing, and it’s my body, so I’ll choose what to do with it.’ I told him. His eyes widened.

‘Please don’t be thinking about an abortion. You don’t have to keep it, I will, but I don’t want to lose the baby. I wish we were seahorses. Penina, please don’t. I love the baby way too much.’ He said kneeling down so he could face my tummy.

‘Frank, I honestly don’t know if I can. I mean, I’m too young. If I get the abortion, you don’t need to tell Jen anything, and you’ll be with her forever. Besides, I’ll get stretch marks, ripped out insides, and crying day and night.’ I told him.

‘You’ll have something cute that’s yours.’

‘I’m going to have to change the nappy.’

‘I will if you’re so bothered about it.’ He argued.

‘We’ll get kept up all night.’ I snapped.

‘I’m up all night.’ He said.

‘I’ll need to spend money that I don’t even have…’ I began, but Frank shushed me.

‘I’ll pay for both of you. I don’t want you to have an abortion. I want to have a baby.’ He said. I cried.

‘Don’t you get it? This is proof. Now all your devoted fans have a reason to hate me, and I don’t know if I can handle that.’ I shouted. I stormed to my bedroom, and cried on my pillow. I want this baby too, but for all the good things that come with it, a billion bad things do. There was a soft knock at my door. It didn’t matter whether I said fuck off or not, because Frank would come in anyway. The door opened and Frank walked in. He sat on my bed gently and rubbed my back comfortingly.

‘I’m sorry. I didn’t think of it like that. It’s just that I want this baby so much. Do you think it’ll be born with a mohawk and green eyes, or crosses on their eyes and long flowing hair?’ He asked. I giggled.

‘You’re such a dork.’ I said smiling.

‘A dork who you slept with once.’ He teased. I was confused. How drunk was he that night?

‘Twice.’ I corrected.

‘What?’ He asked in confusion.

‘We slept together twice. How much did you have to drink that night?’ I asked.

‘4, maybe 5.’


‘No. 4 or 5 beers mixed with tequila. I made it up. I call it the “Regret it in the Morning.” It lives up to its name.’ He explained.

‘Well, we had sex twice. Remember how it started? You said that it would be so funny and it’s just nature’s fun, and I agreed, then we did it the first time, and then we were both really tired, but you complained about how horny you were, so I did it again with you as a favour. Then we went to sleep. Which time don’t you remember?’ I asked.

‘To be honest, I barely remember any of them.’ He answered. ‘I guess I don’t remember the second time. I don’t remember a lot when I’m tired, and with that compared to how drunk I was, I wouldn’t be surprised if you did me with a strap-on.’

‘That’s a weird image Frank.’ I told him.

‘I know, but so is not having this baby now that I know it exists. I don’t want to not have him or her. Please just, don’t get rid of the baby.’ He begged.

‘Frank Iero, you are a pain in my ass.’ I said. He looked as though he was smiling.

‘What does that mean?’ He asked.

‘It means that I’ll give this pregnancy thing a go. My next scan is in 6 days. If I can’t handle something, you’ll have to accept that the baby won’t be born.’ I told him. He smiled and kissed my tummy. It tickled so I giggled. He just responded by tickling my sides making me laugh hysterically. I eventually grabbed his arms and turned him around. He just looked up and smiled at me.

‘Penina, my balls work.’ He said. I rolled my eyes.

‘Good job balls.’ I joked. ‘Frank, whenever you masturbated, did you call yourself a Franker?’

‘Nope, but now I think that would’ve been a good idea.’ He said.

‘Remember when I caught you “Franking” in my bathroom after school one day?’

‘Oh god. That was so embarrassing. You should learn to knock.’

‘You should learn how to use a lock. You were really into it. What were you even thinking about?’ I asked.

‘I saw a woman with massive boobs on the bus that day, and I got really horny, which is kind of weird, but a guy has needs.’ He answered.

‘My mum could’ve walked in at any time and you wouldn’t have been invited over anymore.’ I told him.

‘Not my fault. It would’ve been worse with you guys seeing the huge bulge in my pants. Anyway, we need to figure out what to do about the tour. Maybe we can postpone it, or cancel some shows, which I know I hate doing, but I’d hate not being here for this even more. It would be horrible.’ He explained.

‘I want you to go on tour Frankie. You need to. Besides, it’s not until I’m about 6 months in. You can come back when I’m about 8 months in. I would understand that. But you need to go on tour Frank. I’ll keep you updated on everything.’ I said. He smiled at me.

‘What if the baby comes early?’ He asked.

‘Like you did the first time?’

‘Jen’s in to abstinence. That’s not my fault.’ He said pushing my arm lightly.

‘What are you gonna tell her?’ I asked. He sighed.

‘I don’t know. I guess I have to tell her the truth. But I won’t now. I’m in a good mood. I mean, I’m 25 and I’m going to be a dad, and I’m excited. I love kids. They’re basically me but smaller. I don’t think you realise how awesome that is.’ He said. I giggled.

‘What if we have a girl?’ I asked. He looked at me for a second until I stopped giggling.

‘Then she’ll turn out like their amazing mummy.’ He answered. I smiled and hugged him.

‘Okay, I can’t have the abortion now. I hate you for being nice.’ I said. He giggled.

‘Listen, I think it’s getting late and I should probably get home. I’ll see you tomorrow.’ He said getting up from the bed.

‘Do you have to? I mean, can’t you just sleep here tonight?’ I asked. He shrugged.

‘I’m gonna have to get a few things, but sure. I’ll be back in about 20 minutes okay?’ He asked. I smiled and nodded my head before he kissed my forehead. He left the room, and a few seconds later, I heard the front door close. I sighed, and walked downstairs. I decided to call one of my sisters, Lauren. After a few rings, she picked up.

‘Hello?’ She asked.

‘Don’t you have caller ID?’ I asked.

‘Oh. Hi Penina. Maybe I do, but maybe I like a bit of mystery every now and again.’ She said sarcastically. ‘What do you want?’ She asked. I sighed.

‘At some point in the next few months, possibly weeks, you’re going to find out something big that’s going to happen in my life. It’s not a terrible thing, if anything, it’s exciting, but I don’t know how mum and dad will take it, so I need you to be there for Sadie in case they get stressed out, okay?’ I asked.

‘Are you a pornstar?’ She asked.

‘What? No! Why would you think that?’ I asked.

‘Look, I’m not judging, just wondering.’ She answered.

‘It’s nothing like that. I mean, My Chemical Romance’s fans might get pissed at me, but I’m fine with that. I’m happy, so just make sure Sadie’s okay, alright?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, alright. Love you.’ She said. I smiled.

‘I love you too. Bye.’ I said before hanging up.

I admit, when I was in school, I had a massive crush on Frank. That faded ages ago though. Until the night we did it. All those feelings came rushing back to me. Plus, I still got the occasional jealousy sometimes. Like when I found out Frank was going out with Jennifer. When they kissed I just wanted to break some glass and stab her with it, just because she had the one thing I wanted, but never could have. That makes me feel guilty though, so whenever I did get guilty from that, I went back to my house as soon as I could and cried while eating ice cream. I also looked up pictures of him on my computer and felt butterflies in my stomach. I looked at yearbook photos of him too. We’ve been best friends since we met, but I always wanted something more which sucked. It still does. The door knocked, so I opened it and Frank came tumbling in. He had a suitcase full of things.

‘Frank, you’re only staying for one night, aren’t you?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, but I bought some more things over.’ He said opening the suitcase. I looked inside and saw loads of plastic bags.

‘What’s in those? Oh my god. Did you go shopping?’ I asked.

‘Damn right I did. I got things for the baby on the way back. I got baby grows for boys and girls. I got a teddy, and some play mats. Cool huh?’ He asked. I smiled at him and hugged him.

‘You’re going to be an awesome dad.’ I said. I hugged me back.

‘You’re going to be an even better mum. I can’t wait. I hope he or she isn’t allergic to dogs. Where will we live?’ He asked. I looked at him with a puzzled look.

‘What do you mean? We’ll stay living where we live now.’ I answered.

‘No. I want to stay with the baby at nights too. I want to stay all the time. I want to be the best dad ever.’ He told me. I smiled. I’ve never seen him this excited before. It warmed my heart.

‘You’re going to need to stay with Jennifer though.’ I said.

‘I know, but, this is my baby. It’s our baby. I don’t want to be without him or her. If Jen can’t understand that, then I suppose I’ll have to break up with her. I mean, I love her, but I love this baby way more, which is a bit weird, I mean, it’s not even born yet, but I just can’t wait to hold him or her. It’ll be the best feeling in the world. Even better than when I play the guitar on stage.’ He said.

‘You’re so nice. This baby’s going to be so lucky to have you as a dad.’ I said. He smiled. We got changed and went to my bed.

‘I think we’re gonna need to have a band meeting. I need to talk to them about this. I think all of us should be there.’ He said.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked.

‘Of course I’m sure. Besides, we need to figure out who the god parents are going to be, so whoever has the best reaction should get that honour.’ He said. I giggled.

‘That’s not just how you choose a godparent. But, I’m tired. It’s been a long day. Can you make pancakes in the morning?’ I asked.

‘I can make you Cajun pancakes.’ He joked. We laughed and soon went to sleep. After today, I can’t wait for the baby to be born.

Hi guys! I'm so sorry for the wait for this. It's been long, I know, but I have excuses. Basically, this story is going to be as long as I can make it. And I'm trying to make the chapters actual chapter lengths. A lot has happened since I last updated any stories though. I'm getting pet fish. Possibly 15, and they might breed a lot too, so that's awesome. They'll be tropical fish, and I can't wait. I like fish. Haha. Secondly, and probably most importantly, I'm getting a job! :D It's not a paid job. It's a volunteer job, but it's at the place where I got my cat, and I'm really excited. I love that place. They sometimes have horses there, but it's mainly cats and dogs which I love! It's National Animal Welfare Trust. I emailed the boss today. I have to do a week of training before I can work. It's so exciting. I feel so grown up. I just realised it's my birthday in one month and one day. :O I'll be 16. Yay! I CAN LEGALLY BUY A LAWNMOWER AND LIQUOR CHOCOLATES! Haha. Also, I think people at my school are starting to ship me and the guy I like, which is kinda cool. Oh well. I hope you liked this chapter. I don't think I've ever worked so hard on anything before. Haha. So please rate it and review. I like the rates. That would be awesome. Haha. :D xx
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