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Don't you dare!

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"Don't you dare!" Frank said through tears.

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Today is Friday and tonight is the date with Frankie. I'm walking to third period when Tyler stops in front of me.
"So, I hear you have a date with Frank." He asks.
"Yeah... why?" Tyler looked around.
"You see, Frank is just using you for a laugh, a fuck, you're just a whore. You were just a one timer." All his friends laughed and I could feel the tears coming. I ran towards the doors to the school when Frank stopped me.
"Hey, Gee- what's wrong?" I couldn't hold back the tears.
"Fuck you!" I screamed and ran out of the school dropping my books. I heard Frank yelling from the distance but I ignored him. I got to the park and looked at the bridge. I couldn't bare the thought of being in love with Frank and finding out I'm just some fuck buddy. I walked to the bridge and looked down. I remember my friend Samantha and I always came here. This was where she died. Just like me. I took out the picture of Samantha from my wallet and smiled.
"I'm gonna see you soon." I said.
"Gerard! Wait!" I hear someone yell. I turn around to see Frank. Oh God.
"Get away!" He stops and looks at me and where I'm standing and gasps in relisation.
"Gerard, no! Don't jump!" I scoff.
"Why? Can't bare to loose your fuck buddy?" He looks at me with confusion.
"What are you talking about?" I roll my eyes.
"Tyler told me that you were just using me. That you needed a good fuck." He turns red with anger and balls up his fists.
"I would never treat you like that Gerard! I-" He stops mid-sentence and goes pale.
"You what?" I ask. He starts to cry.
"I... I love you." He says, looking me in the eye.
"What?" I ask stepping off the bridge.
"I love you!" He yells. He drops to his knees and starts crying. I run to him and hug him.
"I'm sorry Frank." He sniffs and looks at me.
"I love you, Gerard. I have ever sense I saw you and I just knew I had to have you I was just afraid." I smiled.
"You have nothing to be afraid of, Frankie." I say. I kiss his cheek.
"I love you, too." I say. He looks up at me with a smile.
"Really." I kiss his lips for the first time, ever kissing some one at all, and it loving and passtionate.
"I'm glad I have someone like you Frankie." I say once we stop and rest our foreheads together.
"Me too.... you know you." I giggle.
"I love you" I say, looking into his eyes.
"I love you, too."
TIME LAPS: Frank is 19. Gerard is 20
I wait in the car at Frank's apartment getting ready for our dinner. When I see him come out of the door, he nearly trips three times and I can't help but giggle. He gets into the car and hugs me.
"Hey, baby." He says and kisses me on the cheek.
"Hey Frankie. Ready to go?" He smiles at me.
"You bet."
Once we get there we see Ray, Bob, Kat, Rae and Mikey.
"Gee, baby, I don't mean to complain but I thought it was gonna be just me and you tonight." He had no idea about the present I had for him.
"I know but I wanted them here for a reason." He looked at me confused.
"Frankie, we've been together for four years and I want to spend every waking moment with you. I always knew that I would love you sense day one and I have a very important question for you." He smiles and I see tears in his eyes. I pull him out of the car and get down on one knee.
"Frank Anthony Iero, will you marry me?" I ask, holding the ring up. I hear Kat and Rae sigh and I hear Frank sniff.
"Gerard, I love you so much but..." I look at him with a frown. I start to get up before he kisses me and says,
"But I just can't think of a way to say no.' He says with a smile. I smile at him and pull him into a hug and twirl him around. He giggles and I put him down and kiss him.
"Put the God damn ring on him, shithead!" I hear Rae yell. I laugh and put the ring on Frank's finger.
"I love you, Gerard Way." Frank says smiling.
"I love you, Frank Iero." He giggles.
"I think you mean Frank Iero Way." I laugh and kiss him again. Nothing could make me happier.

Don't worry shit-nuggets, I'm gonna write more chapters. Reveiw and tell me what you think.
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