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And Proud of It!

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(oneshot) What to expect touring - crazy fans, long hours on the bus and extreme boredom. What happened that day....was NOT expected.

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We sat in our bunks on the bus like we would an other day on tour. I was trying to draw new shirt ideas, Frank watching over my shoulder. Ray had challenged Mikey to a COD match and from what we could hear, was losing.

The bus lurched to a stop suddenly, making my pencil jerk on the page. "Ha! I win!" Mikey yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Why'd the bus stop?" I asked the driver. She looked back at me.

"Road's closed. Looks like a parade." Frank perked up at that.

"Let's go watch the parade!" he threw his hands up in the air like a little kid who wanted to get picked up. I laughed. Mikey and Ray came into the room, looking down at us.

"I''m in." Ray shrugged. Mikey nodded. Frank squealed in pure joy.

"Fine." I crumpled the paper and threw it into the full trashcan in the the corner. I stood up and walked to the door, poking my head out. "Holy shit it's a Pride parade!" I jump the stairs, my shirt lifting up.

There were drag queens with huge balloon sculptures on their float, a few in cars, and a few in trucks. The whole age span was there, little kids all the way up to senior citizens. And rainbows EVERYWHERE.

It was amazing! A small group of teenagers were huddled around the end of a float made out of a truck, trying to get in. They were parked right next to the sidewalk we all stood on.

A girl with blue and blond hair looked up and noticed us first. Her face dropped and she shook the small girl next to her with a cat face drawn on under her rainbow hair. Kitty screamed and ran over to us, hugging Ray.

Blue hair stared in shock after her friend, walking over and prying her off of Ray. "Snow! You're acting like a creep!" she said as the girl clung to Ray. "Emi! Help!" A boy with dyed violet hair looked over and ran to help blue hair.

"Snow I"ll give you my pop-rocks if you let go of Ray now." He waved a black packet in front of the girl's face.

She snatched it and let go of Ray, who looked slightly shaken. "Sorry about Snow. She's a little...." Both Emi and blue hair looked at Snow. "Off." they said together.

"You say that like it's bad!" Snow laughed. She turned, kicking her leg up, and skipped back over to the truck.

"So....awkward turtles." Emi patted blue hair's shoulder and followed Snow. "Many more troops were just born!" he shouted over his shoulder.

"I will butt fuck you if you don't stop!" blue hair shouted back. She shook her head and looked at us. "Sorry about them. It's sad to say I'm the most normal out of our trio." she sighed. She shook her blue bangs out of her eyes, the sun glinting on her sunglasses.

"It's okay." I laughed. "We're used to it." Ray, Mikey and Frank all nodded.

"So.... Wanna join our float?" she asked, jerking her thumb over her shoulder. "Emi and I can keep Snow away from you. All I gotta do is talk to Jas and I doubt he'd care."

"Really?" Frank jumped up and down, clapping his hands. "Yes!"

"Kay. I'll be right back." she walked over to a balding man and shared a few words, waving her hand at us a couple times. Finally, they both smiled and she gestured for us to come over.

We walked over just as protesters took our place on the sidewalk. "Jesus hate you all! God hates fags! Come over from the darkness of homosexuality and into the light of God!"

"Anne, don't." Jas said to blue hair as she stood at the end of the truck. She put her hands on her hips and put her foot out like a kickstand.

"If we're in the darkness, why do we were the rainbow while you wear black?" She grabbed Snow and kissed her full on the mouth in front of the protesters, who hissed and screamed.

After a moment, the whole group just ran away. Anne pulled away from Snow, wiping both of their faces off. Snow was bright red, her face looking like a tomato. "Thanks for playing along." she patted Snow's head and came back over to us. "I hate stupid people." she sighed.

Jas rolled his eyes. "The rally is getting ready to start. Thank you for running off the bigots though." he kissed her forehead. "Everyone in the float!" he said, gesturing for the little group to get in. Emi, Snow and Anne were the first in, Emi between Snow and Anne. We followed after, slipping under the boards and into the truck bed.

As the rally started, I didn't pay much attention to the man speaking. I nudged Anne, leaning closer to her. "So you're bi?" I whispered. She shook her head.

"I'm lesbian." She whispered. "So is Emi. Snow's bi." She looked up at the rally leader. "That's Ginger. The guy in the purple dress. And my friend Jamie, the short tan one next to him. Then Bill's up in the front with Zee and Ty. And over there is my friends Tia and Mia, the skating twins in the tutus."

She looked around the whole gathering of rainbow clad people. "By all means, I should be back there with the Native American group, but Get Connected needed more people in the float." she shrugged.

The truck lurched, making everyone in the back scream in shock, us included. Frank clung to me, I clung to Anne, who was laughing slightly as Emi clung to her other arm. "Why am I the hero?"

"Cause America isn't here!" A small girl said as she climbed into the bed just before we took off.

"Babe!" Anne shook us off and took the girl in her arms. "You made it!" she kissed her quickly before she grabbed the side of the bed, holding the girl between her arms.

"Of course I did!" the girl smiled up at Anne as the truck lurched. I grabbed her arm again as Emi did, finding support in her muscled arms. "My hero." she whispered, kissing Anne's neck.

Anne shivered. "Later." she kissed the girl's head. We moved again, turning sharply. Music boomed up to us from the drag queens floats and everyone started dancing in the back of the bed.

"Oh! This is my girlfriend, Ally!" Anne shouted over the music to me. I nodded and smiled at Ally. She was cute, of course.

Making me feel like a creep.... And I have no idea how. "Hi Jamie!" Anne said, making me jump. Jamie was a drag queen.

But damn if I didn't know, he was a sexy chick. "Hey girl." he took Anne's hand. "Girl, our float broke down. So all us sexy bitches gotta walk in heels."

"Girl you chose to wear heels! I wore my converse!" Anne smiled down at Jamie. Jamie rolled his eyes.

"When don't you? I swear girl you were born with those things on!" she flipped her hair behind her shoulder. "Is this your girl?" She nodded to Ally.

"Yep." Anne smiled, her face slightly red.

"Girl, she is cuter than you said! If I swayed that way, I'd be all OVER that." Ally's face was bright red.

"You wish you were straight." Anne stuck her tongue out at Jamie, who looked at me.

"Damn!" she snapped her fingers. "Which team you play for? You are cu-te!" I bit my lip in the awkward moment.

"Taken." Frank waved his hand at Jamie. She scowled and crossed her arms.

"Why's it all the cute ones are straight or taken?" Anne laughed.

"Sweetheart, I thought you were single and happy?" I looked at Frank, who winked. "If you're serious, my friend Cal is lookin. He's actually probably back there somewhere..." She looked back to the drag queens. "Hey Cal!!!!!!" she shouted in my ear, making me jump.

A tall drag queen strutted up, every bit as pretty as a girl. "Hey sugar-pie!" He smiled at Anne.

"Hey Honeybee!" she beamed at Cal. "Cal, this is Jamie. He's just like you, I swear! And he's single." She winked at Cal.

Cal looked at Jamie, who smiled shyly and took Cal's hand. "I see heart flying!" Anne smiled. Jamie shot her an evil look and got back on talking to Cal. "I swear I should be a match maker."

"Match maker, match maker, make me a match! Find me a find! Catch me a catch!" Ally and Emi sang together. I laughed.

"Oh do NOT go into show tunes. That is MY cup of coffee." She waved her finger around.

"Don't you mean cup of tea?" Mikey asked her, resting his arm against my shoulder.

"Ew fuck no! Tea messes up my throat and tastes like horse piss." the whole truck bed laughed aside from us.

" you know what horse piss tastes like?" Frank looked at her. She looked back.

"Don't you?" everyone around us asked at the same time. Frank and I shared a look of 'WTF' as they all laughed again.

"We're kidding, guys." Emi patted my shoulder. I still say Emi looks more like a guy then a girl. So I guess that's what she's going for.

"Time to get out!" Jas called as he eased to a stop. "I'll see you all in the center!"

Emi looked at Anne, who was getting out already and helping Ally to the ground. "Is everything set up?"

"Should be. We get the open floor last time I checked." Ally laughed. "Oh guys, the road will be closed for a couple more hours if you wanna come in. There's SO much more to see." she said as Snow and Emi stood next to her.

"Please? Please Gee?!" Frankie all but hung from my neck begging.

"Like I'm gonna miss more of Pride?" I laughed, sliding out behind one of the other kids. We followed Anne and her group into the center, buying our buttons and headed into the main center room.

"We're down there." Anne smiled, pointing down at the huge open space in front of a huge wall of windows and doors. There was a mic, a drum set, a guitar and a bass sitting down there, amps on either side of the drums.

"You're a band?" Mikey asked. Anne nodded, a huge smile on her face.

"Look out! Coming through!" The skating twins whizzed past us and jumped the stairs, grabbing each others hands and spinning around to a stop.

"Hey guys!" Anne waved at them. "Come on! Let's go set up." Snow, Emi and Anne took the short way, the thicker steps where one equaled about five. Ally was left standing with us, watching them with warm eyes.

"So....." I said, breaking the silence. Ally looked up at me and smiled.

"Come on! Let's get a good table!" she took my hand and started running down the stairs. I grabbed Frank's who grabbed Ray's who grabbed Mikey's.

In other words. it looked weird. Ally stopped at the table right in front of the girls as they were setting up. "I always get the closest table." she said brightly, sitting down.

"Why?" Ray asked, sitting next to her. She just giggled and looked back at her girlfriend.

"You'll see." I sat on the other side of her. I noticed the places they all took. Anne was strapping the guitar over her shoulder in front of the mic, Emi taking the bass and Snow settling behind the drum kit.

"Who knew?" I said to Mikey. Ally laughed.

"Everyone but you." Anne and Emi plugged into the amps. The room fell silent. Snow set the pace with the symbols, Emi and Anne making their strings squeal. They broke into their first song with a major down beat.

Anne grabbed the mic and the sound that came out of her mouth stunned me. And confused me. "It's Japanese!" Ally laughed at our confused faces.

My heart raced as I watched the three girls play. It was amazing. Anne shredded her guitar and made it scream when she slid her fingers down the neck.

AND she could sing. Like a fucking gay angel she sang! At the last verse, she jumped up onto our table and fell to her knees, mic in hand, and stayed there until the end of the song.

As she headed back, an egg hit her in the back, making er lurch forward a little. She turned around, looking for the source. I stood and looked too. Another flew through the air, hitting her in her chest.

She touched the running yolk. "Sweet!" she turned to the others. "Breakfast!" They both cheered. Another egg flew, Emi turned just in time so it hit her in the hip and not in her bass.

"Don't fuck with the music!" she yelled, pointing. I followed her finger to the boys up in the higher parts of the center holding the cartons.

"Hey!" I yelled as they both picked up another egg. They looked at me, the eggs falling to the floor and breaking there.

"My Chem?!" they gasped, looking at each other. "Why are you at gay central listening to a shitty band?" the taller asked.

"They're not shitty, and I doubt you can do any better than them if they were. And why we're in gay central..." I looked at Frank, who smiled up at me.

I pulled him to his feet and kissed him, flipping the boys off. I heard the eggs all breaking as they dropped them before the girls started another song, still covered in egg a second before I pulled away from a laughing Frank.

This song was different. And in English, which was nice. The breakdown about halfway through made the hairs rise on the back of my neck.

The boys were still there, frozen like stupid statues. Frank and I sat back down after a second of laughing and listened to the rest of the girl's set.

They sounded like they should be on tour with us. Speaking of tour.... "When do we have to be in Topeka?" I looked at Mikey.

"Uhhhh.... Tomorrow morning." He shrugged. Anne came over, her guitar still over her shoulder, and kissed Ally.

"Topeka is only about a three hour trip. I know cause my brother lives up in KC and we head up there every other year." she shrugged. "So if you leave in like three hours, you can make it by midnight." she smiled.

"We can force amazing Kansan food on them!" Emi smiled, leaning on Anne's back. Snow leaned on Emi.

"Wichitan food." Snow added, waving her finger.

"True." Anne said, pointing back.

"So you get egged and think 'Let's go eat?'" I asked, looking at the three of them.

"Yep. We get egged at least eight times a year." Snow shrugged. Anne and Emi nodded.

"Not even in gigs all together, either. Usually when we're walking home from cons." Anne shrugged.

"Is your car outside?" Snow asked Anne. who nodded.

"But the closest Spangles is only a block away." Emi pointed out.

"Oh yeah! So me, Ally, Frank, Gerard and Snow will make a food run and be back soon. What's everyone want?" she asked. Ray and Mikey looked lost as the other's spit out numbers which Anne wrote on her arm.

"We'll call and let you know what they have when we get there." I whispered before Anne and the group walked away.

We walked the block and into the 50's style fast-food place. It was nothing I'd ever seen before. And inside smelt amazing. Like....the world's best burger.

After we settled everything and got our food, we walked awkwardly back to the center and handed out the food. The Wichitans watched our faces as we took our first bites.

I thought it was weird until I took mine. Then I couldn't think at all. My mind went stupid from pure taste.

"Best tour ever!" Frank said around one of his fries. The whole band nodded and laughed.

Super random meds induced IDEK anymore my hands are stupid and cold later I'm gonna read manga and watch random Hetalia crap.

Hugs and Flying Mint Bunny,
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