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Oh hi just thought i'd let you know

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okay since there's 2 people here i, Ryrp, am going to help you guys in figuring out who wrote what story/is reviewing your story

1. i'm obsessed with Ryilliam (RyanxWilliam) and will probably only write that

2. Bilvy has an awesome butt (but mine is still better)

3. i'm not sure how the last one was relevant but it is now shh

4. i never use correct grammar, it's just how it is yo

4. i say 'yo' a lot too just thought i'd add that

5. Bilvy rarely comes on here anymore to update and shizz cos she's a dirty panda bear

6. i'm probably the only one who will review anything (Bilvy might though idk)

7. i say 'i love you' or 'i can't even' sO MUCH like i'm not even kidding

8. we both say 'omfg' A LOT but i think i say it more then Bilvy does

9. i'm cooler than Bilvy it's a proven fact

10. Bilvy writes so much better than me like seriously go read her story and then read mine and you'll probably be like 'Ryrp just put the laptop down you can't even write properly just stahp srsly Ryrp like can u not'

11. i'll randomly start new stories without finishing the one i was originally working on

so yeah i'm sure there's more ways but that's all i could think of okay bye
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