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Tragic With A Capital T

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In such there is an incredulous unicorn named Felicity, a make out session with Kurt Cobain, and Gerard wearing a monster truck shirt. *Eventual HS Waycest*

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The majestic beast was sitting a mere three feet away from me, It's candy-floss mane was swirling around its face as it gently pawed at the ground. Pawed? Hoofed? Something..

Where was I? Hiding in a bush with a lovely, horse-sized net. But not for any type of horse, a unicorn. I decide to name her Felicity.

Yes, the beautiful creature was quite a sight to behold. It lifted its nose to the sun and snorted, finally looking away from the bush.

My chance.

Quickly I leap from the bush with a war-like cry, brandishing the net fearfully. Felicity sidesteps, one hoof over the other, leaving me to fall face first into the grass.

Felicity looks at me and raises one of her pink horse-brows. Pink eyebrows? I should've named her Jeffree Star...

Anyway, she gives me this incredulous look. Those horse-brows take a bigger toll on your self-esteem than you would ever imagine, let me tell you.

"What the fuck, Mikey?" She said, loud and clear. Wait- I don't think that was her. I didn't see her mouth move- maybe it was God... Felicity nudged me in the shoulder with a hoof and repeated her question. I mean- God did. Wait- don't even know anymore.

I suddenly felt like someone punched me in the face. The whole front half of my body was in pain.

"The Hell?" I slowly blinked my eyes open to stare at a Nirvana poster smushed under my nose. My entire face, actually. Hey, I was technically making out with Kurt. Not that I found him attractive or anything.

"You rolled off the bed. You were insane, man. You were up on your feet crouching and swatting at shit! It was so cool!"

Why was this tool standing over me in our basement?

I repeated the question, directed at aforementioned tool, and he merely shook his head.

"Aw hun, I came to steal all your coffee!" Frank said in a mocking tone, shaking his head. I just scoffed, closing my eyes and hoping to fall back asleep on Kurt.

"Fuck these dreads are annoying.." He grumbled, toying around with one between his fingers.

"Shouldn't have gotten them, then." My brother, Gerard, spoke up from across the room. He was still buried in his covers, Star Wars sheets bunched up around his oddly small feet.

"Hush, Way." Frank snorted, plopping his tiny ass down at the foot of his bed. "You gonna get up anytime soon?" Gerard mumbled something unintelligible, Frank retorted, and I finally got up off the floor.

"He's alive!" Frank beamed while trying to yank the blanket off Gerard. "Yo bitch, get the fuck up!" He said in the deepest voice he could muster.

"No, seriously. Toro's gonna be here in a few minutes. Our ride, remember?" He reminded us, shortly before informing us that he had to pee and exiting the basement Gerard and I called home.

"Hey lil' Way." Gerard grinned lazily, rolling out of bed in a Monster Truck t-shirt and pajama bottoms.

I gave him a bright smile and a little wave while he went over to his closet.

"Not so fast, padiwan. I'm giving you a makeover." Frank appeared back into the basement, grinning.

I snorted and sat back up on my bed, groping around for my glasses.

"What do you mean 'Makeover'?" Gerard squeaked, wide-eyed.

"Mikey? Where's your straightener?" Frank smirked, slowly closing in on my brother.

"Oh god..." I reassume my position on Kurt and shut my eyes, tuning out my bother's shrieks and screams.

This is going to be an interesting day.

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