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Once Over Double Take

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(crossover one shot) What happens on tour stays on tour. Brendon and Gerard know all about that.

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I watched the group that was opening for us intensely. Not for the music, but for Brendon's cute ass strutting across the stage as he sang.

That's gonna be mine. I smiled to myself as he turned around, his eyes falling on me and going wide. I pushed away from the wall and turned around.

After all, I needed to get ready too. I waljed back to our room where Frank was trying to pull on a pair of black skinny jeans, Ray was doing God knows what to his hair and Mikey was reading, boring and ready as usual.

"Done starting at Urie's ass?" Frank asked sarcastically. "A little help?" He sighed, dropping his arms.

"Sure." I picked him up by the jeans, wriggling him around until he fell into them. "And no, I've not had my fill of his ass. Yet." I smirked and went over to the mirror.

About am hour before we went on, there was a little knock on our door. We all shared a look before Frank opened it.

Who else but Brendon Urie would be standing there. "Drama bomb!" Ray laughed as Frank pushed past Brendon. I slapped his shoulder.

"Shut up! Go see if he's okay." I gestured to the door. "Mikey, you too. Ray can't do anything." In less than a minute, Brendon and I were alone.

"Sup?" I asked, violating my jacket with buttons. He stepped in and shut the door, making me raise ny eyebrow.

"Are you mad at me?" He asked. I laughed. "You looked pretty pissed earlier. And I couldn't think of anything I'd done that would piss you off..."

"Brendon." I cut him off. "I'm not mad at you." A relieved look crossed his face. "Is that all?" I asked, trying to fix my stupid eyeliner.

"What did you think?" He asked, sitting next to me. "Of our set, I mean." He explained awkwardly.

"It was great." I lied. Honestly, I hadn't heard any of it. He looked crushed.

"You hated it, didn't you?" He asked, his voice shaking slightly. I looked at him out of the mirror.

"I didn't really hear much of it. I was distracted." I bit my lip hard. He looked at me, a new hope in his eyes.

"By?" He asked. I smirked.

"Really wanna know?" I purred. He nodded. "Your ass." I shrugged. His face went bright red.

"I..." His voice turned into a growl as he grabbed my face and kissed me. I kissed him back, grabbing his shirt and pulling him closer.

He seemed shocked by how strong I was as I stood and picked him up, placing him up in the table in front of the mirror. "So h-how exactly are we going to do this?" He asked nervously.

"Haven't you...?" I trailed off. He shook his head, his face burning as he looked down. Even better. I smiled and lifted his head up with my hand. "That's okay." I kissed him. "I'll show you." I kissed along his neck, biting and sucking softly, making him gasp and jolt.

Good thing I always, ALWAYS have lube and condoms in my wallet. I doubted he knew the trick for before show quicky sex if he was a virgin. Well, there anyway.

Which reminded me. I pulled away from his neck, making a fearful look glint in his eyes. Clicking the lock on the door, I smiled easily at him.

I should make this something he'll never forget. He took my hand as I held it out to him.

Gently, I pulled him to me, off of the table. I put my arms on either side of his shoulders and backed him up to the wall oppisite the door and pinned him there.

He leaned in, kissing me as I grabbed my wallet out of my back pocket and sat it on the table next to us. Which I would probably be bending him over soon.

The kiss deepened as I reached down, rubbing him through his jeans. He moaned into my mouth, his side of the kiss stopping.

I kept rubbing him as I leaned down to bite at his neck some more. He couldn't decide which sound to make, so he tried to make none.

"Gerard." He finally gasped. "S-s-stop teasing." He stuttered. His hands were shaking where they sat on my body, making me laugh softly.

"Kay." I clawed my hand and dragged my nails along the fabric up to the button and zipper, making him twitch. I undid both in record time, pulling his pants down.

Surprisingly, he had no underwear on. I smiled at him as I pushed him slowly over the table on his stomach. His perfect ass faced me, even more welcoming that it had been in his pants.

I opened my wallet and pulled out two comdoms and the little snap open bottle of lube. Now the condoms will come into play later.

Making him jump slightly, I snapped the lube open. Sqieezing some out onto three of my fingers, I snapped it shut and set it on the table.

Under me, Brendon was panting. With no warning, I slipped one finger into him, instantly hitting his prostate. He gasped and grabbed onto the table.

That was easy enough. The second joined the first, making him groan as I started to scissor, nudging his proatate lightly every time.

He whined as I pulled my finger out of him. Wiping them off, I undid my own pants, shoving them to my knees as I pulled him back into a standing position in front of me.

God the look in his eyes was enough to get me off. I grabbed the condoms and ripped them open with my teeth. He looked at me. "T-wo?" He asked in a pant.

"Mhm. Trust me, it helps a hell of a lot later and you'll see why." I said in a whisper before I kissed him again. He gasped as I slid one onto him, teasing a little.

I put the other on, biting my lip against a moan. He looked confused as I stepped between his legs over his pants. Until I picked him up and pinned him between the wall and my body.

His knees hooked onto my hips easily, keeping him there. "Ready?" I whispered in his ear. He nodded and wrapped his arms around my neck.

I lowered him down onto me, watching his face closely. He bit his lip before I pressed against his prostate. His brown eyes flew open, his moan slipping between his teeth.

Moving slowly, I lifted him up and pulled him back down, hitting that spot again. He moaned openly, letting it fill my ear. Sparks flew down my spine as he clenched around me, making me groan.

He started moving on his own, making it easier for me to hold him up. He held out longer than I thought he would.

We actually came at the same time, which was odd. But I didn't really care at the moment. I pulled out of him amd eased him to his feet.

His head rested on my shoulder as he panted. I pulled off my condom and checked the clock on the wall. "Oh shit!" I pulled up my pants and threw my condom away. "I gotta go."

He looked at the clock. "You do." He sighed as I stepped away from him. He threw hia own comdon away and pulled his pants up. "Mind if I watch from backstage?" He asked as he fixed his hair.

"I watched you." I shrugged. He nodded as I unlocked the door. The guys were already backstage, getting set up.

"Took ya long enough. They're gettin ready to call us on." Mikey glared at me. Frank didn't even look my way as the lights dimmed on stage.

He was first on. All through the set, he wouldn't look at me. Until, that is, we got to House of Wolves. He strutted over to me and promptly kicked me in the balls.

The whole crowd "Oh!"ed in pain with me. I kept singing and didn't fall to the floor like I wanted though. Just walked it off.

Okay. Payback.

Randomness again

Hugs and PTV,
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