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I miss mom , daddy

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Lynz' memorial , and the day after the rape

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So , hey guys :D this chapter is a little bit morbid , if you get my drift . Any way , R+R , let me know if you think I should continue or not :3

Love you guys !!


"Do you want anything honey ?" My dad asked me," a drink ? Something to eat ?"

No , daddy , its fine ... I'm not that hungry to be honest," I mumbled , laying my head on the sofa arm," you go to the studio, or uncle frank will have your head!" I laughed half heartedly

"I'm not going to the studio today , I want to stay with you bumblebee, plus ... Its the memorial at 3 honey " he said , stroking my hair and kissing my forehead,

"Oh yeah" I frowned , feeling tears build up

My dad look at me , and smiled," hey , I have an idea!"

"What ?"

He grabbed the remote and sat next to me,"why don't we watch... Shake it up!"

I giggled , looking at how exited he seemed about that," daaaaad ! I haven't watched that since I was , like , 10. I'm 14 now"

"And?," he raised his eyebrows (he can be so sassy!)," you're never too old for shake it up B"

I laughed," fiiiiine"

We both settled down moments later, and watched Rocky and CeCe dance about the screen and have little girly chats . It reminded me a bit of me , cherry and lily ...

After the show had finished, dad turned the TV off and turned to me," Bandit ... We need to talk about yesterday sweetie."

I knew this was coming ...

I hid behind my hair , letting it fall into my eyes .

"Hey !" He said and tucked it behind my ears," I used to try that one all the time, I know all the tricks"

"Look , dad," I said quickly ," I've already told you . They beat me up , then they ... Y'know . Nothing else to say!"

His eyes look ... Hurt . I can't explain why , but they did . I know that I'm his "little girl" and that I'm really the only thing he has left of mom and especially with the memorial later ... But its just something that's awkward to talk about with your dad . I mean , it was weird enough when I got my first period at 11 , and now ... Rape is horrible , and I never though it would happen to me . But it did , and now I know the consequences .. I hate seeing my daddy so upset like this ; he's usually so strong .

I looked down and started to play with the cuff of my Green day hoodie," I'm sorry daddy," I mumbled," I just feel so ... un-clean !" I began to sob .

"Hey , hey , hey .... honey !!," he pulled me into a hug," no need to cry ! I'm here , daddy's here baby"

I sobbed into his chest ," I just feel so dirty dad , I need to get it off... I'm so ashamed "

"Bandit , there is nothing to be ashamed of !" He cried," those mother fuckers are the ones Who should be ashamed !"

"I ... Can't ... Help it ... Dad ! I just feel like its m.. m... MY fault ..." I wailed.

Why does life have to be so god damn hard ?!


Buzzzzzz! Our gate intercom buzzed and I heard my dad answer it , and open the front door a couple of moments later," hey Alicia "

I opened my bedroom door and trudged across the landing and down the stairs to see them .

"Hey aunt Liss." I said half heartedly.

"Hey Bee , Gerard , you ready to go ?" She said, a look of sympathy on her face

I shrugged ,"I suppose?"

"Right , come one then," she gestured towards the door, and I walked off out.

I heard the front door close behind us , and me , my dad and alicia climbed into the car where I found Mikey sat in the front passenger seat and dad came in the back with me . We pulled out of the gates and I heard them pull shut loudly with a 'CLANK!'.

I barely had the energy to get out of bed this morning , what happened yesterday and after that horrible talk with my dad ... This was just what I needed . The memorial of my dead mother that I saw die at the age of 3 . But dad doesn't know I saw. He never will .

Mikey turns around , " wow , Bandit! You look beautiful honey"

I smile weekly,"thanks , but I don't really"

"Are you kidding ?! You look just lynz , doesn't she Gerard?"

"Just like your mother ... "He nodded," perfect , sweetie"

I'm wearing a blue dress , with black trim and long sleeves . It comes to just above my knees and me being me I'm wearing my converse and black socks . I have my long hair in 2 pig tails ... I saw a picture of my mom , and that's how she used to wear it . I had seen the glisten of tears in my dad's eyes , I could sense the sadness that hung in the air .He gently squeezed my hand , I knew how hard this was for him .

Before I knew it , we were pulling up at the cemetery , and climbing out of the car . I shakily closed the door and walked to the gates of the grave yard . It was a five minute walk to my mom's grave , and I knew when I got there I might not be able to keep strong . The sky was already beginning to darken as we had decided to visit later , so that the whole day wouldn't be so sad as to dwell on the thought of my mothers tragic death.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I took a sharp intake of breath and whipped around.

"Dad!" I gasped," you scared me ..."

"Sorry honey," he said ," are you okay ? Are you sure you wan to do this ?"

I nodded ,"I'm sure daddy, I need to this"

He smiled, and handed me a bouquet of red and white roses - my mom's favourite ," that's my girl"

We walked on , and didn't stop until we got to the grave -




"The world may have lost an amazing person , but heaven has gained a beautiful angel"

I touched the black marble , and traced the silver lettering , guiding my fingers across the intricate lettering . A picture of my mom beamed back at me , her smile lighting up the picture and her hazel brown eyes sparkling. Tears silently slid down my face , and looking back at my dad , I saw he had began to cry too. I knelt down slowly and layed the beautiful , delicate roses across the grave and stayed there , thinking about how things could have been . So many would have been's .... So many what if's ... It was so unfair . My mom wasn't ready to go , she had so much to live for . She had a life . But some sick bastard took that away from her, took her away from me . I was 3 ... 3 fucking years old . I barely got to know my mother . But yet I feel like I knew her better than anyone . I can remember the way she used to stroke my cheek at bed time , and the way she would pick me up in her arms and whirl me around , while daddy laughed . They think that I don't remember her , but I do . The perfume she wore - angel - , the apple shampoo that she used , the bright red mirella lipstick that stuck out so vividly . I remember it all . And god , it killed me everyday to think about it ...

Sorry of it a bit short , but I write it on my blackberry
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