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Death Ain't A Disco

by Shayla_boo 4 reviews

Sugar, you better run. . .

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ya got sex, drugs and booze
three's your lucky number
got drunk so I could hit on you
you're a guy? excuse my blunder

girls all over me like I'm the newest diet
shit's fucked up cos we're all on the dance floor
pop this in your mouth- it'll make you quiet 
go volunteer a one night stand, c'mon whore!

see ya swingin' those hips at another slut`
Got a sliver of silver shining in my pocket
lights! camera! action! CUT!
fuck me once more or I'll gouge your socket

bitches act tripped up to get some tongue
it's like choosing my personal Miss America
with that ass you'll never make it, hun
got numbers from a Kate and a Lucy and Sarah

you're a Barbie doll girl in a whacked up world
never trust the girl with the innocent smile
my intentions are gonna make you hurl
never mind the rosary, murder's my style

blood on my hands and blood on the walls
gripped claw marks all over my arms
they won't see your body 'till next fall
the police won't suspect me with my good-girl charms

mommy and daddy  noticed when you didn't show up
your lipstick-stained corpse began to rot
your husk turned me on, so cold and numb
but before I fucked you I had dig you out

dolly, dolly, why don't you smile?
don't you like your new friends, so lovely and sweet?
maybe next time I'll get me a child
this kidnapping thing is getting pretty neat

death ain't a disco
death ain't fucking fun
kissed you with my chainsaw
for now I think I'm done

Soooo. . I worked pretty hard on this so if you could rate and review I'd be very happy. c: I like getting comments 'cause it's like I have me some friends! Haha just kidding. I think I am. I have friends.
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