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My Chemical Romance

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Music is the most powerful weapon in the world.

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Title: My Chemical Romance
Rating: G
Summary: Music is the most powerful weapon in the world.
A/N: I wrote this a couple months back and when I was looking through my laptop last night came across it again and thought I'd post. It's just sort of an emotional response to MCR's music, and I don't know whether anyone else feels this way, but I just thought I'd post anyway, because this is something really important to me. If you want to R&R, that would be fucking amazing.

So many fans have their story of how My Chemical Romance saved their life when they were on the brink of giving up, but I don’t. I was lucky enough to discover their music during the best times of my life, not the worst. Their music has never had to save my life, because it’s been with me all the way through, and because of that, I’ve never been close to giving up like that. It’s kept me alive.

I realised recently that I hadn’t listened to MCR for several months, and moreover, that I didn’t want to. So for the past several weeks, I haven’t done so- until today. I was walking in the woods with all the beautiful autumn colours, when Welcome To The Black Parade came on. My first instinct was to skip it, but for some reason, I decided to listen- and it all came flooding back over me; the wonderful, overwhelmingly powerful feelings their music evokes, how much I love them more than any other band.

And that was when I realised why I hadn’t wanted to listen to them- it was because My Chemical Romance’s music makes you feel, more than any other music.

It’s so raw, so real. It’s like being broken and fixed at the same time, because it strips away all the lies you tell yourself, all the expectations forced on you, all the things you deny because they hurt too much- it makes you dare to hope, maybe believe a little.

See, it’s so much easier not to feel things when life gets hard. That’s why I couldn’t listen to them for a while- because listening to their music is like liquid emotion and power.

But as I walked through the walked through the woods listening to Ray and Gerard and Bob and Mikey and Frank playing and singing their hearts out, I realised how important it is to feel, how amazing it is- even when it hurts.

It’s what makes us alive, what gives us purpose.

Without My Chemical Romance, I don’t think I’d be brave enough to do that on my own. I can’t honestly put into words the amount of power and strength their music has. It’s just unbelievable, unlike anything else. It makes me believe and hope that anything is possible, that dreams can come true if we fight for them, that it’s worth fighting for them, and that really, life is just amazing. It’s crazy and dark and painful, but it’s powerful and everywhere and it’s ours. We can forget it, dull it with screens and painkillers and fiction, but it’s real, it’s alive; the world is so beautiful, so amazing, if we only remember to look.

My Chemical Romance helps me remember to look; to see and feel- and for that I could never say thank you enough.

My Chemical Romances reminds me, even with the hate and the scars and the fear, life is really, really beautiful.

And My Chemical Romance reminds me that I want to live every moment of it.
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