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Compilation Of The Dead (Auditioned Story)

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Hey guys sorry it took so lonf for this to come out. I really hope you like the first chapter R&R

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January 10, 2013

I am writing this journal to record everything that is happening, by now the streets are lined with abandoned cars and piles of dead rotted flesh. We have stopped to camp for the night with Lucy and Sara being our lookout so the rest of us can get some sleep. How can anyone get any sleep when the world is out to get you? Looking back to the night everyone and everything died it was a clear calm night the college city up and drinking at the bars. We were up studying late a Mazy’s dorm as usual Lucy and Sara where down getting some food Mazy’s roommate in usual fashion out getting liquored and sexed up at the bar down below. Being 24 and a senior at the university I had no time to play around. Shortly after high school ended took that time to travel around Europe, by the time I got home I realized I had spent so much time backpacking, partying, and getting sex from a punk guy in London that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I did not want to end up the spoiled little rich girl living off of mommy and daddy’s credit card. My parents had come over here from Mexico with nothing but a dream turned a little eatery into a five star restaurant. I am still so very proud of them and I want them to be proud of me so I enrolled at the university to get my degree in psychology I can read people like a book and I decided to use it to my advantage. Back to the task at hand we had been studying I looked at my phone 1:30 A.M. Lucy and Sara had been gone for some time now probably went to get some drinks. I looked around the dorm room Mia and Jennifer arguing about which guy from which band would have the better penis weird conversation. Shayla on the computer laughing and Mazy on the bed reading a book and me looking out the window at the street below something happened to catch my eye a guy fumbling down the street drunk probably. A group of girls with light up beads around their neck walking towards him I could hear laughing coming from the girls one of the blondes stopped in front of him and poking him with her finger. The group of girls laughed once more then like something out of a horror movie he bit her finger the laughter turned to screams as the blonde fell to the floor and the guys started to eat her. There was no way this was happening maybe it is a bath salt thing I had been hearing about the effects for some time after that guys ate that homeless man’s face. I had been to busy looking at the scene down below I had not noticed all the girls were standing around me with shock on their face I picked up my phone on a panic ready to call the cops but looking down once more the girl was gone. What the fuck just happened was it just our imagination? Was it a prank? I did not have any of the answers I continued to call the cops and was met with a busy signal I hung up and tried once more but to no avail. We turned on the TV looking for the news station when we finally came across one the news anchor was talking about some pandemic in the Middle East she stopped talking for a second and said they were getting something from the downtown area people eating people. My heart sank I knew what this was we knew what this was, but no one wanted to say it out loud. “There is no way this is a zombie thing” I said while still looking at the TV I turned back to the girls who had wide eyes. “I knew this day was coming.” Mazy said “What do you mean you knew this was coming.”I yelled at Mazy “With all the “flu” viruses going on something was bound to happen”. Everyone stopped talking when we heard footsteps outside the door Mazy grabbed her metal baseball bat and held it up the door knob slowly turned and Mazy stood ready the door swung open and Lucy followed by Sara ran through the door slamming it behind them. Mazy put the bat down Lucy and Sara were pale “zzzombies!” Lucy finally yelled out we knew the world was over and we had to survive. Sara looked like she wanted to vomit and Lucy was sitting there shaking “What happened you guys?” Mia asked “We were sitting in that bar across the street and some blonde girl staggered in I thought she had been drinking heavily her eyes were glazed and she was sweating. Some guy went up to her to ask what was going on and she bite his face and ripped off the flesh everyone ran out of the bar screaming, but outside everyone was already eating everyone people running and screaming for their lives.” Sara began to cry “we ran up here and didn’t look back.” “Fuck you guys we have to get out of here we are not safe we are just sitting ducks.” Mia said Mazy got up and went to the closet she moved a few things and then pulled out a trunk with a deep inhale she opened it we gathered around and she pulled out several guns and other blunt objects. “What the fuck Mazy how did you hide all this stuff and why?” Shayla asked “my father gave me these guns and I have collected the rest of these over the years, my father and I always figured something would happen like this the government is full of secrets.” I could not believe what I was hearing the world over taken by zombies Mazy handed out the guns I took two of the hand held ones I like small guns easier to carry around. I started to have a small panic attack thinking we had to go out there and fight, but I was not going to die at the hands of a zombie. We raided Mazy’s closet and gathered everything we needed I placed my messenger bag over my shoulder. We were ready to fight our way out of the city with a turn of the door knob and creek of the door we were out in the hallway all seemed quiet, but that was misleading we walked a little further and saw out first zombie it was the dorm advisor MS.Samson she turned around growling and glassy eyes peering at us at first she didn’t do anything just stood there and stared. She finally started to move at a slow pace Mazy held up her bat she swung once and it connected with Ms. Samson’s head ending with a splat and a dead zombie. We continued and ran down hallways and stairs finally we were outside in the courtyard nothing around we could hear the sirens blaring and fires everywhere zombies shuffling around hungering for flesh I never felt so scared. “We need to get a car find one that is still running.” Mazy demanded in a low tone we spread out killing the hungry patrons of the night. Once or twice one snuck up on me but I could hear them and I would shot them in their head before they could sink their teeth in. Coming up to a large suv I looked around it and slowly opened the driver door I looked in every corner of it and with nothing occupying it I got it and started it up the other girls saw me and followed they got into the car I couldn’t drive I didn’t have the confidence so Lucy took over she revved the car and we were on our way driving out of the city I felt an emptiness it was just so sad we would never be returning and nothing would ever be the same. Zombies filled the streets Lucy hit and ran over as many as she could we could hear the sound of bones crunching under the large tires blood staining the windshield. 15 minutes later we were out of the city and safe for now but as the city grew smaller in the distance the more fear took over me. We drove until the sunlight came into view we were so exhausted but where were we going to rest? An hour later we arrived at a small gas station It looked vacant but we could not be to sure Lucy stopped the car by a pump. Mia Mazy and I got off to take a look Mia lead the way and opened the front door we headed in slow and quiet we heard a low growl knowing fully a zombie was near my heart started to pound I could feel it in my Throat. Mia showing no fear kicked open the door that read employees only on the front. We saw the fat zombie eating the intestines out of a skinnier man everyone stayed in shock for a moment I raised my gun pointed at his head and shot he fell to the floor in a pool of blood. “Nice shooting Harley” Mazy said with a smile “I had to do it.” I said trying to force a smile I really wasn’t happy killing someone else, but we have to survive. “We have to find out if the gas still works it is now or never.” Mazy said I walked around to the cash register not knowing how to work anything I just started pressing buttons. Mia quickly scooted me over and pressed a few buttons and we heard a ding oh that is awesome the gas was still going for now we had to work fast. Mazy told us to get as many gas cans as we could Mia carried three and I grabbed another four we followed mazy out of the store and put the cans next to her she began fueling I headed back inside the gas station and packed things we might need into a couple of bags I grabbed as many waters as I could and a few snacks that they had. I looked behind the register and saw cigarettes I had quit a few years ago, but I figured oh well I grabbed a pack and a cheap lighter. I walked back out meeting the girls who were ready to go the drive was a quiet one no cars on the road just a few zombies walking the highway we leaned our bodies out of the car slowed down and shot it sort of became a game like a zombie bingo. The night crept in and we saw a clearing of land we stopped the car and decided to camp for the night we looked at out map still 600 miles to go we stayed up talking for a bit before playing rock paper scissors to see who got to stay up and guard us. Lucy and Sara lost and had to stay up looking out for zombies they agreed to sleep the next day while we drove. I lay down but couldn’t sleep so I decided to start this journal and just let everyone know what has happened to us just in case we don’t make it I closed my journal and put It back in my messenger bag I put my head down and fell asleep still scared we would not make it through the night.
End of entry one
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