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How Many Years?

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Two Boys, two hearts, one video games console. Frerard! Age Altered.

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This was a RP from a while ago, but i've decided to upload it c: R&R for more?

"Gerard!" Gerard's mother called him to the kitchen. He ran downstairs, only just dodging an astray piece of lego that his brother had left lying about.

"What is it, Mom?" Gerard asked, skidding around the corner and into the kitchen.
"Take your brother for a walk, he's getting fidgety."

"Aw, Mom!" Gerard whined. His little brother was annoying. He cried /all the time/, and he always wanted to be all over Gerard and everything he was doing. Little brothers were annoying.

"Gerard." She repeated. Gerard sighed and stomped through to the living room, where Mikey was sat on the floor, playing with his infernal lego that Gerard had impaled his foot on countless times.

"Mikey, get up, we're going for a walk," He sighed, walking up to the little boy and reaching out a hand. Mikey took it and climbed clumsily to his feet.

"Really?" He squeaked. "Let me get my shoes on, Gee!" He skated around the corner and pulled on his little red wellington boots. It was raining outside - but it was the middle of summer.
Gerard pulled out an umbrella and held it across his arms until Mikey was ready.

"Come on then.." Gerard groaned, opening the door and letting Mikey hop out and into the rain. He splashed in the puddles, getting murky water on Gerard's trousers. "Mikey!" Gerard whined.

A little ebony haired boy wandered up the street, his hands stuffed in his anorak pockets, looking far too young to be out on his own.
Frank kicked through the puddle, with his hood over his head. He wandered around the streets, bored out of his mind. The small boy gazed up, seeing someone who looked slightly older, walk towards him, with what looked like, a hyper sibling.

"Do you think we'll see ducks, Gee? I like ducks. Do you like ducks? We have nothing to feed the ducks with! They won't mind. My hair's getting wet. Gee. My hair's getting wet! It's dripping onto my glasses Gee. Wee!" Mikey swung on his brother's arm and kicked puddles with his feet.

"Mikey, calm down, you're getting the poor kid wet!" Gerard pulled Mikey back, just after he had managed to soak Frank with one swift kick of a size 29 red wellington boot. "Mikey.." Gerard groaned, irritated. Frank looked down, chewing his lip, seeing the bottom part of his jeans soaked. He laughed softly, glancing back to the two.

"Don't worry about it," He shrugged, and continued walking, gazing down at his feet, concentrating on the concrete of the side walk.

"Hey, come back!" Gerard called, softly. He kept a tight hold on Mikey. Frank turned around, walking back to the other boys.

"Yes?" He asked, softly, and politely, not looking up.

"Mikey.." Gerard growled, in a low voice. Mikey looked up at Frank, embarrassed.

"Um, sorry," Mikey squeaked. "I didn't mean to get your nice jeans wet." He frowned.
Frank smiled, shaking his head under the hood of his water proof jacket.

"Honestly, don't worry. It's water, it won't do much harm," He shrugged, gazing up, to see a boy, slightly older, and slightly taller than himself.

"But now you'll be cold." Mikey said softly, his cheeks a light scarlet. "Gee, does Mommy have any spare jeans?" Mikey asked. Gerard breathed in softly.

"Mikey, if he says it's okay, then.. He doesn't have to.." Frank smiled softly, knelling down to the other boy's height.

"Honestly, I'll change my jeans later, it's not that important," He giggled, standing back up, scratching the nape of his neck, shyly.

Gerard tugged Mikey in. "Y'Sure? It's pretty cold, and you don't even have an umbrella or anything.."

Frank smiled softly, "I'm sure, I like the rain, I would go out in just normal clothes, but my parents would kill me." He laughed faintly.

"If you're sure.." Gerard said, softly. He thought the boy would catch a cold out here but he wasn't one to pry. "You're insane, but if you're sure."

"I like your shirt," He pointed to the older boys Misfits shirt, "Good taste." He smiled faintly, biting his lip.

"Yeah, um, it was my dad's." He tugged at the far too baggy shirt feebly. "Thanks." Mikey stomped impatiently, splashing in the puddles.

Frank nodded softly, "Welcome," He shrugged, "I better get going, nice to meet you." He smiled, walking off down the road.

Gerard nodded, before turning and making a short aggressive noise towards Mikey. He sighed and tugged him back towards the house.
"Come on.." He murmured.

Frank turned around, "I'm Frankie, by the way," He shouted, walking into a house, blushing softly. He was gone before Gerard could get a word in edgeways. He hopped into the house and dragged Mikey with him, hoping in the back of his mind that he would be seeing Frankie again.

The next morning was sunny and warm, how summer should be. Frank sat on the steps of his house, with an acoustic guitar, gazing over the street.
Gerard pulled on his shorts and t-shirt, waiting in the hallway for Mikey to be ready. Gerard's mother waited patiently, taking them both by the hand and walking them down the street. Gerard wriggled his hand out of her grip almost as soon as their hands touched.
Gerard's mother smiled as she walked.

"What a lovely sound!" She cooed, turning her head around to see if she could spot the noise. Gerard joined her - Mikey continued by jumping up and down in time to whatever was being played. Frank played 'Dance, dance' by Fall Out Boy, not singing, just playing his guitar peacefully. He gazed down the street, hearing a woman speak, spotting the boy he met the other day.

"Oh, it's that young boy over there!" Gerard's mother hummed, pointing rather obviously and probably humiliating the poor boy. Gerard put a hand over his face.

"Mom.." He said, quietly. Frank smiled, seeing in the corner of his eye, a woman pointing, which was obviously the boy's mother. He continued playing, reading the many sheets of music, making a few mistakes. Gerard wandered by, embarrassed.

"Do you know him, Gerard? Why don't you go speak to him?" Gerard's mother urged Gerard forward. He stepped idly, unsure of what he was supposed to say.

"Um, Hi."

"Hi, I never got to ask for your name, yesterday." Frank spoke softly, gazing up at the older looking boy.

"Gerard. My name's Gerard. Way." Gerard stuttered, shoving his hands in his shorts pockets. Frank smiled softly, nodding.

"Nice to meet you Gerard." He spoke quietly, seeing the mother stand just to the left of him.
"You're um, very good at guitar," Gerard nodded, uncomfortably, with his mother near breathing down his neck. Frank nodded, smiling softly.

"Thanks, I've been playing for a few years now." He shrugged, knowing how uncomfortable it was for Gerard. "Is it three already? I have to go in for a snack, have a nice day out." He smiled, picking up his paper and guitar, wandering into his home.

Gerard nodded, turning back to his mother and reluctantly letting Mikey take his hand, who immediately swung on it. "Mikey!" Gerard whined, sighing.

Gerard returned home later, sitting outside in the garden, letting Mikey run around him excitedly, chasing after birds and butterflies with grabbing hands. Frank laid on a blanket in his garden, just beside Gerard's, gazing up at the sky, sighing and tucking his hands behind his head. Mikey sneaked around Gerard, slipping underneath a bush and running down the road after a bird. He hopped excitedly down the road, grabbing at the sky with his hands, after the teasing bird. Frank sat up, looking to his left, waving to Gerard.

"Hi again." Gerard jumped, looking to his right and seeing Frank. He smiled softly.

"Hello." He waved, idly. Frank nodded, seeing Mikey run by.

"He's escaped," He joked, laughing softly, laying back on the blanket.

"What?" Gerard asked, confused. He turned around quickly, seeing Mikey's absence. He groaned and pushed himself to his feet. "Mikey, come back! You shouldn't be in the road!" Mikey squealed and continued running, skipping and twirling now the bird was gone.

Gerard paused outside Frank's house, panting. Mikey squeaked and continued running. "Mikey.. Come back!" Gerard breathed.

"Mikey, I have candy." Frank shouted, sitting up, shaking a bag of skittles, smiling softly. Mikey paused.

"Candy?" He squeaked. Gerard wiped his brow, exhausted. Frank gestured for him to come over.
"You can have some candy, if you sit down, and be a good boy." He smiled, "You're welcome to sit down, if you want?" The younger boy suggested, turning to Gerard.

Mikey nodded dutifully and sprung from where he stood, dashing over and diving down beside Frank. He jigged his legs as he sat.

"Gee! Gee! Come and sit! Gee!" Mikey squeaked. Gerard groaned. He would have loved to, but his brother..

"Yeah, alright." He said, smiling and sitting down politely.
Frank shuffled up, with the boys, either side. He handed Mikey the nearly empty pack of skittles, "Here," He smiled softly.

"All of them?" Mikey chirped, a little surprised. "You're giving me all of them?"

Frank nodded, "Yes, of course." He smiled softly, turning to Gerard, "He can have them, right? They aren't gonna kill him or anything?" He giggled.

"Yeah, he's fine with those." Gerard nodded, gently. He suddenly sighed. "Mikey, where are your glasses?" Mikey squealed softly.

"I don't know Gee.."
Frank smiled softly, tucking his hair behind his ear, "Are you new here? I haven't noticed you guys before." He shrugged, turning to face Gerard.

"We just um, moved up from down state." Gerard hummed. "Mikey, you can't go around leaving your glasses.." Mikey made a short, ashamed sound.

Frank nodded, softly, "Do you want to be friends?" He asked, childishly.
"Um, okay."
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