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The Music Of The Night

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So i got super inspired while watching phantom of the opera.. If you have not seen it get on that.:) greatest movie ever.... Well i love it at least

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I looked down from the small room onto the stage they are rehearsing the phantom of the opera what a mature play for a high school I thought. I have been hanging out in the unoccupied room over the theater since sophomore year when I was running form the football team who was trying to beat the shit out of me. I kind of made this place my home away from home I think they used to store costumes up here. I looked around the dark room only lit up by some candles an old couch a couple of chairs and a small end table were the only things in the room my backpack sitting on the chair and all my drawing supplies strewn about. I looked back down and saw the angel of Glenn Dale high she was on stage getting ready to sing her number from the phantom she was playing Christine Daae which was fitting to her with her fair skin and her long brown hair in a braid hung loose on her shoulder. She was the new girl in school and already landed the lead the usual lead Emily Burns sat by the stage waiting for her turn as Carlotta the mean bitch that hates Christine. Really it was truly fitting to this particular situation, Frank a young punk guy with a Mohawk stood his ground next Amber he was playing the phantom and used any excuse to touch Amber well she was after all the most sought after girl here every guy loves the fresh meat. Bob another theater junkie was playing the part of Raoul the man that steals Christine’s heart, but everyone knows he is trying to help Emily ruin Amber’s reputation so she will not want to do the play and Emily will get the lead. Amber opened her mouth and the song of the angels came out her voice like velvet lined with gold {the phantom of the opera is there}
“Wait Mr. Williams I think Amber was a little flat.” Emily said with a snarl
“She was fine Emily maybe your ears are flat.” He said in an annoyed tone the class snickered and Emily rolled her eyes the last period bell rang I knew I had to get to class I can’t bring home another excuse as t why I missed class I waited till the students shuffled out and made my way down the ladder. I walked through the dimly lit theater just to see Amber sitting there gathering up her books and placing them in her messenger bag I froze standing behind her I must have looked like a creep, but I couldn’t bring myself to move. She turned around to face me she did a jump like she had just seen a ghost
“I am so sorry I didn’t see you standing there.” She said in a shaky voice
“no I should be the one to be sorry Amber.” I told her
“how do you know my name have we met before?” I looked down
“No we have a couple of classes together I sit in the back.”
“Oh of course I have seen you around then you always have your hair in your face why?” she asked with a warm smile
“actually we have algebra 2 together right now.” I said avoiding the hair question all together
“Well you like to walk there together?” she asked I smiled at here
“Yeah I would like that.” We walked out of the theater and down to Mrs.Wilk’s room the hall was buzzing with the sounds of our piers trying to figure out why the hot new girl was walking together with the art geek I opened the door for her and we headed inside she sat in her usual seat next to Amy and I went to the back row with all the slackers. Amy leaned in and whispered something inaudible to Amber then amber looked back at me and waved and Amy looked at me in disgust. I could care less what Amy Saunders thought about me she was 5’2 blonde hair and built like slutty Barbie. I just looked her way and put my head back down. The room was swirling with numbers and meaningless fractions i just kept my head glued to my sketch pad. The last school bell rang and everyone bolted waiting to get home to write on their face spaces I suppose I don’t have one no one would and even if I did no one would add me so it was just a waste of my time I put my book in my bag I didn’t notice Amber standing right in front of me
“you know I did not even catch your name earlier.”
“It’s Gerard Way.”
“Well Gerard I will see you tomorrow.” She began to walk away before she reached the door she turned around
“By the way Gerard you shouldn’t keep your head down so much you have a really nice face.” She turned around and headed back out the door I felt a smile on my face something that was farfetched considering I’m a loser. It took me 10 minutes to get home from school I walk home the bus is to loud and crowded and well I like the walk so I can think. I walked in to my brother Mikey sitting in front of the TV like a zombie and my mom and dad sitting in the kitchen talking I tried to get passed and to my room without them seeing.
“Hey bro heard you were seen walking to class with the new girl.” Mikey said with a stupid grin plastered on his face my mother must have been eavesdropping because she came in like a burst of air
“What girl sweetheart?” my mom asked
“The new girl Amber Francis she is really pretty.”
“Oh honey we should invite her to dinner.” My mom said in the typical mom fashion “mom I just met her I don’t want to freak her out.” I said with a low tone
“Well just something to think about honey I worry about you.”
“Why because I am a loser?”
“No because you don’t want to make friends.”
“Well mom I will let you know if she ever wants to come over for dinner can I go now.”
“Yes Sweetheart go.” My mom smiled I went up to my room and closed the door I threw myself on to the bed I could not stop myself from thinking about Amber what does a girl like her want with a guy like me maybe it is just some joke her friends put her up to. Be friends with the loser and next thing you know I am locked in a closet in my undies and the whole school is laughing, but maybe she is just nice I don’t now I opened up my art pad and began to draw by the time I looked at the drawing it somehow looked like Amber every freckle splashed across her nose sitting on what once was a blank page. “Ugh” I yelled out the rest of the night was a blur of meatloaf potatoes and dinner conversations. I excused myself and went back to my room I took my clothes off and threw them on a chair beside my art table I laid down and closed my eyes letting Ambers song voice fill my head man I felt creepy thinking about her so much I thought I dozed off but instead I went into full hibernation.

A/N just want everyone to know i fully intend on doing a ferard at some point well i will try atleast R&R as usual
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