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Sparkle like Bowie in the morning sun :D

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So ... Frank is a unicorn obsessed misgit who is hopelessly in love with Frankie , and he looses his eyebrows ... They go walkies!!!!

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I got bored and basically wrote what was going on in my head , and this was the result ... So here is chapter one of 'sparkle like Bowie in the morning sun'
I was listening to vampire money when I was writing this leShrugs

"Go on Frank ! You know you want to!" My best friend Eve said to me .

"No ! I can't .... Any way , I'm not even sure that he's gay !" I replied

"Oh , come on honey," she rolled her eyes," of course he's gay"

"Eve , how could you even know that?" I said .

She patted my arm,"Gaydar frankie, Gaydar. It comes with being a girl"

"Whoah!" I exclaimed,"you're a girl?"

She hit me over the head with her ' I'd tell you that I loved you, but then I'd have to kill you ' book.

"Okay ! Sorry," I cried , rubbing where she'd hit me," but I still don't think I can talk to him"

"Look , if you don't , I will go over to Gerard and tell him myself," she said .

Gerard ... Even his name sent a tingle down my spine . Perfect glossy raven black hair , 20 watt smile , and eyes that could melt iron bars , I was like a giggling school girl when ever I saw him or even if someone mentioned his name , and if ever talked to him .... That could have disastrous consequences , let's just say .

You complete wuss

Oh great , now I have voices in my head .

No , frank . A VOICE .

Shut up you freak .

You do realize that you just called your self a freak , frank ?

Huh ?

Ugh ! Idiot , I AM you .

Haha , the you just called you ... Me .... Us ... What ever ! Any way , you just called me/us/you an idiot ?

Oh ...

"Earth to frank ? Helloo!!!" Eve snapped her fingers impatiently in front of my face,"jeez ! Space disease or what ?!"

"Sorry ... I was just ... Um ..." I mumbled .

She groaned ,"whatever frank . C'mon , class . And GERARD's in it, so perfect time to talk to him!"

I gulped . This should be Hilarious . Note the sarcasm ...


# Science #

"Right , for the rest of the. Semester ,you will all be working in groups of 4," my science teacher , miss peters said to us," I have pinned the sheet at the back of class , and you can have a look once I have briefed you on what you must do ...."

She blabbered on , and as soon as she had finished 'briefing us' on our project , everyone clambered to get to the list of our groups , and I could already tell that this was going to be a disaster . Some of the swag fags where jumping and squealing that they had gotten the same team , and others where groaning that they hates their groups. Me , on the other hand , hadn't even seen the sheet .

"I can't look , frankie !" Eve declared,"you look"

I sighed and edged further up and looked for mine and Eve's names . Then I see what was probably the best ... Or worst ... Thing ever .me and Eve where together , which was a relief ... But ... Gerard was also in our group . And his friend cameron (she's a girl) . Oh no . Oh shit . Oh unicorn poo . Oh my motherfuckingunicornpooshitingafuckingbrick. I am going to die .

Why would you die?

Because I am .

No , you aren't . It's Gerard .


Yes , Gerard. You can lick him now .

I can what ?!

Lick him .

Why would I lick him ... ?

Because you want to .

You want to aswell !!!

Hah ! So you do want to lick him ...

Maybe ....

"FRANK!" Eve shouted in my face.

"UNICORN POO!" I exclaimed

"Um ... What ?" Eve looked at me with a worried expression,"what group am I in?"

"Oh .. Um you're with um , Me," I said .

"And ...?"

"Cameron black"

"One more person Frank"

"Oh . Um , Gerard Way"

Oh god . He's walking over . Here comes the motherfucking giggles.

"Hey, um ... I'm supposed to be in this group yeah?" He smiled . HE SMILED.

"I ... Um ... Hi ... Unicorns are real!!!!!!" I screamed, and waved my hands in the air like complete mad man.

Yeah , smart move , dibshit.

Oh , shut up asshole!!

Gerard looked at me," funny , that's what my brother always says"

Eve just rolled her eyes and smiled at him,"Hey , I'm Eve Capelli, and I know that you're the new guy , Gerard Way"

"Um .. Yeah,"he laughed, and then turned back to me," so I guess we're working together then. Not meaning to be rude but , what's your name?"

"Frank Ploopy Iero Unicorn Poop," I answered ... Why did I say that !?

"Okay then Frank Ploopy Iero Unicorn Poop, let's get to work then..." Gerard said,"oh , and Cameron isn't in today , but she will be tomorrow"

2 hours and about 10 explosions later , we emerged from science with Eve's hair partly singed , Gerard's jacket an arm missing and my eyebrows where non existent.

"Well, frank," Eve mused," that is the last time you get to be in charge of mixing formula's"

I sighed,"I miss my eyebrows ... They kept me warm!"

Gerard was still with us , and he hadn't stopped laughing since my eyebrows went walkies.

"That was the funniest thing I've ever seen frank , how did you make that ?!" He managed to say between laughing and sputtering.

"I .. Ne he said . Jdsus !!! udders so ?" I shrugged .

"Um ... What?"

Eve hit my shoulder," FRANK , please start speaking the English language"

"I um ... Have to go , to ... Erm , feed my unicorn . So long , goodbye , night night, see ya later!" I hitched my bag over my shoulder and sped off, leaving a very confused Eve and sex god ... Fuck , I mean Gerard , behind me.why do I always go all giggly and unicornish when I'm around Gerard? Not to mention the fact that I always seem to start speaking a totally different language ...

So , ima stop writing now . Sorry if it seems short , but its -8 degrees out , and I'm wearing a scarf indoors.... Love choo guys
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