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50 shades of Ferard

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Ok so your probably wondering what the fuck is going on and why Gee is reading paper porn out loud. Well you see long story short, it’s a contest.(i've never actually read the book 50 shades of G...

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Frank's Pov;

“Gerard, shut up.” I hisses with annoyance as Gee continues to read that god dam stupid book out loud just to piss everyone off. Mikey is nearly at the point of smashing his head up against a brick wall.

"’Mr. Grey will see you now, Miss Steele. Do go through,'' Blonde Number Two says. I stand rather shakily, trying to suppress my nerves.”’ Gerard smirks evilly as Ray just stands up and leaves the room without a single word spoken. Gee turns back to Mikey and me and wickedly smiles.

“That’s two down, not long now before that comic book is mine.” He almost sounds like a mad scientist or something, all he needed was the crazed psychotic laugh. I roll my eyes heavily at him as he starts to read the book again. Mikey groans loudly like he’s been tortured to death while rolling off Gerard’s bed and covers his ears.

“’Gathering up my backpack, I abandon my glass of water and make my way to the partially open door. "You don't need to knock - just go in.'' She smiles kindly. I push open the door and stumble through, tripping over my own feet and falling headfirst into the office.”’

Ok so your probably wondering what the fuck is going on and why Gee is reading paper porn out loud. Well you see long story short, it’s a contest. We were given this comic book signed by the author and it’s worth a shit load. Because it was given to all of us (Gee, Mikey, Ray, Bob and me) we had ownership issues. So we all agreed that the last person to leave Gerard’s bed room would be the official owner of the comic.

We all asked our parent’s to stay over at the Ways house for the weekend. The rules were simple as can be. Stay in the room for the longest and no pushing anyone out of the room by force. Gerard had an attached bathroom so we didn’t have to worry about bathroom issues or anything.

We all agreed and even signed a fucking contract that Mikey wrote up and started our contest on Friday after school. We have been in Gerard’s bedroom for nearly 28hrs now. Gerard just randomly happen to have a copy of ‘50 shades of gray’ hiding under his bed. As soon as he started reading it out loud Bob was out of the room screaming ‘fuck you!’

Ray just left and now it was between me and the Way brothers. I was not giving in. Gerard sits right next to me on the edge of his bed and read right in my ear with a stupid smirk slapped across his face like he had this one in the bag.

“’Double crap - me and my two left feet! I am on my hands and knees in the doorway to Mr. Grey's office, and gentle hands are around me, helping me to stand. I am so embarrassed, damn my clumsiness.”’ He reads dramatically.

What he doesn’t know is that I like the sound of his voice so it’s not really annoying me too much. But I am wondering how much longer Mikey can stand his brother sexually reading out loud. I shift over closer to Mikey, who is still lying on the ground with his ears covered. I feel a little evil moving closer to Mikey to make him hear Gerard read out loud but this is a contest after all.

‘"I have to steel myself to glance up. Holy cow - he's so young. "Miss Kavanagh. He extends a long-fingered hand to me once I'm upright. "I'm Christian Grey. Are you all right? Would you like to sit?” So young - and attractive, very attractive. He's tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tie with unruly dark copper-colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes that regard me shrewdly. It takes a moment for me to find my voice. "Um. Actually -, 'I mutter. If this guy is over thirty, then I'm a monkey's uncle. In a daze, I place my hand in his and we shake. As our fingers touch, I feel an odd exhilarating shiver run through me.”’

I notice Gerard shiver as he starts to loss himself in the book. I smirk at him and watch as he continues to read out loud.

‘"I withdraw my hand hastily, embarrassed. Must be static. I blink rapidly, my eyelids matching my heart rate. "Miss Kavanagh is indisposed, so she sent me. I hope you don't mind, Mr. Grey.''
"And you are?'' His voice is warm, possibly amused, but it's difficult to tell from his impassive expression. He looks mildly interested but, above all, polite.”’

“Oh for fuck sakes! Shut up already!” Mikey snaps as he jumps up from the floor and dives onto his brother trying to grab the book. Gerard keeps a firm grip on the book as he and Mikey run around the room. I just sigh and lay back onto Gerard’s bed with my arms spread out, my feet hanging off the edge and my eye closed.

I hear one of them crash into Gerard’s desk as pencils and other random desk items fly across the room.

“Ouch! Fuck! That hurt!” Mikey angrily exclaims. Ok so it was Mikey who ran into the desk. I hear Gee chuckle.

“SHUT UP!” the younger Way snaps. Next thing I know Gerard is standing on his bed over the top of me with one foot on either side. He starts jumping up and down carefully so he doesn’t stand on me.

“If you don’t wanna listen, then get the fuck out of my room brother.” He grins and laughs loudly. I close my eyes again and smirk too because I know Mikey is at his wits end. There is a moment of silence then a loud frustrated grunt is released by Mikey as he stomps towards the bed room door.

“Fine!” he practically screams at the top of his lungs and slams the door shut as hard as he can. Wow I think Mikey just threw a tantrum.

“Don’t kill Frank!” he yells through the door than stomps up the stairs loudly. I feel Gerard shift on the bed. Everything is quiet…too quiet for my liking. I hesitantly open my eyes as I feel Gerard staring down at me. As I suspected I open my eyes to see Gerard standing over the top of me with his hazel eyes shining brightly. A huge evil smirk stretched across his pale face and book in hand. I smile innocently back up at him.

Dose he honestly think that he is going to get me to leave this room just by reading paper porn out load? HA! Not gonna happen babe. I think to myself.

‘"Anastasia Steele. I'm studying English literature with Kate, um . . . Katherine . . . um . . . Miss Kavanagh, at WSU Vancouver.''’ He starts to read again and I close my eyes. I don’t know what it was but I couldn’t help but half daydream about Gerard as he read. I’d started pretending that I was Mr. Gray and he was Anastasia Steele. I imagined that Gerard was talking about me and how we interacted with each other. It was kinda kinky.

As Gerard got deeper into the book he shifted down to sit on the floor, his back leaning against the bed. I rolled over onto my side and read the words over his shoulder as he spoke them. It was around 9pm when Mikey bailed, Gerard and I had been reading for nearly one and half hrs. As we read the book started to get very sexual.

‘"Very nice," he whispers appreciatively, and my nipples harden even more. He blows very gently on one as his hand moves to my other breast, and his thumb slowly rolls the end of my nipple elongating it. I groan, feeling the sweet sensation all the way to my groin”’ Gerard clears his throat as it was obvious that he was slightly awkward reading this out loud. I just smirk.

Time passed and we both became engrossed in the book as we read deeper into the story. Gerard was still reading out loud and I was still reading over his shoulder.

“’He pinches me hard, and my body writhes convulsively against his front. I gasp at the acute pleasure/pain. I feel him against me. I moan and my hands clench in his hair pulling harder,’” Gerard shifts in his position on the floor then looks up at me.

“This isn’t annoying you? …is it?” he finally realizes. I just smile at him like a chestier cat.

“Nope” I answer making a ‘pop’ sound. He sighs and drops the book.

“Then there is no point in fucking reading.” He states as he get up off the ground. I roll back onto my back and stare up at his celling. I think the book was making Gee feel awkward. Gerard makes his way over to his bathroom and as I hear him close the door I sit up straight and grab the book with a cunning plain exploding in my head. I’m going to turn the tables on him. I’ll make him feel so fucking awkward that he’ll leave the room.

I flick through the pages searching for the most sexually parts of the book. I hear the toilet flush and I can’t contain the grin that curves my lips. I stand up and walk over towards the bathroom door. Gerard nearly jumps 50 feet in the air as he opens the door to find me standing right in front of him.

“Fuck! Frank! What you trying to do give me a heart attack?” He gasps for air as he flicks off the bathroom light and tries to walk out but I just stand in his way and that’s when he notices the book in my hands.

“Umm? What are you doing?” he asks again this time with a hint of concern tainting his voice as his eyes flicks between me and the book. I just smile cheekily and step closer toward him.

“Frank?” he hesitantly asks.

“I’m turning the tables Gee.” I answer in an unintentional sinister voice. Gerard just keeps walking backward until his back is pressed up against the bathroom wall. The room is dimly light with only light sneaking in from his bedroom. I don’t even realize what I’m doing. I gently place a firm hand on his chest and feel his heart racing. I lift the book up and begin to read.

“’He slides his leg in between mine, pushing my feet farther apart, widening my stance, and runs his hands over my sex, one hand at a time in turn, setting up a rhythm. It's so erotic. Truly I am a marionette and he is the master puppeteer ‘” I read out loud as I gently move my thigh in-between Gerard’s, He gasps and flattens himself against the tiled wall of his bathroom.

“F..Fr..Fr….Frankie..?” He stutters with an excitedly shaken voice. I gently slide my hand down his chest over the top of his t-shirt. I stop my hand at the top of his jeans waistband. I look up at Gerard for permission, because I don’t want to actually sexually assault my friend. Gerard’s stunning hazel eyes are wide and bright as he stares back at me.

The pit of my stomach tightens as we both start breathing quickly with unsure excitement and concerning anticipation. After moments of just looking at each other with my hand still at the top of his waistband Gerard very slowly moves his hand over the top of mine and delicately pushes it down. We never break eye contact as my hand gropes him through his jeans. I can feel that he’s already hard as a rock and I know I must be the same. I tenderly palm him in my hand. An ever so soft moan escapes from his lips and I move my hand a little harder. He closes his eyes and moves his head back leaving his pale neck completely exposed. I lick my lips than move in to tenderly bite at the soft delicate flesh. He moans louder as I run my tongue around this slender neck.

I gently thrust my hips down on his thigh and tighten my hold on his crotch. Gee shift his hands from off the wall to cup and grope my ass. He pulls me in closer and bucks his hips into my hand. I nip at the skin under his chin as I change my position to grid our hips together. The friction between our jeans made my body shiver with excitement and lust.

I carelessly throw the book over my shoulder and abandon my original plain to make him feel awkward as I softly wrap my arms around his neck. I plant multiple kisses along his jaw as he slowly moves his head back down. I kiss his flushed cheek, the skin warm under my sensitive lips. He then turns his head so that my lips drag across his skin till they hover just over his slightly chapped ones.

His hot breath washes over and caresses my mouth. Lips parted I begin to breathe heavily. I inhale his breath as my body shakes uncontrollably. He notices and wraps his arms comfortingly tight around my small frame. We stand there in the bathroom chest to chest as it feels like time stops and the outside world disintegrates. I gently tangle my guitar playing fingers into his long raven hair and rest our foreheads together.

This moment right now is like the calm before the storm. Anticipation nibbles away at our stomachs as our hearts beat loud and hard against our ribs like a bass guitar or drums in a band. Not a word needs to be spoken as we absorb each other’s body heat and finally feel like we belong. We stand together as one, flat against each other. Our arms lock us together and makes us feel safe, securer and…loved. Slowly we move against one another, savoring the moment for the longest time.

As I press my body as close to him a possible he delicately slides his hands down my back then continues down to the back of my thighs. Gerard gently lifts me up and I wrap my legs tightly around his hips. He holds me close and begins to walk out of the bathroom as he softly kisses and sucks at my neck. Gently he pushes my back against the wall next to his bedroom door. I keep my legs locked around him tight. He blindly waves around his hand on the wall searching for the light switch. I smirk and turn it off for him.

I feel his lip curve into a smile against my neck. He wraps his arms around me again and moves to his bed.

A/N if i get good reviews and many comments i might continue ;)I'm working on the part2 now .xoxo.
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