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My School Day..

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my school day..

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Hi guys,hows you?!
I'm good actually.
It's forecast for snow tommorow in Portsmouth (my city in the UK)
Should I go in to school?

Right so today was cool.
We had this assembly on the right to freedom,cuz my school is a rights respecting school.
The lady talking said we had the right to dream big.
And this is what I thought in my head.

I have a dream where I'd be able to listen to the music I want,without being called names or shit like that.
Be who I really am,and not just be another face in the crowd.

Then,after the assembly I had maths.
I forgot my maths homework.
lol,I'm doing it in a bit..

Then I had drama.
We did something called 'comic book drama'
Where we have a range of freeze frames that we narrate,without moving.
It was so hard.

At break,I was in the computer room,drawing.
I drew Black Parade Mikey.

Mikey:No,it's not.

I told you to go back to Amy!

Mikey:Fine,I'll go.But I'll be back.

Amy,keep an eye on him.
He's sneaky.

I also drew party poison.
I dunno why,it must've been when I saw Gee draw it on youtube when I was an early fan and I got a mental image I guess.

After break was English.
We did Macbeth.
It was fine.

Then was lunch.
I was sat alone,as I always am.
Then I went into the game room with my headphones,blasting MCR.

After lunch was french.
We learnt about our fashion sence.

Then,finally I had PE.
We did trampolining,it was quite fun.
Seat drops are so hard,along with the pikes.

Then,I came home after school,freezing cold.
I had a pot noodle to warm me up though.

That was my day.
How was yours?

(hugs you guys cuz you're my bestest friends in the whole universe)

I just said universe.
xD that was for you,Penina.
You and your Frankie filled mind.

xxx Sadie
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