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Night 9

by upinflames 2 reviews

My name tag says "FRIEND" but you've heard it all before.

Category: Horror - Rating: R - Genres:  - Published: 2013-01-17 - Updated: 2013-01-18 - 314 words

Cough out the medicine, its fine, just some sugar will...
I can see the red in your eyes, your mouth like a scar, sideways
So unaware, probably just my gut screwing around
Maybe if you’d eased up on the pedal and smelled the flowers
Not so easy to convince, showed your ass
Regrets are for sparrow bones and shaky knees
You’ve got honesty, kid; it’s still just at the bottom of the staircase
Forced fed, brainwashed notions, your folks might be the ones at fault
Try try try again, and yet it’s still the same old shit
Shut up, oh my god, tear out the headphones and wake up that mind
Show me what’s next in your planner, tell me stories I can go to bed with
Easy way in a maze, not at all out, all straw and stray voices
Any reason perhaps another tweak and twitch
I’m unreasonable, and you are too
Grossly unexciting with wide eyes to match
You’re a different type of evil
Hostile against the soft sounds, like some selfish brat with teeth to bite the hand
No, I can’t say you didn’t speak your own, did all your black tones said
You’re a contradiction of astronomical proportions, if only you saw
You’d give up, I just have to say to kneel and you would
Strangers, nameless faces, you could scream your voice away
I don’t remember it being any different though, don’t know why I’m complaining
Fuck, this sick little ditty just won’t die
No heroes or leaders; just cut daisies in a vase
“Who the fuck is really genuine anyway?
Everyone’s god is a liar. Everyone’s face is a mask”

Words already claimed, cos surely what’s new anymore?
Brand new and used. It’s white noise and fair game.
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