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Love Conquers All

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'All I knew was love, all I felt was love.'

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That night, for the first time, he came 'home' with me. I introduced him to Jayne and they shook hands politely. Our hands were laced together, and it felt wonderful.
"We're just gonna head upstairs for a while. I think Jason wants to see some of my drawings and stuff," I said.
I saw something click in Jayne's expression, and immediately knew that she had the wrong idea, and flushed bright red, shaking my head slightly yet desperately, while Jason conveniently looked away.
"Well off you go then. Don't let me keep you," she stuttered.
Perfect comedy movie moment.
I lead the way up the stairs, holding onto Jason's hand. Of course, we crossed Anthony in the hall.
"Slut," he muttered.
"Cunt," I replied, giving him a look to kill.
Jason gave me a slightly questioning look.
"It's nothing," I said.
"Okay, I'll take your word for it,' he said unsurely.
I nodded. "This is my room," I said, opening the door and switching the light on.
"Nice," he grinned, gesturing towards the posters on my walls.
"Thanks," I said. "My sketchbook's on the bed, if you wanna see it."
He picked it up and flipped through it. "These are good. Really good, sweetie!"
I smiled and sat beside him, leaning on his shoulder and breathing in his comforting scent. He smelled like peppermint, books and cheap aftershave.
"Who's this?" he asked, pointing to the man on the page.
He was my most prized drawing. I had put in even more effort than usual on this drawing, if that were possible. I had made every single tiny detail perfect, no matter how minuscule. I was shocked with the outcome. He jumped out of the page, his good natured grin was... Right there. Right there, captured perfectly. This man was handsome - very handsome. His hair was a rich brown colour, and stood up as if it hadn't been brushed at all that day. His eyes were bright blue, beautiful, captivating. His smile was warm, welcoming, loving. He was average height, thin, and wore black framed glasses.
"That's my father," I told him. "The most important man in my life." I traced my fingers carefully over his face, wishing he were really here with me.
"The most important man in your life? What about me?!" Jason exclaimed.
"Yes, my daddy's the most important man in my life. You're not a man, you're a boy, you're not eighteen yet," I explained.
"So I'm the most important boy in your life?" he asked, pushing me backwards onto the bed so once again I was underneath him. He leant down, so close that I could feel his breath on my face.
"Most definitely," I breathed.
"You're the most important girl in mine," he whispered, before closing the gap between our lips.
I didn't care that my breath probably smelled bad, not having brushed my teeth since that morning. I didn't care that we were lying on a bed, him sprawled on top of me. I didn't care that someone could walk in at any moment. Maybe the reason I didn't care was because I didn't know. In that moment, all I could feel was the one emotion that always conquers all. Love. All I knew was love, all I felt was love.
We stayed like that for a while, just kissing with our hands in each others hair. I never wanted to let go of him, I never wanted him to let me go. I wanted to stay with him forever, remain in his arms forever.
But the bliss had to end.
My phone rang, sending I'm Not Okay blasting through the room.
Jason sadly sat up and got off me, and I reached for my phone. It was Gerard calling.
"Hello?" I said, breathlessly.
"Naren? Why do you sound out of breath?"
"It's nothing," I said.
"You haven't been... Doing... Uhm..."
"Just wanted to check... Just kissing then?" he teased.
"Yes, Gerard, are you done embarrassing me?" I asked, exasperatedly.
"Okay fine I'm sorry. I just wanted to check on you, how are you doing? With your boyfriend then?"
"Yes, he's right here beside me, sulking by the looks of it," I replied.
"I'm not sulking!" Jason protested.
"Awwh sorry buhbe," I cooed, kissing him on the cheek.
"You two sound really loved up," Gerard commented.
"You could say that," I smiled.
"Aww! I wanna meet him! This boy that you're so happy over, I wanna meet him!" Gerard said, sounding extremely excited, like a teenage girl.
"I'm sure he'd like to meet you to. I'll ask him."
I turned to Jason, who was observing my sketchbook again. "Jason, wanna meet Gerard Way some time?"
"Fuck yes!" he squeaked.
"Ha, you squeaked! Gerard Way fangirl!"
"You could say that," he smirked.
"He said he'd like to meet you too."
"Great! I guess I'll let you go back to what you were doing. Be safe!"
"I'm joking, what am I saying, be safe, you shouldn't be having sex at all!"
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" he laughed hysterically.
"So you should be!" I said.
He chuckled slightly. "We'll have to arrange a time to meet up, before Thursday, I'll text you tomorrow."
"Okay, I'll send you his number."
"That would be great! I have to go, Bandit's going crazy... Bye, love you, talk soon," Gerard said.
"Bye bye," I replied, and the call ended. I quickly copied and pasted Jason's number and sent it to Gerard.

As soon as I put my phone down Jason pounced on me, pinning me down on the bed again.
"Jason!" I shrieked.
He laughed, and lay down beside me.
"Isabelle? What's going on up there?" Jayne called.
"Nothing, we're fine!" I called back.
I heard her mutter something, too quiet for me to hear, then the door of her office swung shut.
I turned so was facing Jason. "So, hi," I said.
"Hello!" he replied.
I smiled and said nothing, just reached out a hand to touch his hair.
"Tell me about your dad," he whispered. "Where is he?"
My smile changed, became sadder. "He's amazing. The best father in the world. No one could ever beat him. He has black hair, I don't know who he inherited from. He wears glasses, he was a bit of a misfit at school. Was given detention on his first day at high school for pulling a chair out from under some other kid in the library. His friend threw apple cores at the teacher when he wasn't looking. He has the funniest stories of from when he was at school. I'd love to have a teenage version of him for a friend. He's very passionate about his background and heritage, proud of where he comes from. So he joined the army to defend his country. He's goofy, he's more like a little brother than a father. But I'm scared. He's at war. It's dangerous. What if he comes back a different person? What if he comes back older? What if he comes back in a coffin?"
"Oh..." was all he said.
"I love him so much..."
"Iz... I have to agree that war changes people, he won't be the same, he'll be scarred. But no matter what happens to him, he loves you. You love him. Love conquers everything. Love conquers hate, jealousy, distance, war, death, despair, everything. Love takes over," he said.
"Love conquers all, JK Rowling said something along the lines of that. Thanks Jason, I love you," I said.
"Clever minds think alike," he said, tapping his head. "I love you too."
I cuddled into him, and he put his arms around me. I looked at the MCR poster beside my bed.
'Thank you,' I thought.
I must've fallen asleep, because next thing I knew, Jayne was standing over us, giving us a disapproving look despite the fact that we were both fully clothed.
Jason was snoring slightly, so I sat up groggily, and nudged him to wake him up.
"Isabelle... I think Jason needs to step outside for a moment," she said.
"What? Why?"
"I have something to tell you,"
"Well, tell me," I said.
"Jason, go outside."
Jason stood up and made to walk to the door but I grabbed his hand and pulled him back.
"No. Jason stays," I insisted, my heart racing.
"Jason, leave!" she said.
"No! He stays!" I protested.
"Fine," she sighed.
"Are you going to tell me what it is now?"
She took a deep breath, before telling me the one piece of news that would change my life forever.
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