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Fic exchange with ReturnFromTheAshes :)

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Frank yawned. As much as he loved comic books, working in the comic book store wasn't as fun as he thought it would be. He wasn't allowed to read the comics, most of the customers were rude and he was only allowed fifteen minutes for his lunch break. He'd quit but what if he couldn't get another job? He was saving up for a guitar, he needed to keep this job.

The bell above the door rang, signalling that someone had just come into the store. Frank rolled his eyes expecting either a vacant blonde girl asking him a bunch of dumb questions or a complete nerd that asked him incredibly hard questions about comic books and basically got on his nerves. But when he looked up he found a girl with straight black hair, blue eyes and ivory skin. She as wearing a red tank top and skinny ripped jeans. Frank smiled. This girl was way more interesting than anyone else who came inside.

The girl walked up and down the aisles, never glancing in his direction no matter how badly he wanted her too. She stopped in front of the xmen comics and started flicking through them. Frank smiled. He loved the xmen comics too. For a long moment he wondered whether he should go and say something to her. She was really interesting... And maybe Frank already had a small crush on her.

After a couple of minutes of arguing in his head, he finally worked up the courage to walk over to the beautiful girl "Hel-ey." He grinned then frowned when he realised what he'd said "I went to say hello then changed it to hey." He slapped his hand to his forehead, mentally saying to himself 'You're such a dork!'.

The girl giggled "Well hel-ey to you too."

Frank smiled "You know I could give you a store discount on that?"

"Oh could you?"

"Yeah. But on one condition. If you agree to go on a date with me tonight?"

The girl raised her eye-brows "You want me to agree to go on a date with you? A random boy I've just met who works in the comic book store? I don't even know your name."

"Okay. I'm Frank, Frank Iero. And you are?"

"I'm Sara."

"Last name?"

"Sara noneofyourgoddamnbusiness." She replied but she was smiling, her eyes glittering.

Frank smiled back at her "That's the most beautiful last name I've ever heard of."

"Oh really? Thanks. My Mom and Dad gave it to me."

Frank laughed "So do you wanna go out with me tonight? If you don't wanna call it a date then don't. I still think we should hang out for a bit."

"Frank Iero!" A loud voice yelled. Frank winced at the sound of his boss' voice "I'm paying you to work not flirt with the customers!"

"Oh he wasn't flirting." Sara said quickly "He was helping me find a comic."

"I heard him talking."

"I thought the customer was always right?" Sara asked, raising her eye-brows as Frank stifled a giggle.

Frank's boss narrowed his eyes at her but returned to the back of the store "God it must be hard to work for him." Sara said "Alright, fine, I'll go on a date with you."

"You will?"

"Just 'cos I feel sorry for you." Sara said then laughed to show she was only joking "I'll meet you outside here at seven, okay?"

"Okay. Great. See you then." Frank smiled. He was so excited.


Frank stood outside the comic store at half six. He knew he was way too early but he couldn't help it. He was way too excited to see Sara again. Ever since she'd left the comic book store with several xmen comics he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her. 'This is crazy.' He argued to himself in his head 'You've only just met her!'

For half-an-hour he worried nervously over what to say to her when she finally showed up. He wanted to say something cooler than 'hel-ey' but he couldn't think of anything. The minutes slowly ticked by until finally it came to seven o clock. Frank looked around, expecting her to suddenly appear out of no where. She didn't show up for another five minutes and Frank started to panic. Did she not like him? Had she been using him for that discount on her comics? But eventually she showed up.

"Hey-ey!" She grinned "Sorry, am I late?"

"No, I only just got here myself." Frank lied "So let's go."

"Yeah, let's go." Sara smiled. They started walking down the street and Frank panicked. Should he hold her hand? Or was it too soon to be holding her hand? He sighed and didn't know what to do.

"So..." He said, noticing the silence "What other stuff do you like? Besides xmen comics?"

"Movies, music, singing, American horror story." Sara said, shrugging her shoulders "What about you?"

"Dogs." Frank replied. His mind went blank. What else did he like? "I like you."

"Really?" Sara looked at him and smiled "I like you too Frank." She stopped walking "Did you have anything planned for tonight?"

"Honestly? No." Frank sighed "I was kind of improvising."

"Great. Let's play dares then." Sara thought about it "I have an idea. Come on."

She dragged him into the shopping centre "I want you to get into the elevator. Whenever someone gets in I want you to stare at them and make them feel really uncomfortable."

"Please, I do that everyday." Frank laughed, getting into the elevator. On the next floor a guy with blonde hair and beard got in. Frank stared at him while he squirmed uncomfortably and got out a floor early. Frank made it to the top and back to the bottom, officially making five people uncomfortable. He told Sara who giggled.

"Okay, your turn to dare me."

Frank dared her to sit on the swivelly chair in one of the furniture stores in front of a desk. He stood near her and whenever someone came to look at the desk, he coughed and Sara would turn around and say "I've been expecting you." She did it to five people before laughing and going back over to Frank.

They went on daring each other until the town shut and they went for a walk around the lake, still laughing about all the dares they'd done. Then Frank took Sara's hand. She paused for a moment before giggling and carrying on walking, her hand squeezing Frank's. Frank smiled. Who knew that the worst job ever would introduce him to the best person ever?

[A/N] - Sorry if it's too cheesy or whatever but I kinda specailise in cheesy :3 I really hope you liked it! :D
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