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One-shot for Mia

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Oneshot for Mia (AKA fatherfuckingmeese)

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A/N:Omg,I know this is probably so late Mia.Sowwies!
So I'm just getting this outta the way.
R&R and hope ya like it!

One-shot for Mia.

Everyone was busy playing in the snow,except me.
I was busy reading,as I always do.
I looked across the playground at my best friend Frank Iero,or as I call him,Frankie.
We've been best friends since we were 3 years old.
We're both 9 now.

"Got you,Mia"He giggled as he threw a snowball at me.
"I'm going to get you,Frankie!"I shout as I chase after him with a snowball equiped.
I threw it at him and we both collapsed in fits of giggles as we rolled around in the crisp winter snow.
"Hehe,got you!"I smiled.

"Wanna bite of my sandwich?"He asked at lunch.
"Eww,no!You got boy germs all over it"I squirmed,making him laugh.
I looked into his round brown eyes.
He looked so happy,I felt happy.
I felt a warm feeling inside me,something I've never felt before.
"Frankie,I..."I stopped before I told him.
"You what?"He asked,looing at me with those eyes again.
"Never mind."I say and go out to the playground to play.

On my way home,we were both quiet.
Frankie always walked home with me,he lives just over the road.
"Mia,I think you?"He smiled nervously.
"Really?"I smile back.
He nodded meekly.
I smiled then kissed him quickly.
We then giggled as we walked home,holding hands.
We arrived at my house and we both parted ways.
We looked back at eachother and waved.
"Bye,Frankie!"I smile.
"Bye,Mia.Love you!"He smiled back.
"Me too!"I shouted then ran inside,giggling.
I love Frankie.

A/N:I know,that was either rubbish or ok-ish.My first schoolyard romance thing-y.Like it Mia?R&R pwease!
(acts like an adorable 5 year old when I'm really 13)

xo Sadie ox
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