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I'm so tired, really.

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I hope to see her okay, I'm just saying.

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It sickens me. It sickens me that there are people in this world who think they are not worth being alive. And no, before you get any funny fucking ideas, it's not the person. It's the idea that they think they aren't worth it.
Because I've been there, shit, I'm still there. And personally, if it happens to anyone else, it kills me. Everyone is worth something. You are worth enough to stay alive, if not for your family, for your friends, but for yourself. Just stick through it, life is shitty but sooner or later the shittiness gets done and you'll be fine. Talk to someone and tell them what's going on. Maybe they can help, maybe they can't, but they'll listen. And that's worth a lot more than dying over, I think.
So I'm praying that Anna Manning is still with us, she was worth it. And if not, at least she'll be okay up there.
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