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[Just Push Play]

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One man's reality is another man's nightmare.

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Just a quick little one shot I wrote! Ten cups of coffee = this.
[Just Push Play]
Just one more time.

Ray, Mikey, Frank, and Gerard all sat with each other at a Starbucks bench outside. They always went to Starbucks every Sunday. The summer sun beat down on them like rain. It was cooler than most summer days, but it was still hot.

“Hey, Gerard. Did you listen to that new Green Day song? They totally topped the charts! They’re getting more attention than that rap crap! ” Frank asked. They have been sitting in silence for the past ten minutes, just sipping their drinks, and it was killing Frank. He needs some socialization now.

“No, Frank. For the billionth time, no. I did not listen to it.” Gerard sighed. He just wanted to sit and enjoy his drink. But Frank always has to make noise and have his attention.

“Oh…” All Frank wants is Gerard’s attention. Nobody else’s.

Frank is highly determined to win over Gerard’s attention. He isn’t in love with Gerard. He isn’t in love with anyone. In fact, Frank is pretty sure he doesn’t even feel love at all. It’s just that, Gerard has something to him.

Fact: every living organism has an aura. Gerard just has a different kind of aura to Frank.

The next day, Frank walked into the Way house.

“Hey, Gerard, I…” Frank was interrupted by Mikey.


Frank screamed in reply to Mikey. Once they both calmed down, Frank said:

“Dude, are you okay? What the fuck is with the screaming?”

“Some lady who looked just like Alicia was walking around throwing cats at people. Probably rabid cats.” Mikey shivered at the memory. All the horror!

“Eww. I hate cats. I’m more of a dog person.” Frank said. He would probably freak out if he saw that. Cats are not his friend.

“I know that.”

“Hey, do you wanna hear my new song I wrote?” Frank squeaked. He originally wrote it for Gerard, but Gerard isn’t here. So Mikey will have to listen.

“I guess so.” Frank pulled out his cell phone to play the recording for Mikey. The song was about two minutes long. It didn’t have the usual, super cool riffs that Frank normally plays. It sounded different. It was boringly slow, yet excitingly fast at the same time. It was one of those songs that makes you think when you listen to it.
“Um… wow. That is good.” Mikey Way was at loss for words. He didn’t know how to describe it. In fact, he didn’t even know if he even liked the song at all.

“You really like it!?” Frank beamed as Mikey fed his ego.

Frank walked over to the local comic book store, where Ray, Gerard, and Mikey were waiting.

“Hey, guys!” Frank greeted. The other three grinned and greeted him back. “What’s new?”

“Nothing much. My mom gave me twenty dollars to buy lunch later.” Ray commented. Frank grinned. He loved it when Ray bought lunch. He was always so generous – he didn’t force him to eat off the dollar menu; it wasn’t go cheap or go home with Ray… Unlike the Way brothers.

A loud smash was heard. It sounded like a gunshot shattering glass. They looked over to find the glass window gone. A person was hovering over the mess while holding an old fashion television set. They boys each whispered “shit” to each other as the security alarms went off.

The person soon fell to the floor, rambling nonsense about the bible, reality, and bullets.

It was now Sunday afternoon, which only meant one thing. Starbucks.

“Hey, Gerard, do you wanna hear…” Frank was interrupted by Gerard,

“No.” Gerard was just sitting at the table, playing on his cell phone like a teenage girl. Why can’t he just take two minutes out of his day to pay attention to Frank?

Frank just wants to be heard…

“Dude… look!” Ray shouted quietly. He pointed table to a young couple sitting at their own table, eating something. The female wore a black T-shirt with a red X on it; the male wore a white T-shirt with one black stripe going across it. “What are they eating?”

Frank ignored the couple and Ray. He just continued to stare at his untied shoe lace, while sipping his drink sadly.

Frank noticed that Gerard gave the couple his attention; he wasn’t staring at the cell phone anymore. Instead, Gerard looked confused. Scared even.

Gerard narrowed in his eyes – the two people were eating something hard. A … book? It had fake leather around it. Small white and black pages of paper were floating around the people.

That wasn’t any ordinary book. It was a bible. The two people were eating a bible!?

“Are they actually eating a bible?” Gerard asked.

“What is that on their table?” Mikey asked back. On their table, beside their drinks, was another bible, and something black. It wasn’t a book… but a gun. “Why are they eating a bible? Why do they have a gun!? Are they gonna eat that too!?”

“I don’t know…” Gerard replied. The two people soon sensed that they were being stared at. They had too much attention.

They stared back at Gerard with evil in their eyes. The female grabbed the bible that was on the table. The male grabbed the gun that was on the table. Two seconds later, a gunshot went through the bible that she was holding.

“We should go.” Mikey whispered. And they four boys were gone.

Later on, they found themselves at Frank’s house. The boys were getting ready for a sleepover. This was great for Frank; he would finally get the chance to play his song to Gerard. Maybe Gerard will give Frank the attention he needed. That’ll work. It will.

“Hi, Gee.” Frank said. He has got to play it subtle. Cool. Slow.

“Hi, Frank.” Gerard replied. He wasn’t glued to his cell phone like usual. He probably thought that would be extra rude.

“Guys, look at the news!” Ray shouted. He and Mikey were staring at the television. The news channel was on.

“Holy fuck.” Thousands of people were running around a giant building, each of them carrying something in their hands. One lady had a cat. Another person had a stick. Everybody had something different in their hands. Chaos would be an understatement.

“Wasn’t Green day supposed to play their concert today?” Mikey asked Ray, who shrugged.

“I think so.”

“Hey, Gerard did you –” Frank asked, but stopped in mid-sentence. He doesn’t know why he stopped. He just stopped.

Two weeks have gone past. Things on Earth aren’t right. The people seemed to go crazy. Mental. Insane. Nobody really acts how they normally would. They would go and smash stuff, like windows and cars. They would go and rob any store they wanted as if there weren’t any consequences. Some people even walked around the streets naked.

Maybe they were turning into zombies. But that wasn’t true; they still had a heart that works. They were all living and breathing. They weren’t zombies. The people… they were just… insane.

The worst part of everything, Frank was gone. They three boys haven’t seen Frank for two weeks.

Oh, how much Gerard missed him. Gerard missed him so much that his heart hurt more than usual. Gerard wished that he would have listened to Frank’s stupid song instead of pretending to play on a boring phone. Gerard wishes that he had Frank’s attention. Gerard misses Frank’s attention so much. He isn’t in love with Frank; it’s just that Frank has a special aura to him.

Gerard, Mikey, and Ray were all walking around the streets at about three in the morning. None of them were able to sleep. At all. Ray was able to sleep, but that had stopped after a little incident with Mikey. About a week ago, while Ray was asleep, Mikey had cut off Ray’s curly fro because he can’t pull off straight hair.

Ever since that had happened, Ray started wearing hats. Mikey, for some odd reason, started carrying a bible with him everywhere he goes.

“Do you guys feel that?” Gerard asked. A cold misty rain sensation was coming from their left side. It wasn’t raining at all. The water sounded like it was processed. The boys all looked over to see a tiny, pale, dark haired male getting naked. He was standing under a hose – that explains that water. He must be taking a shower.

“Holy shit.” They all gaped like fish. It was Frank! “Frank! Frank!” Gerard shouted. Frank could clearly hear him speaking, but he still ignored him.

“Frank!” Ray shouted. Frank jolted around and grinned. When Frank did turn around, he had a painted on black X over his chest.

“Hi, Ray!” Frank waved brightly.

“Oh, Frankie! I have been so worried about you!” Gerard shouted. He rushed over to give Frank a tight hug. “I wrote a song for you while you were gone. It’s called “Kill All Your Friends.” I really want you to hear it!”

“Kill All Your Friends, huh? That sounds very neat.” Frank grinned. Gerard grinned back.

“I played the song for Ray, but Ray said that it was too hard and complicated for a song.” Gerard said.

“Oh really?” Frank asked.

“Yeah, Ray said that he had to think about the song at first.” Gerard added. Frank “I also played the song for Mikey. Mikey said that he really, really loved it. Thinking is good for the brain. Mikey is so smart.”

“Is Mikey really that smart? Are you sure?” Frank asked. “Mikey!” He called out to Mikey, “are you really smart?”

“I think that I like, and I like hot. Straight. Bent. In a circle. Pierced.” Mikey replied. When Gerard and Frank both looked at him, Ray had disappeared. He was gone out of sight.

Frank could see the way Gerard was eyeing Mikey. He could see it. It had to stop.

Frank walked closely up to Gerard, and reached into his front pocket. Next, he pulled out something small, but heavy, and metal. It was a gun. Frank waved it in the air, and aimed it at Mikey.

The trigger was pulled, and Mikey was knocked to the floor. The bullet went to Mikey’s heart.

Gerard didn’t even flinch. He didn’t even care that Frank had just shot Mikey. But that wasn’t the weird part to this.

The weird thing is no blood was spilled. Mikey was totally clean. No redness was seen. Nothing.

A couple minutes later, Mikey said, “oww. Damn it, Frank. That really fucking hurt.” Mikey stood up from his spot on the ground, dusting off his pants.

Maybe they were turning into zombies. But that wasn’t true; they still had a heart that works. They were all living and breathing.

Mikey wasn’t a zombie. His heart still works. He was living and breathing. He was… they all were… insane.

“Good.” Frank said in reply to Mikey.

“Now I have to get a new bible.” Mikey complained with a huff. He pulled out of his front jacket pocket, a bible. “This one is totally ruined… ruined… ruined.”

Frank felt something tug at his heart. It wasn’t love.

Gerard felt something tug at his heart. It wasn’t love either.

Mikey let out a loud screech, obviously in pain. Black smoke started flying everywhere like ashes.

Then Mikey was gone.

Frank walked over to where Mikey’s ashes lay, and picked up his bible.

Gerard woke up in his bed with a jolt. His mouth hung wide open. He tried to recall what had happened last night. He got home after a light night with Frank, then he listened to some music – Green Day to be exact – then he went to bed. Now, he just woke up.

And it was all just a dream. None of that had actually happened.

Gerard let out a loud, relieved, shaky breath. His hands were shaking slightly. He looked over at the clock: noon. And it’s a Sunday. Sunday is Starbucks day.

Gerard arrived at their usual Starbucks table twenty minutes later. The sky was dark and grey; it was going to rain today. He saw that Frank was already at the table, but nobody else was there. Good. They must be late, or Frank is just early.

“Hey.” Gerard greeted. He noticed that Frank had his jacket wrapped up on the table.

“Hey, dude, what’s up?” Frank replied.
“Nothing much, you?” Gerard asked. Frank handed him a small cup full of coffee. That is why Gerard loved Frank so much.

“Same. Hey, Gerard, did you listen to the new Green Day song yet? They totally topped the charts!” Gerard loved how enthusiastic Frank was about good music. That was why Gerard loved Frank. He loved that Frank is willing to show him this much attention. He loved that other people could only hear Frank, while he could feel Frank. He could feel that Frank only wanted to be heard.

“Yeah, I was listening to it last night! It was such a great song! It had so much meaning and story behind it. Like, you hear it for the first time and it leaves you hanging. Then you listen to it again, and… it, the song, Green Day, they just made me stop and think.” Gerard replied, happily.

“I know, right? Green Day just sends out a great message. Like, they want you to hear what they are saying. Their music isn’t too complicated either. It’s just…” Frank said, and Gerard finished:

“Perfect. They’re perfect. Like you.” Frank blushed so hard.

After a few more minutes, Green day started playing. Gerard reached out in his pocket, and shut his cell phone off.

“What was that?”

“Just my alarm clock.” Gerard said, tossing his phone back into his pocket.

“You have your alarm on now?” Frank giggled. Gerard blushed and shrugged.

A few more minutes of silence went past. The quietness was starting to kill Gerard slowly. He wanted to interact with Frank right now. He had to.

“I had the weirdest dream last night.” Frank looked up. He didn’t look concerned, scared, confused, or anything. Gerard continued, “you were in it. Everybody was in it. Actually, you killed Mikey. In my dream.”

Frank continued to stare at Gerard.

Frank soon, stood up from his chair. He grabbed his jacket and unfolded it. He placed something hard right in front of Gerard. It was small, but dense, and torn.

Gerard looked down. There lay on the table, a book. It had fake leather, and dust on it. It was a bible. But not any old bible…

A bullet in a bible.

Gerard looked up, but Frank was gone. He had disappeared. The only two things that were on his mind were confusion, and Green day’s latest chart topping song.

He only wanted to be heard…

*Author grins deeply*

In case I didn’t make that clear enough, Green Day made every body go insane. All though, while My Chem makes me go insane, I enjoy every second of it.

Review this, and then go watch Bullet In A Bible. Then go watch In The Mouth Of Madness.
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