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Ray Toro likes to build stuff. That's why he carries a tool box.

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Note: My friend, Emily, she normally beta or edits this, but she didn’t feel like editing Thursday. She is taking an editing hiatus. So this chapter is unedited!

Did anybody else watch season 3 of lost Girl!?!? I love that show.

I was up at like, four in the morning while writing this. That’s why it is short.

This chapter, as usual, has violence. ANY RAY TORO LOVERS SHOULD LIKE THIS CHAPTER.

“Well Frank. Nice face you got there.”


Frank woke up groaning from the throbbing pain in his eye, with no movement to rub at it. With no movement, he was bound to a wooden chair in Mikeyways’s apartment, next to his red sofa- which Frank had always though was tacky but some what, enthralling.

Frank hissed and jerked, trying to get away from the bounds but obviously, no avail. This just made Frank angry, like angrier than people laughing at him. He cussed under his breath when he saw, no one. Every one was gone.

“Mikey!” He called out hoping Mikey would show up with a knife and donuts. He was hungry. “Mikey. Fucking. Way. Get your boney ass over here! You fucking cunt and your fucking friends. Tell that bastard- He crusin’ for a bruisn’!” People always found Frank’s threats funny because he was not scary; he looked like an angry teenager. Another is because he always had a very amusing vocabulary when he was angry.

“Shit.” He cussed again when he realized no one was coming. Fuck he was hungry. And pissed. What else was new?

Well that, and the person that just busted annoyingly through the front door. He wasn’t anyone he had seen before; and fuck, Frank was useless and defenseless tied to a chair. Also the very tall man –maybe about six feet tall- was carrying a grey tool box. That only meant one thing. Frank groaned again and shut his eyes.

The very tall man walked up to Frank and grinned. He had a weird afro which Frank couldn’t stop staring at. He put his tool bow down and walked back into the kitchen. The guy started rummaging through cabinets, one after only, searching vigorously.

“What are you looking for?” Frank decided to ask because he wanted to get this shit over with. He knew asking him to untie him or even if Frank pled or anything that is remotely related to ‘help’ he would very much so regret it.

“Tequila. I need a drink.” The man did not sound like he wanted to do anything but drink. Frank rolled his eyes.

“Far cabinet on the left.” Frank sighed. The man walked over and opened the cabinet. His eyes glowed and his mouth practically drooled. He walked back over to Frank grabbing a green bottle of tequila and a glass. The ‘fro’ed man poured him self a drink, the quickly knocked it back, placing the bottles on a near by table. He stopped and stared for a minute before speaking.

“Ya’ll gots the good stuff. Must be a drinker. Name’s Ray.” He held out a hand for Frank to shake, but quickly and mockingly pulled it back and laughed. Fuck, Frank hated it when people laugh at him. “Opps, that’s Right. Hah!”

“For your fucking information, my name is Frank. I do not take too kindly to people like you.” Frank scowled.

“Well, Frank. Nice face you got there.” Ray smirked.

“What the fuck is wrong with my fucking face. If anything, it's ten time sexier than –“ Frank spat back, but Ray interrupted him.

“He drew on your face.” Ray soon pulled out a mirror from his tool box and held it up to Frank’s marked face.

“FUCKING CUNT!” Frank screamed louder than he ever did before. On a normal day Frank would have just laughed and hit Mikey up side the head- but right now was not a time to have marker all over your face.

“Yeah about that…where is yer buddy with that collar?” Okay, first, Frank had no ‘buddy’s with that collar’s- Two, what collar, who’s collar. Is he speaking of dogs?

“What bud with the collar? What collar?” Frank questioned. Fucking Ray was laughing again.

“Gerd. Gerard Way. Mikey’s brother. He is an ex-…” Ray could see the confusion in Frank. Mikey hated his brother so he never spoke of him, but Ray figured that he would at least mention him.

“Him!? He just tried to kill Mikey though. How the fuck don’t I know that!?” Frank was so fucking pissed at Mikey. Next time Frank sees Mikey, he was going to whoop his ass so hard that Gerard wouldn’t even be able to want to. “Fuck you, Mikey!”

“Hmm. You know he was an ex priest. And that sonuvabitch owes me something.” Ray said casually like it was common for someone to her that your best friends new brother was an ex priest that kill people; and tried to kill Mikey. “Since he’s not here… it’s going to have to be you.” Frank didn’t even care that he just threatened him; Frank was still in shock about this whole new information.

“He…What!?” Frank screamed, even Ray looked a bit shocked.

“He joined the priest hood, I think, because he thought it would be a good idea to help out Mikey; back before when he actually liked him. But his family owned a liquor store and he like booze more. So that turned him into a cynical ass fuck. Now don’t go thinking he will ever go soft on anyone. He has got to be the worst and the deadliest mother fucker. Not that ya’ll ever get to find out... I'm better than him.”

Ray bent down and searched inside his tool box picking up two items. A knife and brass knuckles. Ray then stood to his full height. “Now, tell me where the fuck he is and his shit his…Or I will fuck you up.” Ray pointed the knife at Frank, who didn’t even flinch. Frank just shrugged.

“I don’t know where he is, but I think I know where his shit is.” Frank looked at Ray with his ‘you can trust me with anything’ look. He used that to get what ever he wanted when he was a child. That look was so much better than using black tourmaline.

“But, I though you just met him today?” Ray looked confused.

“Yes but I hate that asshole too. I mean look at my face…I know where it is, but to find it you just have to untie me. I’ll take you there.” Frank put on his sexy seductive look to help put his point out even further.

“No.” Ray punched Frank hard in the jaw, but not hard enough to knock him out. It still hurt. Next he held up his special knife placing it on Frank’s right temple. He didn’t press down though. “Just tell me where it is. I am not a fucking idiot. I can find it.”

“I can’t tell you that. - AHH!” Ray slit Franks fore head open, red, warm blood began to pour down his face. Ray then punched Frank in the eye, with the bruise, and the cut. That certainly hurt the most. Frank groaned weirdly at the pain, but he stopped very fast. This guy was an idiot to Frank, and Frank had a perfect plan. Let’s just thank Mikey for never renovating. “I can’t tell you because he buried it somewhere in the ground.”

Ray punched Frank again in the right cheek bone. Iero could tell that Ray was breaking and was not going to stop to get his ‘shit’, so he had to believe him. “You will show me and everything?” Frank nodded very promisingly. Ray took the hint to untie him. Once Frank’s arms were finally released, he cradled his sore wrists in his chest.

“I uh, need to find the map.” Frank said once he stood up from the chair. Ray raised a questioning eyebrow.

“What the fuck, are you fucking pirates?” Ray did make a good point. Burying shit, yes but maps, no. Frank had to take a second to think of an answer and excuse to pirates. In the end, it was not good enough so he’d just have say yes.

“Well, Gerard does have the hair for it.” Ray seemed to buy it. Gerard did have the look for a pirate, in fact, four hundred years ago; he would make a great one. “Just wait right…here…” Frank backed off for a second, never losing eye contact. Ray nodded and slumped his back so it looked like he got comfortable standing. Always expect the unexpected.

Frank then stormed up to Ray; his fist collided with Ray's jaw. Frank was small, but he could really pack a punch when he was angry- hard enough to knock Ray to the ground. But also hard enough to piss off Ray. Frank was just about to throw another punch, but then Ray threw out his gun from his holster. He aimed it right between Frank’s eyes. He didn’t shoot him, though; Ray slowly stood up, never removing the gun. Frank looked like he didn’t notice that there was a gun pointed directly at his face. He just stood there, bored.

Frank thought to himself that he actually was bored. He was bored of Ray, he was bored of punching, he was bored of guns. Ray looked like he was not going to hesitate to shoot, but Frank was way to trained for that.

“Okay! Okay. I’m sorry, that got a little out of hand. It won’t happen again.” Frank said, still completely bored. He thought church would be more entertaining than this. Frank was a Catholic, but he just didn’t really care for singing and listening to the priest go on and on about his newest sin and about how she needs to repent or he will burn in the fiery depths of hell. Frank was a sinner and he didn’t thank that confessing his awful sins would get him a ticket to heaven, so he just left it at that.

“Damn right! You little cunt…I ought ‘ta kill ya’ right here.” Ray cocked the gun, and Frank rolled his eyes. He’s seen this happen a thousand times before- to him and he’s done it to others too! He knew what was going to happen next. Ray needs his ‘shit’ and Frank was going to help him. Frank still didn’t know what exactly Ray meant by shit, so he just went with it.

“Do it…Shoot my tight, pretty ass right here, right now.” Frank lifted his arms a bit to help prove his point. Ray never forgot to pull the trigger, but when Frank just practically gave him his life, he was taken aback. Ray was so stunned that he actually forgot what he was going to do. He just stared at Frank like he was an idiot. “Well…go on. I’m waiting.” Frank fucking smirked at Ray, who's face was completely bewildered.

“Fine. I will shoot you.” Ray was bluffing. Frank decided to make the next move. He jumped down to sit on the floor. That just made Ray even more confused. Why was he actually sitting on the floor? “Why are you sitting? Get up!” Frank shook his head.

“If I’m going to die…I wanna be comfortable.” Fran said calmly but yet stubbornly. Before Ray could question him at all, Frank swiftly shoved his hands into Ray’s tool box, grabbing the first thing he could. A screw driver. He jammed it as hard as he could into Ray Toro’s foot. Ray felt the blinding pain seep into his skin as he reaches for his foot, screaming in the process. Frank wouldn’t let that happen; so he punched Ray even harder, knocking him flat down to the floor.

Frank got to his feet and punched Ray again, and again, until he was unconscious.
Frank pulled out Mikey’s stupid marker, and grabbed Ray’s arm. He wrote,

You stupid fucker
Check your tire!

Next chapter: Collarem
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