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High-school Frerard

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Gerard is the loner in the school with a secret: He's a demon! Haha YES! He also has a crush on the popular gay boy Frank Iero.

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Frank's POV
I walk into school getting ready to ask out my secret crush, Gerard Way. Yeah, I know he isn't popular but he's HOT. I've liked him sense we were 13, which means I've liked him for three years. I walk to his locker but he isn't there. I stare at it for a little thinking if I should just put a note in it when a voice comes from behind.
"Are you gonna stand there or let me by?" I turn to see Katie, popular girl, standing behind.
"Oh, uh, sorry Katie." She smiled and twirled her hair. God I hate it when girls try to flirt with me.
"So, Frank. I have a question for you." God.
"Yes?" I ask.
"What are you doing this weekend?" She asks trying her best to look seductive.
"Nothing that I know of. Why?" She smiles.
"Great so, pick me up at 7." She says.
"Wait, what?" She giggles.
"I know it's hard to get a girl like me but-"
"No I mean... when did I ask you out?" She frowns.
"What do you mean?" I sighed.
"Look, you're a really..... pretty girl but I was actually about to ask someone out." She laughed bitterly.
"What? Who? What's her name? Is she prettier than me?" I laughed.
"I was about to ask someone out. And his name is Gerard." She giggled.
"You're gay?" She asks.
"Yes I am." She squeeled.
"Oh my God! That's so cute! Sorry Frank for coming on to you like that and stuff but when are you going to ask him out?" I smiled. She didn't judge him or me or anything.
"I was hoping when ever I saw him. I thought he would be at his locker." She looked around and then frowned. I turned and saw Gerard hugging someone.
"I think you're a little late." I looked a little closer and saw it was Mikey, his brother.
"That's his brother." She smiled and sighed in releif.
"Thank God." She smiled again.
"Go for it." She said tapping my shoulder.
"Okay. Here I go." I turned around and right when I saw Gerard walking towards here with a smile, I felt my stomach turn. I turned to look at Katie.
"I can't do this. My stomch feels weird and my palms are sweaty and I get really nerves around him and"
"Hey Frank, Hi Katie." Katie smiled.
"Well hello Gerard. Frank was just talking about you and he wants to know-" I cut her off with my hand on her mouth.
"Um, what was that?" Gerard giggled. My stomach flipped again and Katie licked my hand. I smiled.
"I hope you know this is the hand I jerk off with." She swipes my hand away and looks discusted then smiles.
"Yeah, while thinking about Gerard." My cheeks burn and my eyes go wide.
"Bye Frank, bye Gerard." Damn you!!!!
"Bye Kat." I stand still then Gerard speaks up.
"So what was it you were going to ask me Frankie?" I love it when he calls me Frankie. I breath in deeply and turn around.
"Would you like to go out with me sometime this weekend to my grandma's restaurant?" I ask looking into his perfect eyes.
"Yes, I would love to, Frankie." He smiles.
"R-really? I thought you would were straight and that you'd laugh at me." I look down. He lifts up my chin and smiles at me.
"I could never laugh at you, Frankie." Gerard says smiling. I smile then look at Katie who's squeeling with her friends while looking at me. I giggled and looked back at Gerard.
"So this Saturday?" I ask.
"Most defitnitly." He nods once making me giggle.
"See you then." I don't know if he meant to do that but he made it sound REALLY seductive. Fuck.
"B-bye Gerard." I breath and Gerard giggles then walks down the hall. I sigh happily and then slide down the locker.
"He's so dreamy." Katie giggles then slides down beside me.
"You sound like a girl." I sigh again.
"I don't care." I smile.
"So when's the date?" I look at her.
"This Saturday." She grins.
"You guys gonna get freaky?" She wiggles her eyebrows making me smile at the thought of Gerard Way kissing me.
"No, but I might kiss him or something like that." she giggles.
"Later> she says standing up.
"See ya." On ward to the class I have with Gerard. YES! I am sooo gonna be his lab partner.

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Frank Iero asked me out! Oh my fucking GOD! I have to tell Rae. Good thing she's in my science clas...... and so is FRANK! Best day ever!
"Rae, Rae, Rae." Rae looks up at me then smiles.
"Sup fuck-nugget?" I giggled then gasped.
"What?" I just relized, I don't know what to wear on my date with Frank.
"Oh my God, I don't know what to wear." Rae looks around the room.
"What happened? You high?" She asks. I shook my head.
"No, I have a date." She gasps.
"Gerard Way? With a date? Who is he? Is he hot?" I smile knowing she thinks Frank's hot.
"It's Frank." She swuells.
"Oh my God! Gerard, that's awesome!" Everyone turns around and Rae's eyes go black, she's a demon too, and then looks at everyone.
"What? You got a problem?" She hisses. Everyone turns back around. Frank comes in and I try not to notice him.
"So, you gonna be his partner." I giggled at the phrase.
"Oh yea." I say still giggling.
"Not like that." I smile.
"I don't know, if he asks, I might." She looks behind me.
"Well get ready, 'cause here he comes." She smiles and I turn around right when Frank gets here.
"So, Gerard, I was wondering if you'd maybe like to be my partner?" I giggled at the phrase again and Frank caught on a second later 'cause he blushed and sighed with a smile.
"You know what I mean." I smile again.
"Sure Frankie, let's be partners." I say seductively and it works cause he stutters when he talks.
"O-okay. C-come on." He turns around and I walk with him. I sit down next to him and open the book. Then, Patrick comes over. Damn.
"Sup Gay Way? Frank, you're my partner. Let's go." I turn to Frank and smile before my eyes go black and Frank's eyes go wide.
"Bye Frankie." I turn to Patrick with my eyes black and he laughs, he's a vampire so.
"Bye Gerard." He says bitterly. I growl and walk to Rae, who's eyes are wide.
"What?" I ask.
"Did your eyes go black in front of Frank?" Shit!
"God damnit. He probably thinks I'm weird or-or crazy and now he doesn't like me and-" I'm cut off by Rae
"Gerard, let's go out for a smoke, yeah? I'll make sure Frank follows but make it look like you don't know." I nod and we walk out of the door when the teacher isn't payin attention. I guess Rae does something to Frank because I can sence him coming. We get to the back of the school and I look at Rae.
"What's wrong, Gerard?" I look at her like she's stupid.
"Really? You're really gonna ask that? Okay, well, first of all, I went all demon on fucking Patrick right in front of Frank, who happens to not know about the fact that I am a demon and now he just might hate me and won't go out with me like I realy want him to and I wont get to kiss him! That's what wrong!" I sigh and hear foot steps. Fuck I forgot about Frank when I was going on.
"G-Gerard? I-is that true?" I turn and see Frank with wide eys.
"Fuck, yes it's true." He smiles then hugs me.
"Um, I'm a little confused. You arn't running?" He shakes his head no and then looks up and stands on his tip toes and kisses me. We pull back a little and Frank smiles at me.
"I think it's pretty awesome." I laugh.
"I'm glad."

Well hello there. My computer wasn't working for awhile because my FUCKING CAT DE-FUCKING-CIDED TO TEAR MY SHIT UP AND THEN I DECIDED TO THROW HER ACROSS THE FUCKING ROOM!!!........... so anyway tell me what you think
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