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Slender Man

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The story of me and my buds playing Slenderman yesterday :3 :ONESHOT:

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[A/N] - I tried to type this last night but my keyboard was annoying me. It's like missing out letters and stuff but only when I type on the internet? It's been fine when I type this onto Wordpad? I blame Jess for letting me download that unsafe stuff yesterday -.- Yeah I hope you enjoy this one-shot of what me and my friends did yesterday :3

I tapped the snow off my yellow doc martins against the side of my house before stepping inside "I bloody hate the snow." I mumbled to myself angrily. The snow had been fun yesterday when we'd been allowed to go home at twelve o clock but when I'd recieved a text off Jennifer that morning saying she couldn't come over because her Mom didn't want to drive in the snow, it stopped being fun and became tedious.

The bottom of my jeans were covered in snow so I started pealing them off as my step-dad entered the hallway "DON'T LOOK!" I roared. He left the room grumbling as I hung them up on the back of a chair and ran upstairs to put on some pyjama bottoms.

The moment I pulled them on there was a knock at the door downstairs "It's for you!" Mom yelled and I rolled my eyes because I knew it was for me already.

I raced downstairs and opened the door to Raven and Ray "It's awful out there Hozzie!" Raven told me "And some little brats... Eugh. They came over to me... And they tried to put snow down my tee shirt. Fucking brats."

"You need to help me find the website to download Slender Man from." I told them "Since you guys have downloaded it twice now."

"Oh God, I don't think I remember the website though." Raven said as we all walked up to my room "What time are Penina and Frank coming over?"

"They should be here now but they're always late." I smiled, switching my laptop on "Ray, come on, you're good with computers. Help me find the website so we can play Slender Man."

Ray sighed and took my laptop off me "Okay, first of all, let's type 'Slender Man download' into Google..." He started typing and clicked on one of the top webpages "Yeah I think this is the website."

Someone knocked on the door downstairs so I went to answer it. It was Penina and Frank of course "My Dad made me walk here!" Penina moaned.

"Which meant I had to walk here too." Frank said, rolling his eyes "Have you downloaded Slender Man?"

"We're working on it now." I replied "Oh God, I've trusted Ray with my laptop, he's probably downloaded some kind of virus."

We all went upstairs into my room and Ray bit his lip "Uhh Hoz I don't know what I downloaded but it wasn't Slenderman."

I snatched the laptop off him "Shopping cart assisstant? You've downloaded like five things and I don't know what any of them are! Whatever, I'll uninstall them later. Right now we just need to find Slender Man."

About five websites later we finally managed to download it and we brought the game up "Who wants to play first?" I asked.

"We'll play first." Raven said and pulled the laptop towards her and Ray. They clicked 'Play'.

They started walking and found one piece of paper. Two minutes later they found a second piece. And then another couple of minutes later they found a third "You're doing really well." Penina said "Especially since Slender Man hasn't shown up yet."

The moment she said that, the screen started going fuzzy "SHIT HE'S AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE!" Raven yelled. Ray let go of the mouse and pulled right away "Ray for crying out loud, we're still alive!" But Ray refused to look so Raven had to do both and managed to get them away so that the screen went clear and Slender Man was gone "Ray. Seriously?"

"Sorry, sorry, I'll play properly now." Ray sighed, taking the mouse back. The moment he did, there was a loud piano noise of notes clashing, then Slenderman appeared on the screen and there was a loud screeching. The game was over.

"I don't wanna play with Penina." Frank said, pouting "She yells at me because I fail."

"That's because you do." Penina smiled, kissing his cheek fondly "Are you gonna play this time Hozzie?"

I sighed "Alright, fine, I will. But I bags doing the mouse."

"Okay fine, I'll walk."

I took the mouse and we started playing. We got the first piece of paper after about two minutes "Hozzie, I don't wanna look AT THE FLOOR!" Penina kept yelling every two minutes.

"I can't help it, the mouse just moves by itself and the game is so slow and eugh it's just awful." I said, looking away from the screen every so often because I was scared Slender Man would show up.

"Keep your eyes on the screen Hozzie!"

"Did you know this is the longest I've ever looked at the screen?" I accidentally aimed our vision towards the sky "Oh look the stars are shining." I started singing "Starships... Are meant to flllllly..."

"Really Hozzie?"

"It calms me down."

"Okay I really have no idea where we are."

"No wait, there's the tree that we started off at. So that's where we are."

"Alright. Let's go into the forest."

"... Can't we stay on the path?"

"No, turn that way!"

I turned our vision to the left and there was Slender Man. I screamed loudly and pushed back, letting go of the mouse and hiding behind Penina "HOZZIE I NEED YOUR HELP!" She yelled, taking the mouse herself.

"It's okay, I'll help now." I said, calming down a little and taking the house. We ran off into the forest and eventually we lost him so I turned the torch back on.

"You need to help me if we see Slender Man, okay?" Penina giggled. We'd managed to escape Slender Man so she wasn't as het up as before.

"But I panic and then- Ooh there's the second piece of paper!" We walked over to it and I pressed the button to grab it then clicked off the torch while Penina made us run "Oh shit, wait, I never picked it up! It didn't work!"

"Are you kidding me?" Penina snapped and we went back to the building that the piece of paper was attatched to. I pushed the button several times but it didn't pick up. So I moved the mouse a little and saw Slender Man in the corner of the screen and it started going fuzzy. I screamed again, this time grabbing hold of Penina and pulling her back with me. We died "We nearly got two pieces of paper Hozzie! Did you have to panic?"

"I wish I'd filmed that re-action, it was priceless!" Raven roared with laughter "Alright Frank, do you wanna play it with me?"

"Alright sure, I'll do the mouse. It's less stressful."

They started playing and didn't find any pieces of paper "Frank, could you move the mouse up? I don't wanna look at the floor." Raven said.

Frank wiggled the mouse "I can't. It won't let me."

"Are you for real?" Raven groaned and tried moving the mouse herself. But it had definitely stopped working. She pushed the buttons and it let her turn the torch on and off "Oh brilliant."

"We might as well quit it, you won't be able to run if Slender Man shows up or grab any pieces of paper." Frank said. He quit the game and the mouse started working fine "Let's go on Omegle!"

We went on Omegle but it was full of advertisting people so we just ended up watching The Sixth Sense.

When everyone put their shoes on I smiled and said "We should have a sleepover and play Slender Man in the dark."

"Hozzie, you'd pee your pants." Penina smirked, raising her eye-brows.

[A/N] - Crap ending but yeah, I didn't know what else to write about :3 I'll try and update my fics if I have motivation! :D
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