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Part 9

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The press had discovered that Kirk and I were dating and got interested in our relationship; ‘The Golden Couple of Metal’, they labeled us, ‘Kerrang!’ even asked us for an interview together (our friends teased us about it because Kirk was always so socially awkward during interviews while I was blunt and straightforward, we created a weird contrast). We were an oddity, I must admit, and the curiosity wouldn’t have bothered me –or him– hadn’t it been for a few slanders that came with it. “She’s dating Kirk Hammett to make her mark.” Wrong. I didn’t use Kirk’s influence to gain recognition, my band stood out because we were fucking good at what we did. “She’s a gold digger.” Wrong. I started dating Kirk when Metallica could only pay their debts, and even now they weren’t exactly rolling in money. “She only wants to get noticed.” Like I was the one who spread the news. Everybody told me to let it slide, that it was just meaningless bullshit I shouldn’t care about, that my fans and all the people who mattered knew it wasn’t true; they were right, but I still felt wronged.

I leaned on Ben, trying to catch my breath and not to fall on the ground; we had just had our last concert and I was sweaty and absolutely worn out. Ben gripped my waist and laughed at me.
“What’s up Crooks, can’t take it anymore? You are getting old, sweetie.”
“Shut up, you are as exhausted as I am.”
“Not as much, no, and I’m actually sad that this is our last date.”
“Really? As much as I love playing live, I’m ok with the three months of pause before the European tour.” Ben’s eyes lit up, “European tour. Can you believe it? We’re making it, we’re really making it.”
“Yeah,” I said, feeling suddenly lighter, “we’re fucking making it.”

Kirk sipped his beer, staring at the TV without really watching it; he had a frown on his face and seemed lost in thought. When I had come back the day before, shivering in excitement to be in his arms again, he had greeted me with the cold shoulder, saying that it was late and we should go to bed. I had tried to tease him first, then to ask him if something was wrong, but he had brushed me aside. He had turned his back to me in bed without touching me the slightest.
In the morning, feeling anxious, I decided to put a stop to all that weirdness. I turned off the TV, sat down next to Kirk and grabbed one of his hands.
“Kirk, please, tell me what’s bothering you. Has something bad happened? Is it something I’ve done? You’re worrying me, darling.”
Kirk glared at me, then took a magazine from the table and showed me a picture; it was me and Ben after our last gig. I have to confess, it looked like we just had a wild, steamy session of sex, with our clothes all wet, sticking to our skin and exhausted expressions on our faces. The article accompanying the photo wasn’t just a review of the concert but suggested that off stage I entertained myself with my band members –all three of them– in less than honorable ways. I blushed, feeling ashamed that such garbage had not only been thought but also written in a magazine. Being considered the ‘band whore’ was one of my fears; it had already been implied more than once: “sure, she’s good, but it’s full of good bassists out there, so why hire the girl? Obviously there have to be other benefits…”.

I had no time to wallow in anger, Kirk clearly needed to be reassured.
“Darling, you told me various times not to care about the shit of the press, so why are you upset? Don’t tell me that you believe it.”
Kirk lowered his eyes and whispered, “I… I trust you, the rational part of me knows that I have nothing to fear, but there’s always a voice inside my head telling me “Why not? Why shouldn’t she have her fun on the road? In a band with three handsome guys, spending a lot of time together…”.”
“Kirk, you can’t possibly believe that I have orgies with my bandmates!”
“Well, with them or male groupies! Don’t tell me you don’t have guys coming at you!”
I sighed, frowning in irritation. “Kirk, we’ve already had this conversation. If we ever felt the need to scratch an itch, then fine, as long as it was only physical relief.” Kirk opened his mouth to retort, but I anticipated him. “But no, I haven’t slept with anyone and I would never, ever cheat on you with my bandmates or any people I see regularly. Is that clear? Can you trust me on that?” Kirk inhaled deeply and nodded, still looking sad. I cupped his face with my hands and kissed him, hoping he would respond. He did, slowly and sensually, caressing my lips. I was starting to get into it when he stopped and smiled, remembering me that it was time to meet James, Lars and Jason.

The guys had decided to collect every footage they could –concerts, backstage antics, interviews– to make a video in Cliff’s honor to show the fans what kind of person he was; not a documentary but a heartfelt collage of moments to remind him.
“That’s a great idea, your fans are gonna love it!”
“It’s a due tribute, his legacy must be recognized and his memory preserved.”
“Yeah, Cliff was the real thing.”
“Amen to that.” Said James, draining his beer. “Hey Newdick, raise your ass and go fetch more beer. Or any kind of alcohol you find.” Jason obeyed without a second word.
“You shouldn’t treat him that way, poor guy is not your servant.”
“Bah, he needs some training, you know, to become an efficient member of the band.”
I raised an eyebrow. “I thought he was the bass player, not the maid.”
“He’s the factotum.” He said grinning. “Besides, we need to make the band hierarchies clear.”
“And where would you stand in all this?”
“I’m on top of the food chain, sweetie, the Alpha male.”

I raised my eyes, deciding it was a good moment to go to the bathroom and freshen up my makeup; after I finished, I found Kirk waiting for me at the door. He casted an intense gaze at me and I immediately understood what he wanted.
“I have to assume that you are not upset anymore.”
“I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have doubted you and I want you to know that I trust you. I really acted irrationally, can you forgive me?” he asked.
I kissed him and pulled him into Lars’s bedroom, “I have an idea how you could make it up to me.” I whispered sensually.
“Yeah? And what would that be?”
Grinning wickedly, I pushed him on the bed and reached up my skirt; Kirk eyed me intently as I pulled down my panties and let them drop on the floor; I could see his erection growing into his pants and I myself was getting wet by the only sight of him. After all that time apart, I wanted him so bad it hurt.
I licked my lips and clacked my tongue; without further delay, pressed him down the mattress and mounted his face, lowering myself so that my pussy would touch his mouth without suffocating him. Kirk gripped my ass and began to eat me greedily, teeth and lips and tongue making me moan his name in delight. I grabbed the headboard, my knuckles going white, and started riding his face, eager to get more of that delicious pleasure.
At a point, I could swear I heard the sound of a door slamming, but when Kirk stopped teasing my opening with the tip of his tongue and stuck it inside, I arched my back and screamed, forgetting about everything else around me. I reached down to touch my clit and came around his tongue.
Still trembling, I sat in front of him between his legs; my juices were smeared on his mouth all I could think of was that it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Kirk licked his lips and cleaned his chin with the back of his hand; I lowered my eyes to his hardness, which was begging to be set free.
“So, can I consider myself forgiven?” he asked.
“Sure you can, but now we have another matter in hand.” I purred, nodding at his crotch.
“Well, that’s an easy problem to solve. Care to help me?” he said, lowering his pants and stroking his dick slowly.
“Indeed, I think I can do something for it.” with that, I grabbed his head and pressed his lips to mine, pulling him down on me; he slid into me with a swift move and fucked me hard.

It took us a while to get ready to face the others again. When we came back to the living room, we were greeted by James grinning like the Cheshire Cat, Lars scowling like he had eaten a sour lemon and Jason sporting a shade of red I didn’t consider attainable by an human being.
“You know,” James broke the silence. “you two put a real nice show in there, ever thought about going pro?” Kirk and I blushed furiously in shock. “How… how did you know… you didn’t spy on us, right?” squealed Kirk.
James burst in a roaring laughter. “No, even though I had half an idea to. Man, you weren’t coming back, so we told Newkid here” he said gesturing toward Jason. “to go check on you and he came back all red saying that you were in the bedroom ‘making noises’.” Jason squirmed uncomfortably, avoiding our gaze. “So we all went to see what was happening and fuck, with all the screaming, grunting and moaning we thought at first that someone was exorcising you.”
Oh God, make me die here, I prayed. “Sorry, we weren’t thinking straight, I guess we just, err… let passion guide us.”
“To hell with passion! You two motherfuckers shagged on my bed! On my fucking bed! Next time I’m at your house, I’m gonna jizz all over the place!” screamed Lars.
James laughed so hard he rolled on the floor, Jason, if possible, looked even more mortified than before. Wait, that noise I heard… did he open the door and see me straddling Kirk’s face? Oh... oh Lord! I hid my face in my hands, wishing to be anywhere else but there.

Author’s note: Real life called and told me there’s stuff I need to tend to, so I’m putting this fic on-hiatus until the 3/4th of March. Don’t you forget about it! (granted, if you haven’t run away already and I’m here talking to myself).
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