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The End.

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Gerard's on the edge. This is pretty depressing, but i just needed to write something.

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Mikey stared at the wall blankly, the phone still held up to his ear, silent on the other end.

"Mikey? Mikey, are you okay? What's wrong? Tell me god damn it!" Alicia shook his arm violently, but he didn't stop staring at the wall. After a few seconds he started to panic.

Mikey never panicked.

"I'm sorry Mikey, I just can't keep this up." He clicked the end button, but didn't let the phone out of his hand. He closed his eyes as tight as he could, trying to stop himself from sobbing. He reached over to the bottle and took another swig. He opened the drawer, his eyes still closed, and he started feeling around until his hand wrapped around the cold metal. Gerard let the air out of his lungs, he hadn't even realized he was holding his breath.

Alicia got into the car and took the phone from Mikey, who was in the passenger seat, still shuddering violently even though he had stopped crying.

Alicia dialed the number as she drove down the highway. The phone rang three times until she finally got the answer she was looking for. "Frank! Frank, get to Gerard's house right now its urgent. please. just go now pl-" she broke down into a sob, swerving recklessly around the other cars.

"Alicia, calm down. Tell me what's happening. I was just walking over there right now, what's going on?" Frank sped up his walk a little, getting more worried every second Alicia wasn't answering.

"He's gonna do it." She barely managed to whisper. Franks heart stopped. He hung up the phone and started to run. He called Gerard and got his voice mail. He kept on calling as he ran down the crowded Jersey streets, pushing through the groups of people. He kept on getting the damn voice mail. He was wheezing now, his lungs weren't used to running long distances. He only had two blocks to go before he would be at Gerard's apartment.

Gerard tilted his head back and finished what was left of his bottle. He reached back into the drawer and wrapped his hands around the weapon again, this time picking it up, and despite his trembling he brought it up to his head.

"Gerard!" Frank screamed as he threw open the door of the apartment. Gerard didn't open his eyes. He still had the gun pointed at his own head. Frank took a few cautious steps into the apartment and closed the door, "Gee, put the gun down. Please." Franks voice was low, his lungs still hadn't recovered from running.

"Leave, right now. Let me do this Frank. Please."

"I'm not leaving you. And I'm not letting you leave me. Give me the gun," Frank took another step towards Gerard and held out his hand, "please." Gerard looked over at him. He looked directly into Franks hazel eyes and saw how scared he was, and then he lowered the gun. He held it out to Frank who grabbed it immediately and put it on the table behind him.

Gerard put his face in his hands and started to cry, "I'm so sorry Frankie."

Frank helped Gerard into bed and lay next to him. He held Gerard until he cried himself to a dreamless sleep.
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