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Chapter Nine

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"Raven? Are you okay?"

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Quinton made it to the dumweighter and Penina and Ray threw down a rope they'd made out of curtains. Raven whirled around when she heard a strange noise. It was a tall guy with messy black hair wearing dusty clothes. He screamed and knocked Raven to the floor, trying to stab her.

Quinton looked over but Penina and Ray told him to tie it round himself. So he did and they started pulling him up "Don't look down Quinton." Ray told him "Keep looking up, come on, you can do it." They got Quinton to the top and pulled him out. Penina went to take him back to his parents and Ray poked his head through the hole "Raven? Are you okay?"

"Just peachy." Raven replied sarcastically, punching Lucy's brother in the face and pushing him off her. She looked around the floor and found a knife abandoned on the floor. She reached for it but Lucy's brother returned and flung himself at her, still trying to stab her. The only thing Raven could reach was her torch. She flashed it in his eyes and he screamed, not used to light and backed away. Raven reached for the knife, leaped up and rammed it through his heart. He fell to the ground.

Raven went over to the dumweighter and climbed back up. Ray threw his arms around her "I'm so glad you're okay..."

"It was a close call." Raven laughed weakly, hugging him back and catching her breath.

While all that had been going on, everyone else was in the shed waiting and hiding. All of them were silent until suddenly the window smashed and all of them screamed and edged away from it. Frank picked up a baseball bat and held it up, ready for when Lucy came through the window. Nothing happened for a long moment until there was a scrabbling towards the floor. Mikey moved a large table in front of the door to the shed so that Lucy couldn't get in that way.

For a long time all they could hear was their own heart beats and slow breathing when suddenly Frank let out an ear piercing scream. Lucy had grabbed his leg. There had been a loose few planks of wood in the shed that now revealled a grab. She crawled inside towards Frank, raising her knife "Daddy!" Mia screamed. Everyone froze, terrified of this scary girl. Frank screamed as Lucy got ready to stab him.

Suddenly Lucy shrieked as she was pulled forcefully out of the room. Frank sighed and everyone still looked scared as they heard Lucy scream and shriek and several unknown noises. Then there was silence before someone knocked on the door. Mia shrieked "It's only me." They heard Penina say.

Frank walked over and pulled the table away. Penina was standing there with Quinton behind her. She was holding a knife in her hands and her clothes were stained with blood. She'd saved them all by killing Lucy.

Amy and Mikey ran over to Quinton and hugged him close "It's gonna be okay now..." Amy whispered, kissing the top of Quinton's head.

Once everyone had calmed down, Mikey took Amy to one side "All of this had made me realise..." Mikey took a deep breath "Life is too short Amy. And I wasn't a good husband. All those arguements we had. Most of them were my fault. I never paid much attention to you. I wasn't just a bad husband, I was a lousy Father. But all that's going to change now, I promise. Let's get out of this hellhole and back into the city, okay? I promise I'll change this time."

Amy smiled and kissed him. She believed him. Things were going to be different now.
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