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Rewritten. Frerard smut. Gerard watches the new boy, finding himself more and more attracted.

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This story has gone green (many thanks!), but after reading it through I felt it needed a serious overhaul. I hope you can let me know if you enjoy this edited version and I hope you have a great day!

P.S. I was also considering turning this into a chaptered fic, opinions on whether I should would be fantastic!

I sat studying the new boy sitting across the room, watching as his eyes darted about the place, and how his head ducked when he heard the assholes sneering behind him. The words seemed to make him flinch, although it was just the regular bullshit every new kid got, except he was different. He was just like me, he was a freak.

All throughout the day I continued to watch him, seeing him hurry along the halls as he scuttled from one class to another, discomfiture radiating from his small, hunched up frame. His eyes shifting every now and then from their staring at the floor, it was intriguing, like watching a child in a doctors office.

I enjoy watching people, more for my own self comfort than for entertainment, it gave me a sort of kick. It's not in a creepy way, voyeurism just isn't my thing, but I delight in the way that a hand gesture, a mere glance even, can reveal all of a persons insecurities. It comes in handy when you get as much shit as I do.

The main thing that struck me was how shy he seemed, he was quiet and barely said two words the whole day, but it didn't seem to be a fear thing. Perhaps it could be down to insecurity? A new school is never easy, especially at an age where you've developed friendships and a routine. It knocks your confidence I guess, makes you feel vulnerable, small and crowded.

There was something that I noticed about him though, something he made no effort to hide. The boy was obviously gay. I'd seen him, in my observations, checking guys out as they walked down the hall. His eyes would look them up and down, settling momentarily on their ass, and then he'd turn away with a smile or a raise of the eyebrow. Not once did he check out a girl, not even the high-school-hotties; the cheerleaders didn't even get a second glance.

It wasn't until the last lesson of the day that I took a good look at him, not just his mannerisms and habits. He was an attractive guy, you'd be blind not to notice, with his big brown eyes and slightly tanned skin, he was gorgeous. His hair fell forward, masking his eyes, and his tongue kept poking out to play with his lip ring, and for a few brief moments I was enchanted.

It was his eyes, I think, they mesmerized me. They were, on closer inspection, a swirl of olive and honey, the colors blending together in the most hypnotic way. They were heavily lidded in an almost sleepy manner with dark spiky lashes and rimmed with blood red eyeliner, his eyes were beautiful.

I was pulled out from my trance when his eyes met mine and he smiled, small and almost sly. It was like he was onto me but I simply smiled back, deciding I'd approach him the following day, and then continued on with the work we'd been set.

I didn't realise that I'd approach him sooner than I thought.

I was doing my weekly locker clear out at the end of the day when I heard it, a muffled cry of pain, and a sneering voice, and I crept toward the sound. I wouldn't usually head toward the danger, normally I'd go for a teacher, but something in the victims yells was unfamiliar and I found myself heading toward the sound.

I rounded the corner to the math corridor and took in the sight. There he was, the new boy, trying to scramble to his feet, only to be shoved back by a heavy foot. His nose was bleeding and his hair was messed up, like someone had grabbed it, and each time he moved to stand up he hissed. It angered me. Normally the new kids got shoved around a little, but this guy had taken a beating. Suddenly I found myself moving forward.

"Way, you crazy bastard! You're gonna pay for that-"

"Fucking faggots! Freaks always stick together!"

Were the last things I heard the assholes say say before they disappeared out of the hallway. I wasn't even sure what had happened, I just remembered bolting toward them then it all went black.

I turned around to see the new kid struggling to his feet before stumbling forward, making me quickly grab his arms on instinct and steady him before he fell to the floor again. He looked up, meeting my eyes and smiled the same way he had in class, before nibbling his lip and hissing when his teeth grazed a cut on it.

I leaned down, picking up his bag, slinging it over my shoulder, and guiding him towards the main entrance doors and out onto the parking lot, my locker could wait until tomorrow.

I unlocked my car and ushered for him to get inside, it amused me how we hadn't even spoken to each other, and yet he felt comfortable enough to get in to my car for a ride home. I turned on the ignition and backed out of my space, taking a left and heading toward the main road, pulling out a cigarette and offering one to the new kid who gratefully accepted and lit up, I took a long draw from it before clearing my throat.

"So where do you live, umm?"

"Frank, and you can just drop me anywhere. My mom's working and I forgot my key so it's pretty pointless heading home right now."

"Gerard. And I guess you could come hang at my place? Better than wandering Jersey after dark."

"Sure." Frank smiled, a little bigger but no less sly, "Sounds awesome."

The car fell into silence, just the gentle hum of the engine filling the empty air, and I leaned to click on the radio. Some old school rock station was on and I smiled to myself, tapping my fingers to Bruce Springsteen on my steering wheel.

"Hey, Gerard?" Frank asked, turning his body to face me.


"Where did you learn to fight like that?" A bubble of laughter escaped me, startling Frank, and I gave him a brief glance, smiling.

"I literally never had a fight in my whole life"

"No fucking way! You were like a fucking ninja, dude. Are you serious?"

"Yeah-" I laughed, grinning at him, "I guess it's probably from all the Bruce Lee movies I used to watch with my brother? We used to sit in my basement marathoning them all night."

Frank nodded in approval and turned back toward the road ahead, kicking his feet up on the dash. We continued to smoke our cigarettes, not really feeling the need to speak again, when I pulled up to my apartment complex.

"I-I don't live with my parents anymore."


We made our way inside, dumping our shoes in the small hallway, before wandering through to my little kitchen. I felt vulnerable suddenly, not many people knew my situation, and I had only officially met Frank under an hour ago.

Frank jumped up on the counter, clearly oblivious to my inner conflict, and stared around at the walls. The apartment was plain, boring white walls, so I'd stuck up a few posters and some art I'd drawn. It made it feel more like home.

"Nice place you got here." Frank commented, turning to look at me with a grin, "It's gotta be cool living alone, I mean, I'd kill to get my own privacy."

"I guess?" I muttered in return, pulling a juice carton from the fridge, "Kinda lonely though."


"Mmm." I hummed around the carton is was drinking from, it struck me suddenly though; Frank hadn't even asked what was going on. "You're not curious why I have my own apartment?"

Frank laughed lightly, jumping from the counter and taking the juice carton from my hand. "I think I have you figured out."

"Really?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. Frank nodded, still gulping from the carton. I waited as he finished drinking, leaning against the fridge, to see exactly what he thought he knew.

"You're gay, right?" He finally said, swiping the back of his hand over his mouth. I nodded, waiting for him to carry on. "So my best guess is you had a disagreement with mom and dad-

"Just mom." I corrected, moving to stand by the counter he'd previously sat on. "Dad was cool with it."

"Close enough. You had to get your own place? It wasn't all thay hard to figure out. Still blows though."

"How did you know?"

"Know what?" Frank asked, tipping his head to the side questioningly.

"That I was gay? I mean, I don't try to hide it but I'm not obvious either."

"Oh please," Frank said, rolling his eyes in a fake mocking. "You were totally checking me out today, I'm not blind."

"I was not!" I protested, feeling the burn of a blush rise high on my cheeks.

"You're not the only person who watches people, y'know? And you've been watching me the whole day."

I looked down at my toes, feeling a little embarrassed that I'd been caught out. Frank just laughed, pushing my shoulder playfully.
"Don't even worry about it," he said, closer than I'd been expecting. His hands were suddenly resting on the counter either side of my hips and I could feel his breath against my face. "I've been checking you out too."

I looked up then, finding Frank's eyes completely focused on my lips, and dared to dart my tongue out to run over my bottom lip. "Really?" I asked, almost low and steady, "You like what you see?"

"Oh yeah. I definitely like what I'm seeing.

And at that I lost all of my senses.

Gripping the hair at the back of his head, I smashed our mouths together. Our teeth clashed and our lips were slick with spit and the blood from the wound on Frank's lip, but we didn't care, we were so caught up in the moment and each other. The kiss settled into a rhythm, still fast and lust driven, but smoother. Frank surged forward, pressing himself against me, making me bang against the counter hard.

His lips slipped from mine, sliding down my jaw, and I bucked my hips against his. Frank's hand slipped up into my hair and he pulled hard, causing my head to snap back so he could access my throat. "Fuck." I groaned, gripping his hips and pulling them tight against my own, "You wanna take this to the bedroom."

Frank's mouth found mine again, hot and desperate, as his hand slipped down to grasp mine. "Yeah," he breathed heavily against my lips. "Fuck yes."

We stumbled blindly toward the bedroom, kissing and groping, lust surging through us. Somewhere along the way we lost our jackets and shirts, and our pants had become unbuttoned. We ended up in the front room, falling onto the sofa heavily, Frank's lips never leaving mine.

"Fuck," Frank groaned against my lips, fingers curling around my waist, "Gerard. Please?"

"What do you want, Frankie? Tell me."

He pulled away, leaning up on his hands, staring down straight into my eyes. "I want you to fuck me."

I blinked, just trying to process the words that had come out of his mouth. It was all moving so fast, I almost said no, but the way he was looking at me, hungry and desperate, I couldn't deny him.

I pushed him up off of me, struggling to my feet, and dragged him up off the sofa. I felt his arms wrap around my waist as I guided him to the bedroom, his tongue flicking over my earlobe. We stumbled through the door and I pushed him onto my bed, making quick work of removing his jeans, before crawling up his body and kissing him again.

Frank was hard, I could feel it, pressing insistently against my crotch. Roll my hips against his, a bolt of electricity sparked over my nerves and I moaned, Frank's fingers digging into my sides. He rolled us over suddenly, removing my jeans and underwear as quickly as I'd removed his, and lay back over me, sliding his erection over mine.

I gasped, small and breathless, as he did it again. I couldn't help bringing my knees up as the sensation tore through me time and again, holding tighter to Frank. He moaned my name, pressing his lips to mine and I shivered, biting gently on his lower lip.

Suddenly Frank was shifting away from me, moving down my body, kissing and nibbling at my flesh. I couldn't take my eyes away from his. There was a trail of faded red down my skin, blood mixed with saliva from the cut on his lip, making my dick twitch in a way it shouldn't have.

"Frankie-" I wasn't sure what I was going to say, maybe tell him how gorgeous he was? It didn't matter, all thought was lost when his lips slid over the head of my cock. "Shit-ah!"

One of his hands jacked me slowly, his lios concentrating on giving the head their attention, and I gripped the bedsheets, trying to keep from bucking my hips. He'd definitely done this before, the way his tongue moved expertly, tickling at the slit; it was obvious. I'd just managed to catch my breath when suddenly his hand was gone and I was completely engulfed in his hot mouth.

My eyes flew open and I inhaled sharply, looking down to meet his eyes, and somehiw he managed to smile with my cock between his lips. It was more than I coyld handle, hotter than anything I could have ever imagined, and I couldn't hold back. Frank didn't miss a beat though, swallowing around my cock as he drained me of my orgasm.

It took a minute for me to compose myself, shaking and breathing heavily in the bedsheets. I opened my eyes to find Frank furiously jerking off, head tilted back and swallowing roughly, and I dragged him to lay down on the bed.

"Gerard I-" I shushed him, putting a finger to his lips and moving down between his thighs.

"It's my turn, Frankie."

I nudged his thighs further apart with my elbows and wrapped a hand around hos cock, just holding it, as I slipped my fingers into my mouth. Frank watched with wide eyes, chest rising and falling rapidly, muttering curses to himself.

Pulling my spit-soaked fingers from my mouth, I grinned at him, pressing the first finger inside his tight entrance. "You okay?"

Frank nodded, slow and steady, and reached down to wrap his hand arond mine to start jacking his cock. I continued pushing inside of him, twisting and curling my finger, until I felt he was ready and pushed in a second. Frank pushed back onto them, fucking himself as he moved our hands faster, and reached up to hold onto the headboard.

"Gerard-fuck! You're so good at that."

I laughed and twisted my fingers, searching out his sweet spot. Frank seemed to know what I was looking for and angled his hips, aiding me, until suddenly he cried out, pressing down onto my fingers and grinding his hips. I kept my fingers there, curling and straightening them, repeatedly nudging at his prostate, and moved our hands away to get my mouth on what I really wanted to taste.

"Oh shit!" Frank groaned loudly, staring down at me. I kept at a steady pace, bobbing my head back and forth in time with the movement of my fingers, stopping only to gather the moisture at the slit with my tongue. Frank was panting now, harsh and heavy, his chest moving quickly with the force of his breathing. He was close, precum leaking rapidly onto my tongue, when suddenly without warning he came down my throat.

I pulled away my fingers, earning a hiss from Frank, and lay down beside him. It didn't feel as awkward as it perhaps should have, after all we'd only just met. The silence was comfortable, not needing to be filled, and I found myself rolling to face Frank.

"Dude," He said, turning to face me, "that was awesome."

"Yeah." I muttered, really taking in his features. There was blood smeared across his mouth and down his chin, but he didn't even notice or care, when I met his eyes his focus was entirely on me.

"You know, I think we're gonna be great friends." Frank smiled, reaching up to push my hair back from my face.

"Me too. After all, freaks stick together, right?" Frank laughed at that, shaking his head a little at me. I grinned back, feeling his hand rest on my cheek and his thumb brush under my eye.

"Right." He leaned in close, his lips barely a centimeter from mine, and bumped our noses gently together. "I think I want to get freaky with you a whole lot more."

It should have been cheesy, embarrassing even, but when his lips pressed against mine, slow and sure and deep, I couldn't have cared less.

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