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Never Thought I'd Fall So Easily

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(Re-written) BVB story. Have you ever taken one look at someone and thought you were in love?

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I hate moving. I hate having to remember places. Mostly, I hate being the new kid in school. I want to go back where I lived. Sure I was bullied and constantly getting pushed against lockers every time I walked by my bullies, but they're my bullies. I'd rather live somewhere I already know where I know everyone, but no. Instead I'm here in this car, driving to my soon to be my new home.

"I'm hungry "I whined to myself.

"I don't care "said mom. Ouch.

"I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to myself ".

"Don't get sassy with me little girl ".

"I'm not being sassy ".

"You better not ". My mom is so loving and caring. Oh god ,what the fuck am I kidding? She's a fucken monster! With her constant drinking and hitting and drugs and.....and...stuff. I've tried so many times to help her with her drinking and drug abusing, but it never works. I'm considering calling the show 'Intervention'. I bet not even they can help her. She's so stubborn. That's the only thing we have in common. Ha. She drinks every single day and I still wonder how she keeps a job. Better yet, how she don't get hangovers. I'm just lucky she's sober right now. This all started when my dad left us for my mom's best friend, but she blames it on me. She tells me maybe if I was never born they would still be together. When my dad left my mom, he became the president of this huge company. So, the money he sends me, my mom uses it on herself. Figures. But I don't think he sends anymore after the argument we had some while back about me moving with him. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't leave my mom like this. Story of my life.

"Are we almost there?"I asked. We've been at this for at least three hours. Driving in silence.

"Yes, now shut up, please"she said.

"Okay, all I needed was a simple yes "I said. After twenty minutes of driving and bugging my mom for the hell of it, we finally parked in a driveway of a blue, two story house. It looks like one of those houses from out of a movie. The grass was so green, it looked like it was fake, rose bushes surrounding the house, and a nice sky blue front porch.

It looks very... homey.

"Wow mom, nice choice,"I said getting out of the car.

"Too bad I have to share it with you"

"Love you too mom "

"Just tell me when the movers get here "

"Sure thing mom, I'll just be out here"

"I wasn't gonna let you in anyways ". I gasped.

"You're so evil "I whispered.

"Whatever "she said as she slammed the door in my face. I sat on the porch swing and looked at my surroundings. All the houses looked the same, but just in different colors. As I sat there, stomach growling, waiting for the truck, I noticed someone from across the street coming out of their house. A boy, around seventeen years old, long black hair, well lower than his shoulders, tall, skinny, and very good looking. "Hello handsome, aren't you a sexy mother fucker,"I said to myself. He must have noticed me staring at him, because he turned his head towards me.

Dammit! Look away.

But he's so sexy.

But he saw us staring.

And you are still staring.

He smiled and gave me a small wave. Just to make sure I looked around. No one else is here. I looked back at him and point a finger towards myself. He nodded his head. Yay! I waved back like a maniac. He just smirked, took a right, and left. My day just got better. I was too busy replaying the moment in my head, I didn't even noticed the movers where here in till one of them starting waving a hand in my face.

"Oh shit! Sorry. Mom! The movers are here!"I yelled. No reply. "Mom!" Still nothing


"I'm coming! I'm coming! " I heard her yell from the other side of the door. She got out and went to go talk to the movers. I just sat there on the swing, admiring my converse. Oh, you two are some sexy ass converse. Can I get your price number?

"Snow! Stop being lazy and come help! " Mom yelled.

"I'm going! "I yelled back. Flirt with you later shoes.

After two hours of carrying boxes in and going out for more, while my mom just sat there on the porch, we finally finished putting all the boxes in. So much for me being lazy. My mom said I was gonna sleep upstairs and she gonna sleep downstairs, because she wants to be away from me, but I know that's not the reason why. She wants to sleep downstairs, because she's closer to the liquor cabinet. I'd probably do the same thing if I were a alcoholic. She has her smart moments. I wonder why she bought a house with four rooms though. As I was settling into my new house, my phone rang. I looked at the name on the screen. It's my best friend Mariana. Her and I meet in the first grade. She pushed me off the swing and poked her tongue out at me. I pushed her off too and we eventually started fighting. By fighting, I mean pushing each other and pulling each others hair. After we got in trouble by our teacher, we became friends. Great story right?

"Hello my sexy some of a friend, who moved away and left me alone here to fucken die! "she yelled.

"Sorry, wasn't my choice to leave " True story.

"You should've ran away while you had the chance "

"I know, but oh well "

"Oh well, oh well! That's all you can say for leaving me here by myself! "

"Hey, not my fault my mom wanted to move and besides, in two years I will be 18 and I can leave her for good and we can ride off into the sunset together on my magical unicorn Sparkles " He actually sparkles. Hehe.

"Wouldn't be flying into the sunset then? "

"Well yeah, that' up! I'm trying to make this a beautiful moment!"

"Don't tell me to shut up just because I corrected you"

"Leave me alone! Anyways, how you been so far?"

"Good, in till you left me!"

"Oh my god! Two more years Mariana, two more years then we can go where ever we want and hell, we can even move in together. Have lesbian sex if you want!"

"But two years is a long time. I don't wanna wait for you forever. Lesbian sex? Your a freaky little thing aren't you?"

"Oh you know it honey. Fine, then we'll video chat when ever we get the chance"

"Fine, but if you don't call me every fucken day, I will personally go over there and rip your head off.....and have that lesbian sex! "

"Wow, some one's violent"

"Whatever. Anyways, have you seen any hot or cute guys?"

"Well, this guy from across the street is very good looking "

"Very good looking, or very, VERY good looking?"

"Probably sexy enough to keep in your basement and rape the shit out of him"

"Damn, better hope he's single"

"Don't worry, got my fingers crossed "

"No mom! He was the one who was shoving it up his....Fine! Gotta go, moms having a tantrum".

"Sucks, well talk to you later then" I miss her family.


"Bye" I hung up and ran downstairs, on the search for food.

"Mom!" I yelled.

"What?!"she yelled back.

"Where are you?"

"The living room" I walked in the living room to find my mom laying on the ground. Legs and arms spread open. Thank god she didn't choose to wear a skirt today. I don't want to see that...that thing again. If first time I saw it, she was in the same position, sleeping with her one night stand. I'm forever traumatized.

"Mom, what are you doing laying on the ground?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

" Honestly, I have no idea. Why don't you just lay on the couch?"

"It's too far"

"Too....What?! It's right there in the corner"I pointed at it.

"Move it over here then" I groaned and walked to the other side of the room and started pushing the couch. God, this is heavy.

"I can use a little help here"

"No, you're doing fine" I pushed as hard as I could and finally got the couch to the center of the room. It felt like if I was pushing a baby out.

"There, happy?"I asked as I was catching my breathe.

"Very" she jumped on the couch.

"I'm still hungry you know"I reminded her.

"There's chips and soda in the box right there,"she pointed at the box next to the coffee table.

"Yay! Food!" I yelled as I ran to the box. I opened the box and settled on a bag of potato chips and a grape soda. I walked back to my room, sat on the floor, and started eating. Then after a few minutes of boring myself to death, the door bell rang. I ran downstairs to open the door, knowing my mom's not gonna get it, honestly she won't even if her life depended on it, and opened the door.

"Hi, I'm Isabel. This is my son Andrew and we'll like to welcome you to the neighborhood,"she said giving me the biggest smile I've ever seen. I swear she looks like The Grinch. Creepy. I looked at the boy behind her and noticed it was the same boy from earlier and all I can say is damn, I must have died and went to heaven cause this boy is mmm gorgeous.

"Um thanks and nice too meet you too. Mom, we have visitors! Please come in "I moved aside and let them pass by. As he was passing by I couldn't help but look at his ass. He has no ass. Disappointment.

"Thank you " I lead them to the living room and found my mom pretending to put things away. Wow, this is the most I've ever seen her work.

"Honey can you.... oh. Hi, nice to meet you. Honey why didn't you tell me we had visitors. I could've at least made this place look better. I'm Marilyn "

"Hi, I'm Isabel and this is my son Andrew and we just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood"

"Oh god, thank you. Nice to meet you. Snow honey, how about you and Andrew go upstairs to your room and learn about each other while Isabel and I do the same "

"Um okay. Come on "I lead the way. Oh snap, we're gonna be my room...alone. Control. Don't loose it. Once we got to the door I opened it and walked in.

"You sit on the bed if you want " He nodded and sat down. I looked through my boxes and finally found what I was looking for, my band posters. It quiet...too quiet. Time to start a conversation.

"So, um, Andrew.."

"It's Andy "

"Andy. Where you the one that waved at me earlier?" Yup, I'm playing dumb.

"Depends, where you the one checking out my non-existent ass as I walked in the door?" Shit! How did....but...I...fuck.


"Hey it's cool. I know I have a sexy little ass" he smirked as he moved a little to the side and smacked it. Oh god. That you do.....for a guy with little ass. Thank god for implants.

"Ha. They're...bubble-ish. You still haven't answered my question"

"Yes and if you're wondering why, I'm just nice like that"

"Ah, so you would wave at everyone you see?"

"Nope. Just the people that seem cool, not like complete jerks"

"You never know, I could be the biggest jerk in the world"

"Well then, I better watch myself should I?" He leaned back on his elbows and gave me the same smirk from earlier. touch!

"That you should mister. That you should" I stood there for a while, biting my lip, watching him laying there, smirking...... This is getting awkward. I cleared my throat and turned around to put up my Green Day poster. Dammit I can't get the stupid corner up!

"Do you need help?" I jump slightly when I realized how close he was and the fact that he basically whispered it in my ear. He was at least five inches away from me. Attack him he's so close. No!

"No thanks. I....I got it" I tipped toed as much as I could but couldn't get it. Damn my shortness. I put my foot on top if the other to see if it would help. I some how lost my balance and started falling in till Andy grabbed me. I looked up and rested my eyes on his. For the first time today I see how beautiful they are. They're a beautiful icy blueish- gray. He wears We stood there, wrapped in each others arms which seem like forever, just staring into each others eyes. I wish I had his eyes! I just have plain light brown eyes. Lucky bitch.

"Your eyes are beautiful" I said just above a whisper.

"Nothing compared to yours" I slightly blush at his comment.

"Andy! Time to go!" yelled Isabel. Well that just ruined the moment. We finally stood up straight.

"Thanks for saving me from that fall of death"

"No problem, I guess I'll see you tomorrow"

"Yeah..." I wish this moment would never end.



"Bye Snow" he smirked.

"Bye bubble butt" and with that he was gone. I think Cupid just stabbed me in the ass with his arrow, because I think I'm falling in love.

So I decided to re-write this story do to the fact the first time I wrote it, it was a bit crappy. Now that I have a bit writing experience, I have a feeling it will be a bit more better :) please R&R and hope you enjoyed it!
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