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Oh tired and Oh So Squeamish

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Frank and Hayley have been friends for a while, but will that prepare him for the secret she's been keeping? And who is this mysterious new boy from Belleville?

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"I'll text you later, okay?"

The little red head nodded, gave Frank a quick hug and hurried into the lunch room. Frank watched after her and didn't start walking to English until he saw she had sat down next to Ray.

On his way to English Frank saw the boy again. The new boy, with the long raven hair and the mysterious eyes. He looked up at Frank as they crossed paths, and they made eye contact. Frank gave an awkward half smile as he passed and the boy looked back down to the floor.

What's his problem? Frank thought as he took his seat in the back of Mr. Hollands English class. Maybe he's like Hayley...

Mr. Holland called for the classes attention by hitting a ruler on the desk. Frank didn't bother to look up, this was his designated sleeping period and he wasn't gonna waste it. But what his teacher was saying was interesting enough to have him pay the slightest bit of attention, "We have a new student. His name is Gerard and he just moved here from... where was it? New Jersey? Yes, he just moved here from Jersey. Gerard, you can take a seat by Frank. Over there, he's the one that's sleeping."

Gerard slowly walked towards Frank and took the empty seat next to him. Frank kept his head on the desk but still managed too look up at the new boy with the raven hair and mysterious eyes. "So you're from Jersey?" Frank said, trying to sound slightly interested.

Gerard looked surprised, he wasn't used to people actually starting conversations with him. No one in Jersey ever bothered to speak to him, unless they needed homework answers or wanted to make fun of him. "Yeah, Belleville."

Frank nodded and closed his eyes again, drifting off into a light nap.

Hayley knocked on the door lightly, she hoped she wasn't disturbing Frank. That was the last thing she wanted. There were heavy footsteps walking towards the door and Hayley took a few small steps backwards and covered her hands with the sleeves of her over sized sweatshirt. Frank opened the door, looking a little more angry than he had meant to.

"Fuck, Hayley I'm sorry, come in." Franks mood lightened and he opened the door wide letting the shaking girl walk into the room.

She was over at Franks so much she automatically walked towards his bed and sat down. She picked up the mini white-board and a marker off of the nightstand and wrote, "Did ya see the new kid?" Her handwriting was small and sloppy but Frank was used to deciphering it.

"Yeah, he was cute. He sits next to me in English." Frank said sitting down on the opposite side of the bed, "He's from Belleville." Hayley wrote a single question mark on the white board and gave him a confused look. "Oh it's in Jersey," Frank confirmed.

They sat in silence for a little bit. Hayley's legs didn't touch the floor when she sat on Franks bed, so she swung them mindlessly. She pushed her bangs out of her face and started writing. It said, "Why do you keep insisting I come over? You could be hanging out with people who have actual conversations with you."

Frank read the board slowly but didn't hesitate with his reply, "Hayley, you need someone. And I know I don't fully understand you, but I eventually want to." He put his hand on the bed next to Hayley's leg and she hesitated before covering it with her own.
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